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Illegal Immigrants Storm Police Station, Several Injured on Greek Island

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The situation in Kos is out of control. A little while ago hordes of illegal immigrants stormed the police station in Kos and injured the police officers, who after the persecution of their colleague are afraid to defend themselves even when their lives are at risk. The joke of a “state” of SYRIZA has plunged the entire Eastern Aegean into chaos and the Greek citizens now live under a regime of direct occupation and terrorism.

In a desperate plea to every relevant body, the Mayor of Kos is trying to salvage what remains standing on his island: The Mayor of Kos, Mr. Kiritsis made the following statement: “This is the last warning I will direct to the state. On Kos more than 7,000 illegal immigrants have gathered, managing the problem is no longer possible. I am warning that the danger of bloodshed and for us to be lead into uncontrollable situations is real.”

“The government must assume its responsibilities: -To immediately transfer, by ship and with assistance of the Navy even, the 7,000 illegal immigrants from Kos. -special police forces to address potential incidents but also extreme situations, must immediately come to Kos. The myth with the identification process must end.”

“Kos with 7,000 illegal immigrants and 600-800 arriving daily can’t carry out identification. They must get it through their heads. -There must be patrols of our sea boarder, how many illegal immigrants can Kos withstand? How many can Greece withstand? The Municipality of Kos made an effort, and attempted to transfer the identification process to the stadium, we tried to substitute for a state which has been absent from addressing the problem. However, it has been proven that the problem can no longer be managed. The Prime Minister must resolve the problem by day’s end.”

Could the Mayor of Kos too be a racist? Could he to be a Golden Dawner? Naturally there was no response from the ridiculous puppet that impersonated the Prime Minister to the dramatic appeal from Kos.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at this moment is… warming up the Troika of International Money Lenders and is unable to deal with the tragic problems of the Greek people.

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