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Soros Flaring Flames of Ukraine War to Force Regime Change in Russia

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A leaked document attributed to investor George Soros outlines the billionaire’s plan for Ukraine, which essentially boils down to an ambitious idea to use Kiev to topple Russian President Vladimir Putin, investigative historian Eric Zuesse said.

The confidential document, allegedly part of communications between Soros and Ukrainian authorities, was published by hacktivists from CyberBerkut, known for releasing embarrassing revelations with regard to the US meddling in Ukraine.

“While it would be more desirable to have Russia as a partner than an enemy, that is impossible as long as Putin persists in his current policies,” Zuesse quoted Soros as saying. In other words, