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Pentagon Worries US Army Is Unprepared for Sustained Fight Against Russia

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Behind closed doors some Pentagon officials have acknowledged that the US military has been battered by years of war in the Middle East and is not prepared for a prolonged military engagement with a major global power like say Russia regardless of how likely this scenario might be.

They cite a series of classified war games different US agencies conducted lately and military drills in Europe to support this assessment.

Surprising as it may seem, this revelation comes at a time when an increasing number of high-ranking military officials have called Moscow a key existential threat to the US. The rhetoric reflects a months-long trend. Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis Washington has been increasingly belligerent towards Russia.

Yet the Pentagon seems to be worried it could well be unable to put its money where its mouth is.

Two major areas of concern are logistics and Washington’s current ability (or inability) to sustain a large troop presence in the Baltics or Eastern Europe, two officials from the US Department of Defense told the Daily Beast. NATO countries have long frivolously insisted that Russia threatens this region, which is neither in Moscow’s interests nor its plans.

“Could we probably beat the Russians today [in a sustained battle]? Sure, but it would take everything we had. What we are saying is that we are not as ready as we want to be,” one of the Pentagon officials clarified.

Some experts say that the US defense agency is using the non-existent Russian threat to further unrelated ends. US military officials could well be overhyping existing challenges or dreaming up new ones to tackle sequestration and secure funding at the highest level possible.

The US Army has been forced to reduce its strength by 80,000 troops and an additional 40,000 may have to be cut in the coming year if Congress fails to resolve the ongoing budget deadlock that has activated automatic sequestration cuts.

If the crisis is not resolved first, these cuts will still come into effect to in just over six weeks on October 1, 2015.

Many US officials have repeatedly insisted that the US military will not be able to protect the country if it is forced into sequestration.


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2 Responses to " Pentagon Worries US Army Is Unprepared for Sustained Fight Against Russia "

  1. Skreamer says:

    The Pentagon is a building!….A building is worried!
    I think we should concern ourselves with more important things other than what a building is worrying about!
    Who has this special power to communicate with buildings?
    I wonder what my house is thinking?
    Maybe this is a new super power someone got from absorbing Fukushima radiation!
    You think a building would naturally be worried about fire or demolition and not the US army murdering people in other countries again! …anyway you shouldnt pay it any attention until it gets a university degree or makes more than 20 million!

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  2. Defiant says:

    These retard nazis couldnt beat people in flip flops and pajamas in Vietnam and Iraq, nor in Afghanistan but they insist they could win against Russia.
    Lol it seems only retards graduate from westpoint nowdays, they couldnt fight their way out of a wet paperbag, the bankster run U.S govt and the military industrial complex are the true nazis of the 21st. century they are no better, not one bit, and will meet the same fate as them if they keep pushing it.

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