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EU Parliament backs TTIP resolution

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Despite vocal criticism, the EU Parliament has approved a non-binding resolution on the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, bridging a gap in protracted negotiations on the secretive trade pact between the EU and the US.

The resolution was approved by the majority of the parliament with 436 ‘Yes’ votes coming up against 241 ‘No’ votes in Strasbourg on Wednesday in hopes of influencing the TTIP negotiations between European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmstrom and the USA. Washington insists that for negotiations to be successful a dispute body must be incorporated into the final agreement.

The resolution, introduced by European Parliament President Martin Schulz, seeks to replace the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism a new “more transparent” system of dispute resolution instead of using private arbitration panels to challenge government in a trade disagreements.

The vote signals “that the old system of investor-state dispute settlement should not and cannot be reproduced in TTIP,” Malmstrom said in a statement.

This system should be “subject to democratic principles and scrutiny”, in which disputes are processed “in a transparent manner”, by “publicly appointed, independent professional judges” and “in public hearings”. It should include “an appellate mechanism,” respect the jurisdiction of EU and member state courts and ensure that private interests “cannot undermine public policy objectives”, says the text.

But after months of bitter debate, while the centre-right parliamentarians see the trade deal with US as good for business, the Greens and far-left and far-right politicians see it as a threat to EU laws. Critics say it would allow US companies to challenge European food and environmental regulations on the grounds that they restrict trade.

Proponents of the deal say that it will boost GDP in the EU by €100 billion ($110 billion) and in the US by more than $100 billion, as well as create over 700,000 jobs in America. More free trade would increase investment, and widening export industries would add jobs.

But opponents of TTIP warn that these figures are not realistic and that cheaper goods and services would hurt the EU and help the US. One of the most contentious issues is also whether TTIP will weaken Europe’s rules over genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

“Parliament’s call today for a ‘new system’ must be heard, and it will be,” Malmstrom said. “I will now press ahead to flesh these out, and transform them into legal proposals, so that these further reforms can be incorporated into Europe’s proposals for TTIP.”

Boosting trade with the US may also come at a cost for European countries that may need to compromise on health, safety and environmental regulations. Following the passage in parliament the UK Independence Party (UKIP) criticized the decision.

“The people interested in the protection of the NHS, in consumer rights and a legal system fair to small businesses will be angry with this decision of the European Parliament to pass TTIP,” said UKIP trade spokesman William Dartmouth MEP. “This is a very damaging vote by MEPs which will hurt free trade and the financial well-being of patients, consumers and workers.”

While TTIP between the US and Europe would create the world’s largest free trade zone many Europeans believe that the agreement will elevate corporate interest above national interest. As a result demonstrators have taken place all across Europe, including in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Scandinavia.

The next round of TTIP negotiations is scheduled for July 13-17 in Brussels.


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  • EnSlave EU

    Next round of TTIP negotiations is scheduled for July 13-17 in Brussels will decide European slavery to, or freedom from US.

    Following Local European Industry Operators will be buried deep down in a concrete grave.
    Medical devices
    Electronics and information technology
    Machinery and engineering
    Sanitary and phytosanitary measures (SPS)

    Following Local European Trade Merchants will be affected adversely or simply die.
    Energy and raw materials
    Trade and Sustainable Development / Labour and Environment
    Public procurement
    Intellectual property
    Competition policy: antitrust and mergers
    Treatment of state-owned or subsidised companies vis-a-vis private companies
    Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
    Trade remedies: e.g., anti-dumping practices
    Customs and Trade Facilitation

    In all above industrial sectors US gonna override EU local laws and policies, and start implementing and dominating.

    As being an American, I always feel that I am superior, I always wanna rob each and every single one.

    As being an American, I always wanna prosper only and only myself by making others life miserable.

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  • Immanuel Christian

    The Roman Empire rules the world through the British Empire and the Amerikan colony is even more oppressed than the colonies of Europe. The average Amerikan child is turned into a delta or epsilon model with the vaccine witches’ brews 70 times by the age of 18 and almost all Amerikans drink sodium fluoride rat poison in their water. But just like EU slaves, Amerikans deserve it richly: we all love TV toilet, cinema sewer, satan’s music, fornication and pornography. That’s why we have all become pigs and dogs and slaves. We sow the wind and therefore we reap the whirlwind.

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  • Archieon

    The main US objective behind pushing TTIP deal is to establish One (US Monopoly) Government that can make whole EU dance by US finger-tips.

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  • Archieon

    Apart from TTIP and TPP, this is how US wants to implement New World Order.

    Repeated extensions in P1+5 Iran’s Nuclear Deal Deadline and Iran’s repetitive statement that like other countries, it has a right to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes.that like other countries, it has a right to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes, gave rise to a second thought that US main purpose of Iran’s Nuclear Deal is not whole-sum about preventing Iran for acquiring powerful nuclear arsenal. Then, what else could it be?

    Having bitter relationship with Russia and Venezuela, Loosing control over Middle East, and having Alberta Oil-Sands project almost shutdown, US main interest in Iran’s Nuclear Deal is to fetch Iranian Oil for cheap to run US economy much smoother. As we everyone know that cheap oil is like bloodline for US economy. And, for that reason US remained always thirsty for oil. Sorry history says US always remains thirsty for blood. Do not get surprised if Iran’s Nuclear Deal Deadline gets extended thousands times by Obama and Kerry administration. Whole game is about OIL under the table. After sucking Middle East more than enough, US is looking for a new partner.

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    As Germany and UK can not get rid off US influences, more likely Germany and UK will sign TTIP agreement and promote TTIP. This does not mean that rest of EU members should sign TTIP.

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    Changes in EU laws
    Only chemicals and cosmetics are cited here from TTIP Facts Sheet
    Closer cooperation between regulators could mean EU regulators are slower to propose new legislative measures on chemicals.
    Proposal to change local laws to promote and market harmful chemicals.

    TTIP will mean that cosmetics containing banned substances will be sold in the EU.
    Proposal to change local laws to promote and market harmful cosmetic products.

    If EU and US cooperate more closely on new or emerging scientific issues, they could weaken or delay new EU laws. US wants to be sole power to lay new laws and regulations on EU imposing total US commands over whole European Market.

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