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US jets intercept Russia nuke bombers

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The Tupolev Tu-95 Bear strategic bomber remains an important part of Russia’s air power.

The US Air Force reportedly scrambled fighter jets to intercept two pairs of Russian bombers that flew off the coast of California and Alaska on July 4.

The first incident occurred off the coast of Alaska, forcing the Air Force to send two F-22 jets from their base in Alaska to intercept two Tupolev Tu-95 long-range nuclear bombers, Fox News reports, citing US defense officials.

The second incident happened off the central coast of California, where another pair of Tu-95 Bear bombers were intercepted by two F-15 jets.

A defense official said that neither pair of Russian bombers entered US airspace–12 nautical miles off the coast.

Such incidents are not an uncommon occurrence between Russia and the United States.

A US Air Force reconnaissance aircraft encountered with a Russian fighter jet over the Black Sea in May, American military officials said last month.

According to officials, the Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet, flying at high speed, flew alongside the US RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft at the same altitude, and shadowed the plane before leaving the area.

Also in May, the Russian military deployed Su-24 jets to ward off the US Navy destroyer USS Ross in the Black Sea after it was found heading into Russia’s territorial waters, according to several Russian media outlets.

The number of flights by Russian bombers over the US Air Defense Identification Zone doubled last year from their norm, according to data from the North American Aerospace Defense Command, known as NORAD.

Congressional hawks see the moves as a veiled message by Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine.


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2 Responses to " US jets intercept Russia nuke bombers "

  1. James Woroble Jr says:

    Someone at the US defense department must have muttered ‘Beetlejuice’ three times, for most certainly… IT’S SHOWTIME!

    This ‘Bronze Age’ tactic of fighter interception is a pathetic show of defense preparedness. Someone needs to inform US tacticians that this isn’t the 1950’s decade and bombers no longer require being directly over the target.

    These bombers are platforms for numerous hypersonic missiles, each armed with 400Kt nuclear warheads, some 25x the power of those used upon Japan in WW II. By the time these fighters arrive within striking distance of these bombers, these missiles will already be within minutes of detonation above there targets hundreds of miles away.

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  2. skreamer says:

    They have laser weapons in space!
    These nuke bombers are just bullshit, trying to provoke a negative response from the people!
    Best to just ignore this typical propaganda crap!
    Theres a certain energy that thrives on human fear!….looks like its trying to feed itself again!
    These illuminazies need to be taken out, they are a threat to the universe!
    Whats funny about the story is, if 1 plane in Russia takes off with a nuke,….the USA would know the second it does! Why would they respond so late?
    All the world leaders work for the same shadow illuminazis,they just pretend for the media that there against each other! This way they can make billions making war! This is the oldest scam in the world!

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