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"Political Islam" is the Future of Europe - EU Security Head

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As the threat from ISIS extremists grows, the European Union’s head of foreign affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini has caused consternation by asserting that “political Islam” is a firm part of Europe’s future.

Responding to last month’s brutal Islamist terror attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France, Mogherini dismissed the idea of a clash of civilizations and shot back at critics of mass immigration.

“Islam belongs in Europe. It holds a place in Europe’s history, in our culture, in our food and – what matters most – in Europe’s present and future,” wrote Mogherini, before adding, “I am not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture. Religion plays a role in politics – not always for good, not always for bad. Religion can be part of the process. What makes the difference is whether the process is democratic or not.”

In promoting “political Islam” as part of the future of Europe, Mogherini is violating the very notion that western democracy is supposed to be based on the fundamental principle of separation of church and state (or mosque and state in this case).

Since the zenith of “political Islam” is Sharia law, the legal system derived from the teachings of Islam, she is also promoting the imposition of a system that represents one of the most repressive forces on the planet, subjugating women and allowing for extra-judicial murder such as stoning and beheading, both of which are practiced in Saudi Arabia, a country which exemplifies “political Islam”.

“She was not referring to the Muslims who divide Europe into “us” and “them” by saying, “We will conquer your Rome,” writes Robert Spencer. “She was referring to those who say that such people should be resisted. For even though she says, “Da’esh is Islam’s worst enemy in today’s world,” she has no plan to distinguish its many, many thousands of adherents among Muslims in Europe from those who reject it. And so she and her ilk are heading Europe toward a future of chaos and bloodshed.”

Mogherini’s comments will do little to dispel concerns that world leaders are hesitant to fully acknowledge the threat posed by ISIS, and the fact the group’s campaign of terror is very much Islamic, for fear of appearing politically incorrect.

Indeed, the current debate about how to stop ISIS is not centered around combating the ideology (lifted straight from the Koran) that motivates ISIS’ thousands of fighters and its millions of supporters, but an obsession with not calling the group “Islamic”.

Last month, British Prime Minister David Cameron insisted that ISIS instead be referred to as “Da’esh” because “Islamic State” was offensive to Muslims.


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  • Defiant

    Its official both the U.S. and the EU is led by braindead retards, Russia please liberate us again, this time properly.

    • Poltergeist

      I’m with you brother

      • Defiant

        Thanks bro.

  • Lugh

    C’est une belle salope!

  • Intolerant Reactionary

    When did they stop shooting traitors? And who appointed this witch to her position?

  • Paul McEvoy

    Follow the money, see who the paymaster is and jail this traitor.

  • Michael Dixon

    It just proves that the political classes have no idea: all brains, high class degrees from top universities and not one ounce of common sense.

  • Reasonable Human

    The brown asses must taste really good for her to be brown nosing them so hard.

  • Alpine Alpinid

    And people wonder why we won’t join the EU.

  • Zordana

    What colour is the sky in his world? ROFL

    • Zordana

      Oops sorry – i meant her world.
      Religion should have no place in Politics ever…it’s purely a personal thing, that’s why we have so many problems…what do these people use for brains?

  • Someone

    Who bribed you, madam? Who bribed all your fellow politicians to support muslim invasion of Europe? You can only spit out these sort of ideas if you are bought and paid for, blackmailed, or seriously brainwashed.

  • no vote, no national ethnic referendum just rule by dictate. Typical deluded cultural marxist. The history together was one of subjugation. hundreds of thousand perhaps millions of women were sent to the caliphate as tribute to end up as harem girls and slaves. based on the past they should never be admitted ever again under any circumstances and this traitor is inviting them in. Islam holds no place in europe. When the numbers get high enough they will conquer you.. Ask any greek, serb or hungarian. ask someone from birmingham. She is obviously a zionist stooge working to acheive the messianic talmudic dream of eretz israel. All those muslims being cleared from the land to make way for israels future expansion will need some place to go. that place will be Europe and the jews will just flee to their real country after they have finally once and for all destroyed all the goyim and christian nations they collectively identify as ‘rome’. The socialists and cultural marxists will be left behind and end up prophesing muhammed to be the messenger of god and multicultural liberals like mogherini will become one of many hijab wearing wives to a patriarchal muslim. Europe is being ethnicly cleansed by cultural marxist morons who beleive they can can interpret, understand, speak for and control islam for their own political ends. They will find out too late they can’t.

    • David Lea

      The essence of your post is pure quality. i have tagged it. Hope that’s OK!

    • baki

      Zionism, nor Judaism, has nothing to do with Marxism. Mogherini is obviously not a Zionist, she is an Arafat fan and a Fakestinianist. She is a typical pro-Islamist radical Leftist.

