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Implanted 'neural dust' to control your brain

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University of California researchers from Berkeley have made up a concept of so-called ‘neural dust’. Extremely tiny microchips now may be implanted in the human brain.

The chips are planned to be implanted in the main body organ in order to study person’s thoughts and track psychological processes.

The scientists claim, the technology will be so tiny, a person will hardly notice it being injected.

Device can be placed into a person’s cerebral cortex and powered by special piezoelectric materials, so that it wouldn’t require a recharge.

After gathering data on person’s brain activity, the dust then transmits it to a special transmitter installed on a person’s scalp, enabling it to be read outside the brain.

As reported, the technology aims at treating chronic diseases and ‘severe disabilities’.

However, the security measures are not known, and anyone getting access will be able to control you, and even model your behavior, what raises concerns.

The project is part of the Obama federal program ‘BRAIN Initiative’, and is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).


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3 Responses to " Implanted 'neural dust' to control your brain "

  1. skreamer says:

    These fuckers all need to be arrested right now for there potential to destroy the human race as we know it!
    Let me have a wild guess and say thats what there spraying out of the military planes right now, what we call chemtrails! These fuckers all need to be permanently removed from earth!
    Having trouble being at piece of mind with yourself!….having crazy stupid thoughts appear in your head that are not your own!
    We need help! Our own government is doing this to us, people generally dont care cause they have all ready had there minds controlled! God dont exist so he wont help! We need to ask our space brothers to come and help us because this is out of control and we have no other hope!
    Please help us…your our only hope!

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  2. Sunberry says:

    I was with you all the way until you wrote, God don’t exist and called on your space brothers to help. God exists, I’m not attempting to convince you but I know God and he is my ever present help. I agree on those chemtrails.

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  3. Chance Pemberton says:

    After seeing these so called mind control torture techniques on the Magellon victims, I am opposed to any such programs or implants of any type. We are now a nation in distress for which there is not no way out. In time these same leeches that have taken over this nation will like a cancer threaten the entire world as they seek to install their NWO with a depopulation target of 6.5 billion people leaving only 500,000 to serve them as little more than slaves.

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