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Putin Orders “Massive Response” After Alien Space Fleet Spotted Over Japan

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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is confirming in a new report today that President Putin has utilized his delegated authority under Section 1, Chapter 4, Article 87 of The Constitution of the Russian Federation granting him the “powers and authorities” of Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to conduct the most massive realignment of Federation military forces in modern times.

According to this report, two days ago, on 1 August, President Putin signed an order as Supreme Commander creating a new branch of the armed forces by merging the nation’s Air Force, Air Defense, Anti-Missile and Space Forces into a completely new entity now called Aerospace Forces and put them on immediate combat alert.

As to why President Putin signed this unprecedented order, this report continues, was directly related to an “existential threat” posed to the Federation after the appearance last week of an “alien space fleet” over the environs of Osaka, Japan, and to which MoD expert’s state is but “a prelude of what is to come later”.

To these new Aerospace “Sky Guard” Forces combat duties ordered by President Putin, this report explains, are for them to immediately deploy across the Federation with hundreds of A-135 Samolet mobile ballistic missile defense systems to protect vital infrastructure and civilian population centers.

Augmenting these Sky Guard forces in the defense of the Federation against this “alien threat”, this MoD report further notes, will be tens-of-thousands of new reserve forces created by President Putin’s order of 17 July.

To a fuller background relating to these “alien” events the MoD had previously reported on…and which can be read in our reports: 9 July, Jade Helm-15 War Exercise Linked To Nordic Alien UFO’s Invading Texas and 26 July, Jade Helm-15 War Exercise Assassinates First Alien Target.

In the conclusion, however, of this new MoD report is, perhaps, its most frightening assessment that the September-October “grand event” being planned by the West may be the most terrifying this world has ever seen…and which we will most certainly write more about as it draws nearer.


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3 Responses to " Putin Orders “Massive Response” After Alien Space Fleet Spotted Over Japan "

  1. Skreamer says:

    What a fucking joke! Weve been seeing this for thousands of years but now, all of a sudden we need protection from flying discs!
    Yes..my Govt is going to protect me cause it cares so much about me! Thats why they put rat poison in the water!
    As if our Illuminati satanic Govt could stand up to advanced alien technology!
    They stage all this bullshit as another excuse to create more weapons!
    Apparently they are going to stage a fake alien invasion to try to start a new world order!..”good luck with that fags”
    Putin!…what a mind controlled puppet he is!…just like all the world leader/puppets!
    Man needs to consider that he has been lied to about everything….absolutely everything!
    Your trapped in a hologram! Trapped by the conditioning of your own mind!
    Quit your job and do what you want to do!

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  2. in-rem says:

    Fuck all goberment world wide, don’t need any rulers to rule me and the sooner the rest of you people figure that out the better off this planet will be.

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  3. Helmut says:

    Looks like a Bunch Canada Geese to me.

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