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Putin Signs “September War” Order Authorizing Nuclear Attack On NATO Forces

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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that President Putin has signed a “September War” order authorizing atomic weapon first strikes on NATO forces as fears grow within the Kremlin that the Obama regime is about to unleash a massive attack in Ukraine against both separate forces and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

President Putin signed this grave war order in Crimea early today during his security meeting with top Federation military leaders, this report says, and publically noted the Kremlins concerns by stating:

“It is evident that the threat on the part of external forces to destabilize in this or that way the situation on the peninsula remains: either to play a nationalistic card or, using these or those mistakes, blunders, inefficient actions of the authorities, to direct the citizens’ just concern to a destructive alley. Some capital cities speak openly on this subject, speaking of the necessity to conduct subversive activities; relevant structures are being formed, personnel for acts of sabotage, radical propaganda is recruited and trained.”

Upon President Putin’s signing of this war order, this report says, over 9,000 troops and 3,000 combat vehicles of the Federations Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile system batteries began their immediate 800 kilometers (497 miles) redeployment to the Astrakhan Oblast where they will begin operating within the Southern Military District.

Raising the Kremlins fears of war even more, this report continues, is the 65,000-strong army Ukraine has amassed on the front lines near Donetsk which MoD experts warn will attack simultaneously with planned Western terror attacks in Crimea in a “misguided attempt” to force the Federation to defend only the latter, instead of the former.

As preparatory artillery barrages from US-led Ukrainian forces have already struck fear within the European Union (EU) of this coming wars outbreak, this report notes, crisis talks between Germany and France are now being scheduled, which President Putin will not attend, though he may attend a later one.

Federation preparations, however, this report states, are “much more severe” as at least 50,000 highly trained troops are prepared to immediately intervene in Ukraine once war starts, and the massive buildup of the 20th Army along the Western front continues at an accelerated pace.

This MoD report further notes that President Putin’s order extends to 15 October the massive air defense drills now ongoing in Ashuluk, which is about 500 kilometers (310 miles) from the Federation’s border with eastern Ukraine should they be needed to fight in this war too.

And with tens-of-thousands of Western troops pouring into Spain for Exercise Trident Juncture 2015, which NATO calls the “most ambitious” in its “modern history”, MoD experts in this report say, the expected last week of September beginning of this unprecedented war provocation is what will “trigger” the beginning of war in Ukraine.

With outgoing US Army chief of staff, General Ray Odierno, stating this past week that Russia is the top military threat to the United States, this report says, it is curious as to why this would be so as America already spends more for militarism and war making than all other countries in the world combined.

As the US has conducted a number of secret military drills over the summer, the results of which left American defense officials and military forces worried that their county is not prepared for a sustained war against Russia, MoD analysts in this report further note, the Obama regime is set to begin it anyway as they gear up for the onrushing economic apocalypse facing them next month.

And to how catastrophic this September economic apocalypse is going to be, the American dissident website InfoWars.com has, also, warned this week that “outright panic” has now overtaken those who know what is coming.


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  • Schalk van Heerden

    Where are you getting this information from??
    It sounds much more like the actions the USA will be taking rather than Putin,

    • John news facts

      Indeed, Putin will absolutely never sign. Pure propaganda, and someone as history has taught us must supposedly someone make a mistake to start the war.

      It also emerged from history is that there are many false flags in advance, to start a war. Afterwards America as is also customary to say “we have stopped the dictator” while America is the dictator himself.

  • Skreamer

    i call massive bullshit on this one…yet again!
    Massive massive bullshit!
    So they saying Putin is going to nuke Europe in September.
    I was hoping for a november nuking so i could get more time in crying!
    I dare them to nuke each other…i double dare them!….chickens!
    “makes like a chicken and struts around”.
    Obummer and Spew-tin both to scared to start anything!..”Points right at obummer and spew-tin”
    If we can provoke them into nuking each other…China as well……then Australia can rise and be the new super god power of the new world! Any northern hemisphere survivors will be taken and enslaved “mad max style” and used for whatever we want. Australia’s a multi cultural country unfortunately, so we well be taking slaves from any race…..not just black and asian.
    If Spew-tin doesn’t nuke everything in September then hes a super fag!
    I always wanted my own slaves. Please hurry up and nuke each other so i can make this happen!

    • Rick

      There us something very wrong with you!!

