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Bulgaria to deny entering Eurozone

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The Bulgarian journalists have reckoned how much is an average country citizen poorer than that of a neighbouring Greece.

It turned out, that average income of the Greeks have been 3,5 times higher against that of the Bulgarians for some years.

In 2013, for example, an average annual income of a Greek resident made up €8,879, that is 17,366 Bulagarian Leva.

An average Bulgarian citizen got only 5,094 Leva a year at the time. Today, it is even lower, in 2014 it made up as much as 5,018 Leva.

In Greece however, a person earning less than €4,068, or 7,956 Bulgarian Leva is considered to live beyond the poverty threshold.

Pravda.Ru has reported, that Bulgaria set a course for entering Eurozone. However, Ivailo Kalfin, Minister of Labour and Social Policy, claimed that the economic performance doesn’t make it possible for Sofia to substitute the national currency with the euro. According to him, it will not lead to positive consequences, as the economy is rather weak and mentioned Greece as a negative example.


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One Response to " Bulgaria to deny entering Eurozone "

  1. Defiant says:

    Stay out of the Eurozone its a fuckin trap, its dept servitude and neocolonialism within Europe.
    Only the ECB in Germany has the right to print Euros for all the countries that are in the Eurozone, that means the banksters and the Germans have monetary control over every nation that are in the Eurozone.
    We(Hungary) are in the EU but not in the Eurozone, we use our own money the Hungarian Forint(HUF), we also modified our Constitution wich states that the only valid currency to be used as a national currency in Hungary is the Hungarian Forint, so you can fuck your shiny euros.

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