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Donald Trump Goes Head to Head with Univision Reporter on Immigration

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump had Univision reporter Jorge Ramos temporarily removed from an Iowa press conference Tuesday after the journalist unexpectedly stood up and began demanding answers on the Republican frontrunner’s proposed immigration policy.

Ramos, who peppered the business mogul with questions as soon as he reached the podium, refused to sit down as Trump attempted to call on other reporters.

“Sit down,” Trump said repeatedly. “Excuse me, sit down. You weren’t called.”

After being told to “go back to Univision,” Ramos was physically removed from the room by what appeared to be a member of Trump’s staff.

The reporter, who was eventually allowed back in the room and permitted to ask his question, argued that it would be impossible to deport millions of illegal immigrants and to build a wall on the country’s Southern border.

Trump’s back and forth with the journalist, which covers everything from drug smuggling to the deportation of violent Mexican gang members, can be viewed below.


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