      • Skreamer

        i love u rick

  • Clint Henry Hoyt

    This is nothing but a lie and a sick joke. If Putin was to launch a Nuclear Attack or even threaten one, then No matter what, the US WOULD strike First and even then we would not wait until Next Month. Who ever wrote this trash should be ashamed of this stupidity.

    • John news facts

      Hear, Hear, you got that right, Putin will never launch a nuclear bomb. We all know that America will be the first one to do so. When we read the history how many wars started by America or to get involve in someones war.

      That was the same thin in the first war & the second world war, en this will not the last one.

      • scrdn

        America started only 2 wars the Spanish-American and Iraq. What monsters!

        • Republic Of America

          =)) You really believe that, you need to research a little more, America vs Vietnam based on a lie “Gulf of Tonkin” , 9/11 inside job , WW1 & WW2, Korean War, Afghanistan for the lithium & heroin, WE start Wars for investors & bankers PERIOD.

          • John news facts

            Not to mention the First World War that wherever America himself joined in, such as Iraq or Afghanistan. Main reasons oil, power and money. World War II main supplier Germany Zilicon B, Diesel and so feather. Iraq Saddam Hussein did not and doenot want to sell oil to America because the dollar was much too low. Saddam Hussein made a deal with Europe, where the Euro was much stronger. This pecked America is not, and has for several years tried jackals, to murder Saddam Hussein which ultimately failed. Then just think of a lie as Saddam Hussein had mass destruction weapons, several years later it became clear that to be a lie. Unfortunately, all that news came only after the death of Saddam Hussein out.

            Now it is doing the same with Russia, simply because to extract oil is what America wants and must have, an that I mean an oil pipeline. The same situation as with Saddam Hussein. https://youtu.be/d2E-OnraWrQ

        • Skreamer

          DID you forget about Vietnam and WW2…..Prescott bush gave the money to Hitler so he could start WW2…….even children are starting to know that one!

  • Clint Henry Hoyt

    The main thing is that Putin knows that no one wins a Nuclear War. The person or persons who wrote this is tying to cause panic and fear just to see how people react. In short, the person or person involved in this hoax is a troll. I say this person should be ashamed of what they have pulled.

    • John news facts

      We call this PROPAGANA

  • Skreamer

    They both work for the same people “illuminati”……they gotta make the people believe in this shit to make it happen!
    There trying to set us up for a massive depopulation! Best thing you can do is just laugh at them and get on with your hopes and dreams! Think of what you want to do and just do it! Dont buy into their fear job!
    If that fails and they nuke each other then im gonna call my first slave …”lucky”…as in……”im lucky i got a slave!”

    • John news facts

      Wrong, you are a slave from the day that you was born. Check your ID pas or Passport, if you there numbers that will say that you are a slave from you government. You are just a modern slave nothing more an nothing less, and they can do everything with you, what they want. You are just a product (Person) and not a human.

      • Skreamer

        If you survive John, im gonna find you and make you mine!….think ill call you Lucky!
        You wont need your passport when i bring you back to Australia. Our new warlord and overmaster well not care about such things! Think ill tie you to my car hood and take you for a drive when your bad! Hope your blood type is O+

        • John news facts
          • Skreamer

            Hi Lucky
            i burnt my birth certificate …they have no hold on me!
            I just refer to myself as …”The Great one” or “Mr Fantastic” it changes to suit my mood!

          • Skreamer

            You need to start referring to me as Master!
            You may as well get used to it …..cause spew-tin is gonna nuke everything in September ….remember!
            The smart thing to do is NOT tell everyone your gonna nuke em.
            I shall come to the Netherlands and claim you after the holocaust.
            Wear something bright so you stand out.

      • nasradin

        You are right

  • Romulo Pracuelles

    :? I don’t think it will happen, it’s just a show of force. Not crazy enough to declare such war, only few will be left in this world if ever it happens. Anyhow, those guys really not allowing it. Purely propaganda, I must agree. never to buy it.

  • tarkan

    Himm “September war” if not “December war” if not ,January 2016 war etc…. If these not work than Aliens ,Ufo s, …other dimensions …

  • Clint Henry Hoyt

    If a real Nuclear war starts, it will be the death of Mankind. No one wins a Nuclear War. In the days after, millions will start dying. Skreamer, aka Mr ‘You are all my Slaves’ will be dead in the five days after the war.

    Then comes Nuclear Winter, which no amount of Greenhouse gas will keep away. the Planet will be thrown into a Ice Age and more people, this time in the hundreds of millions, will die from the cold or famine.

