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US Seeks to Provoke Conflict Between Germany, Russia

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German expert Prof. Dr. Michael Schneider argues that Europe has to talk to Russia to avert the danger to peace and international stability.

According to the expert, Germany and Russia have a long common history and the majority of Germans citizens do not want the conflict to escalate.

“I think that the US has a strong interest in provoking the European Union and, especially, Germany to a conflict with Russia and, first of all, keeping them dependent on the US’ resources in the energy field,” Schneider said.

Russia’s fear of a new military encirclement is understandable and has historical roots. That’s why the situation could be much simpler if the West would respect Russia’s security interests and enhance mutually fruitful trade relations, the expert argued.

However, the United States is interested in securing its “oil-based dollar-imperialism”. A common economic union between Europe and Eurasia would be a nightmare for Americans as it would threaten their hegemony.

The tragedy of the Ukrainian conflict, Schneider argues, lies in the necessity to choose between the two economic blocks: either the EU or Russia. “And for Russia, it would be, of course, fatal if Ukraine, the most important country on its doorstep, would join the Western camp,” the expert said.

Scheider suggested activating the NATO-Russia Council and inviting Russia back to the G8. Western countries should also put an end to the sanctions against Russia as “they are very bad way to force Russia to its knees,” Schneider claimed.


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