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France's National Front expels founder Jean-Marie Le Pen

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France’s far-right party National Front (FN) has decided to expel Jean-Marie Le Pen, its founder and honorary president, over his sharp criticisms of his daughter’s measures as the current party leader.

On Thursday, the FN’s executive committee removed the octogenarian politician from his position and annulled his membership in the party.

The decision was made after the committee questioned the controversial far-right figure for around three hours in the FN headquarters in Nanterre, near the French capital city of Paris.

Following the session, Jean-Marie expressed his dismay at the party’s ruling, saying he has not made any mistake to deserve such a verdict.

“There is indignation, there is sadness, it’s always trying when one has the feeling of not having made any mistake, of having expressed one’s opinion as a politician,” he said, adding that he will appeal the party’s verdict in court.

Meanwhile, his daughter Marine Le Pen supported the party’s decision, saying she did attend the meeting so that the FN’s executive committee would consider the case with “total impartiality.”

“Jean-Marie Le Pen kicked off a process of which he knew the outcome by multiplying mistakes over many weeks, which could only lead to this kind of decision,” she said in a statement.

Jean-Marie, notorious for his bold remarks, has been a staunch critic of his daughter’s policy as the FN’s president.

This is while, Marine, who took over the FN from her father in 2011, accuses the 87-year-old of committing “political suicide” over his ultra-nationalist remarks, saying she has been struggling to improve the image of the party which has been tarnished for years due to Jean-Marie’s unacceptable stance.

Back in April and in the latest in a string of his controversial remarks, Jean-Marie called on the French government to form a united front with Russia to save the white world.


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