    After that, mankind will be gone.

    This site is engaging in Yellow Journalism and want a war with Russia. They are stupid enough to try and get one started, only to see that they will bring on Death.

    • Skreamer

      I live in Australia so i wont die within 5 days!
      We are 10 kms from the sun!…….so we are used to radiation! We are radiation hardened!
      I already have names picked out for my mutations! “Lumpy, Weaps-ooze and scabby”
      Don’t worry Clint…i wont make you my slave if you survive! ….your American…therefor your fat and lazy…no good as a slave! You well be food for my mutated dogs!

  • Todd B

    Wait I thought he signed it in march according to the other article? Wow you people are truly insane! How do you come up with this fake stuff all the time??

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAH :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) #-o #-o #-o #-o #-o #-o #-o

  • Buchela

    “In 1954, by an internal political action by Communist Party General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev, Crimea became a territory of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.”

    Now let’s have a look at the problem from the “Slovenian bee” (Buchela is an old Slovenian word for a honey bee) point of view on http://www.buchela.blogspot.com

    Nikita was a bastard of Franz Ferdinand Habsburg . . .

    Petro Poroshenko is a bastard of Nikita . . . .

    Angela Merkel is a bastard (concieved with frozen sperm?) of Hitler . . . http://buchela.blogspot.com/2014/10/angela-merkel-adolf-hitler.html

    Hitler was a half brother of Nikita . . .

    So we have a pure Habsburg team on one side.

    Well, not entirely. Obama is also a bastard of another breed.

    But Obama is certainly the same kind of species. The roman empire rulling class.

    On the other side we have Putin, who is a bastard of the “black pope” (conceived with frozen sperm) . . . .

    So we see, that the Roman empire (Vatican) is having their own people on both sides (all sides!). This makes the “play” going exactly as they planed.

    Roman empire is no longer a military force. It changed its shape some 2000 years ago and became “biblical religion”. The biggest roman secret is “imaculate conception” (someone from the “top” secretly conceives a child to a whore.) and ONLY bastards of that kind could become members of the rulling elite.

  • Alice

    After reading this article, checking it’s sources it provides and doing some research I strongly believe this article is crap. It seems to twist some words from sources while completely making the rest up our of thin air.
    It’s sad because I was hoping, since this is not an American news site, it wouldn’t have such terrible propaganda. Almost believed this article on face value till I read the comments and worked it out myself lol
    Guess my search for a good news site is still on for me.
    I don’t believe the crap they pitch here in mainstream media in the US.

    • Rick

      Don’t forget to “not” pigeon hole and make generalizations. (since this is not an American news site) hey babe, that one is a doozie, and may help you look at your owns thoughts and beliefs. Its a mixed box of tricks out there these days. My advice is that anything that can help crack the delusional egg we have been in for so long can only help. Pulling back the curtain, striking a mach in the cave, what ever analogy one uses, its already happening and they all know it, and they are outnumbered 100 fold. For those that are still asleep, anything that grabs their attention is a good thing but remember, “everything is a combination of things” and your search for a good news site may be delusional. Just enjoy the ride in the kindest and funny-est way you can think of!

  • Skreamer

    Well its the 7th of September today……if “Putin no nukin” by the first of October …then we should get together and write a letter of complaint to him!…im sick and tired of politicians not keeping their promises!

    • ChrisDJ

      Sick and tired of politicians .. period !! They all liars & killers and are all guilty of theft, murder , greed , gluttony , war crimes …. especially the federal bank … the US government too. Our worst enemy in our life is our governments.. they will kill you for money.. they killing thousands and thousands of people every day.

  • Reverend Veritas

    “The European Union Times claims to be a news site. Upon closer inspection, however, it is little more than a compiler and regurgitator of various news stories and a particularly unpleasant far-right-leaning blog. The reporting is, without exception, shockingly unprofessional.”

  • Jose Sam

    There is no doubt that these are just European lies upon lies. General Putin is great and will defeat the enemies.

  • Although no one wins a nuclear war Russia unlike America is more prepared for a Nuclear exchange. America does not mind losing 100 to 200 million americans because they think they can get more slaves by immigaration. That is why they have done nothing to prepare for nuclear war and continue to keep America deaf dumb and blind. However Putin knows an America left with 100 milion would still be too powerful to let live. 30 million left alive would be his target number.

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