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John Kerry says US Dollar may soon Collapse as World Reserve Currency

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Washington may lose the support of the EU in Ukraine, should the States refuses to implement the nuclear deal with Iran. This may also collapse the US dollar as a reserve currency, Secretary of State John Kerry said in New York as he was promoting the deal with Iran.

“If Congress rejects the Iran nuclear deal, “that is a recipe, very quickly, my friends, businesspeople here, for the American dollar to cease to be the reserve currency of the world, which is already bubbling out there.”

As the US Secretary of State said, EU member states may no longer support the sanctions against Russia should Congress does not approve of the Iranian deal. The US dollar would thus lose the status of the reserve currency.

Noteworthy, US Congress does not show much support for the nuclear deal with Iran. It is Republican senators that express negative views on the subject.

On July 14, representatives of Iran and the group of six (Russia, China, USA, France, Germany, Great Britain and the EU) reached an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. It was decided that international sanctions against Iran should be lifted.

According to Vladimir Putin, the world sighed with relief after the agreement with Iran was reached. It was Russia that played the biggest role in the negotiations, US President Barack Obama admitted in a telephone conversation with Putin.


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