  • Vorant1

    Islam will be the death of European culture and its their own damn fault.

    • Bigzap

      And they wonder why we want to leave the EU, the sooner the better…

      • MArko Terapaber

        Why you don’t doing it right now? Just jump in to first airplane which heading to Russia, and you in the Eden.

  • Poltergeist

    You are absolutely right Vorant1. But my country, Hungary will not fall! We are different from those Western European brainwashed liberal gay lovers. France, UK, Germnany, Scandinavian countries……., the disgrace of Europe. But mainly the Swedes: leave to rape the Swedish girls…….Vikings ehh? Don’t make me laugh.

  • Mike Hunt

    We should offin these idiot officals maybe then they would be siklent

  • thohun

    Is she still alive?

  • billlevinson

    https://youtu.be/zRvPoCWElOc could be a reasonable and necessary reaction if directed solely at behavioral choices (such as Sharia enclaves and violence against women), and never at a race or ethnicity.

  • Karstein Martinsen

    She is a Trator

    • S. Haugen

      And should be killed!

  • Metodisten Kidd

    Prime minister of Turkey said: there is no moderate islam. There is just islam !
    That ideology is anti democratic and highly violent. EU is a disaster. Innefective, corrupt and expencive

  • MArko Terapaber

    Who can explain me, why russia so worrying about EU as creating “news” sites like this and similar?

  • guds777


  • guds777

    She is so ugly that the only way for her to get some sex is the hope of a baby raping muslim will rape her…

    • Iain W

      You sound about as warped and twisted as the Muslims you decry !

      • guds777

        we have to be, they don’t hesitate to kill, burn and rape us all…

  • Emanuel Busuttil

    more European rubbish endorsing muslims – and to add insult she is a woman – islam treats woman as rubbish

  • Nicholas Farrugia

    Why are we tolerating such crap in important positions with a huge salary plus perks to work against the people ?

  • Nicholas Farrugia

    She is the head of the EU security …. I don’t know if I should lough or cry ?!?!?!
    I’m feeling sooooo secure under her protection.

  • Ernst Klemmentz

    They are all going to Hell!!

  • sheffield39

    This has got to be the biggest load clap-trap to come up yet, OUR future IS STEPPING BACK INTO HISTORY 700 years? We have to get rid of these Liblabcon maniacs ASAP; UKIP is the only sane way to go WE have to wake-up NOW!

  • Lord Lupin

    She should be hung.

  • Suzanne Ennazus

    I have studied EU law and I’m more scared about what the Tories want to do to British people and society, than anything from the EU. Some Tories and ex Tories in UKIP want to be separate from the EU because the EU is stopping them from abusing British people for only the few at the top to benefit, with EU directives that allow workers enough breaks at work and making companies label GM food.
    Despite the Tories joining us in with the European market in the first place when they thought it would only be good for their corporate donors, as soon as there were directives good for most British people, the Tories started to make the rest of Europe hate us and tried to turn us into a USA state instead. Such as when they made us the only country that allowed the USA to use us as an airport to bomb Libya, which killed Gaddafi’s child, and then led to Lockerbie. Other countries wouldn’t even give them airspace to make them fly around, and the Queen was upset at having such an uncaring PM. That was in the cold war when Russia was an ally of Libya, and the Reagan was planning a protective shield over the USA against attack, but we would have nothing. Then they made Ireland on the other side hate us by making no attempt at a peace plan, dubbing out voices of N Irish politicians in the media so we couldn’t hear the whole story, putting us all in danger.
    If it’s about immigration, then why would the UKIP leader have a foreign wife who he employs out of expenses, taking away jobs from British people? Nobody seriously thinks all those ex-Tories in the UKIP will suddenly start caring about British people, society or the NHS do they? If they care about British people, why did the UKIP join Tories voting to reduce tax credits?
    Don’t forget that the Tories tried to vote against Labour’s long awaited House of Lords reform to reduce hereditary Lords, as wanted their upper class friends to be entitled to be paid for doing nothing with expenses. Now the House isn’t full of entitled upper class people, the Tories want to reduce its power. Then they tried to vote against Labour’s first ever minimum wage, saying if anybody doesn’t want to work in slave labour conditions then they’re lazy. Now they’re trying to act as if they’re for a minimum wage, so admitting they lied before when they said any form of minimum wage is wrong.
    Plus the Tories always make Scotland hate England, for us keep voting in the Tories, as they’re not as stupid to not remember the past history as soon as they read a Tory propaganda newspaper. If it wasn’t for Labour coming up with devolution, then Scotland would probably become separate ages ago.
    Scotland think they will have a better life being a separate nation in the EU. Imagine if that happened, with all Europe together in the EU, and the Tories making the EU and everybody else apart from the USA hate England, just to benefit the upper classes and their tax dodging corporate donors.
    The Tories have a history of abusing British people and society, just so the few at the top can benefit. They used the police as their personal army against the millions who fought to keep their jobs. Lied that shipbuilding would go over to third world countries, when it’s now in rich countries like Japan. Were the first government to add tax to household bills after they privatised the energy companies, causing more old people to die of the cold then ever before.

