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Armed Oath Keepers Threaten to Step in to Defend Anti-Gay Clerk Kim Davis

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Never ones to shy away from controversy, the Oath Keepers, a heavily armed group of right-wing constitutionalists, are offering to step in to defend Kentucky’s Rowan County clerk Kim Davis, as she refuses to do her job and issue same-sex marriage certificates.

Group founder Stewart Rhodes and members comprised of former military, police and first responders, released a video on Wednesday discussing the Davis scandal.

Rhodes recently spoke in New York, where he said President Obama is trying to start a race war.

“[T]he leftists in this country hate this country, they hate it,” Rhodes said, “and they will get in bed with radical Islamists because they have a common enemy, western civilization.”

Oath Keepers surfaced in Ferguson in August, offering to arm protesters after becoming offended that police had asked them to keep their own weapons out of the area where tense protests were taking place.

Now, the group seeks to protect Davis should the county attempt to arrest her once more, for failing to fulfill her duties as an elected official and instead allowing her personal religious beliefs to affect county policy.

“Stewart Rhodes reached out personally to Davis’s legal counsel to offer protection to Kim, to ensure that she will not be illegally detained again,” the video’s description reads. “We would like to stress in the strongest terms possible that we are doing this not because of her views on gay marriage, but because she is an elected public servant who has been illegally arrested and held without due process.”

Davis was released from jail earlier this week after being held for six days on a contempt-of-court charge, but Rhodes believes she should never have been detained in the first place.

Should Davis defy the federal ruling and continue to deny same-sex couples marriage licenses, there is a very real possibility she will be jailed once again, and the Oath Keepers are prepared to intervene and battle with law enforcement should that happen.

“People should consider her under our protection,” Rhodes wrote. “We’ll make sure that our people are keeping a close eye on the situation.”


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