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UK Girl Banned from Flight because she's Too White and Ginger

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Grace Wain, 14 not allowed to fly because she is “too white”.

A very popular free newspaper in the UK recently ran the headline “Girl is banned from flight because she’s too ginger”. If the headline wasn’t contemptuous enough it’s opening sentence certainly was! It said:

“Gingers have it bad enough already without having to worry if they are let on a flight because of the colour of their hair.”

Now the thing is, having read over this article (and investigating the original article it was sourced from) it turns out that Grace Wain’s hair colour had nothing at all to do with her being “banned” from a flight, it was in actual fact her skin colour; those working on the airline were worried she had a “pale appearance” (too white) and thus “unwell” in some way.

So what do we get out of this article and it’s sensationalist headline? Not too much really, apart from the fact the very White skin colour looks unhealthy and a hair colour that is more or less an exclusive Northern European trait is in some way wrong, bad and might get you “banned”. It’s Just more anti-White hate, wrapped up as a “funny” little story.

Now, what’s particularly interesting about this article is the author who goes by the name of Jimmy Nsubuga.

Is Jimmy the future of Europe? Leftist traitors certainly seem to think he is, otherwise Mr Nsubuga wouldn’t be sitting in Europe today writing snide articles for a European publication that disparages a European phenotype and getting away with it!

Would a European get away with writing a comparable headline in a Nigerian newspaper? Nope, because any sane Black man over there would quickly call out their media for being anti-Black.

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