    • Machiavelli

      I’m guessing you don’t get out much? Have a word with your case worker or designated responsible adult, and see if they can organise some time out in the local community.

    • Phil Spiers

      Of course we dislike our own governments more. They have more responsibilities for the things we come into contact with and we are more exposed to their annoying faces. But you forget one major thing. Our governments (the executive branch anyway) generally love the EU. Why? Because they have influence in it and get to run Europe rather than their own countries and they can do all this without having to ask their own parliament. It is parliament & the voter that have been robbed. Ministerial power is actually greater because of the EU. That is the major problem. It has made our executive even more unaccountable. The Tories will one day be out. But every power our government pass to Brussels is gone for good. Not one has ever returned! Day in and day out there is a huge machine dedicated to centralising more European legislation. It is totally unaccountable except to the very states executives who you in effect criticise. Why do you think most of the formerly Eurosceptic cabinet now love the idea? Because along with the other members executives they ARE the EU.

      As for large corporations…. they love the EU too. There are an uncountable number of corporate lobbyist (certainly more than 15000!) in Brussels. They can do their work unhindered by scrutiny because the more than 300 committees that operate under the council of ministers operate in private. Only 15% of the directives get properly discussed at council level so in effect you have legislation crated by civil servant and lobbyist and nodded through. Just imagine what a corporations saves in time and money having the law favorably changes at EU level & no one ever knows for sure who was behind it. Perfect.

      So be very careful in registering your dislike of your ‘Tory’ own government by supporting the EU. You may not have many grievances with the EU now but as more power passes to it and policy influences ourlives more you may find it is not going in the direction you wished. And then what will you do??

      History shows us that IF ONLY we could prevent the rise of totalitarian regimes in the first place a lot of tears would be saved. The problem is when in their infancy they are difficult to recognise. Your dislike of what is in front of you is blinding you to the long term dangers.

  • Suzanne Ennazus

    UKIP are extreme Tories. Tories cause more damage to British people and society than anything from the EU, just so their upper class friends and corporate donors can make more money. Despite Tories first getting us into the European market when they thought it would only be good for their corporate donors, as soon as there were directives good for most people like allowing workers enough breaks and making companies label GM food, some Tories created the UKIP party. UKIP recently joined Tories in voting to reduce tax credits from the lowest paid. Just because they went over to UKIP doesn’t mean they will care about the NHS.
    They want to be separate from the EU because they’re worried it will affect the class system and entitlements of the few at the top.
    You can see what they’re like from their hypocritical leader Nigel Farage, with how he claims it’s about British jobs, while he employs his foreign wife on tax payers expenses.

    • Martin Flynn

      F`kin Libtard socialist Fukwit !!

  • Mohammad Ali Salih

    MemoirProject,Ch9,Last,2010’s (Me Westerner?): I LOVE FEDERICA

  • Gert Turpin

    With such fiends you don’t need enemies anymore. Welcome 1,400 years of backwardness. Go to hell bitch.

  • Linda Hudson

    This woman has a cold calculating face and the eyes of a shark, no sparkle, there is something not right with her!

    • Martin Flynn

      Dead eyes .. pure Evil & remorseless !!

  • valleygirl1981

    Perhaps this sick bitch needs to be raped by a Muslim before she gets it.

  • Mike Richard

    This is why I say most women makes weak leaders. Just look at the Nordic countries, Germany, etc. They are shit holes thanks to feminism and women leaders. These countries used to be good places to visit and to live, but not anymore.

  • Alicja Alda

    Crazy woman. False humanism.

  • Darth_inVadeHer

    Yeah, “political Islam”, already salughter 150 at the bataclan, 8 at the Charlie Edbo and blew up Bruxelles Airport.
    Hows that “political islam” working out for you so far?
    Very weak female leaders and cultural marxism is destroying Europe. Unless someone strong takes charge and fight back against the muslim aggression, Europe is gona be ungulfed in sectarian civil war in 20 years, just like happend in Lebanon.
    Mark my words!!

  • Laura

    Mogherini is every bit as mad, and as dangerous as Merkel.

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