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Belarus set to import Tens of Thousands of Chinese workers

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The Belorussian government says it will be moving in 20,000 Chinese workers into the city of Smalyavichy.

“Currently, there are 136 people. In total, we issued 6663 permits to Chinese workers. According to preliminary estimates, the construction requires about 20 thousand [Chinese] workers.” said Alexei Begun, Head of the Department for Citizenship and Migration, according to KP.by.

There are many out of work Eastern Europeans who go to Western Europe to find work. It is baffling that Eastern European governments are now bringing in Chinese workers, when there are supposedly no jobs for Eastern Europeans and those that are available, are poorly paid.

Just because the Belorussian government is bringing in Chinese workers does not necessarily mean they are trying to go ahead with European genocide. However, we have seen this is often the case. For example, Germany brought loads of Turks over as “guest workers” – now it’s full of them, and the government has declared that Islam “belongs to Germany”.

The difference between guest workers and immigrants is that guest workers are sent home when the work is done.

We will be keeping an eye on the Belorussian government to see if European genocide is indeed on their agenda.

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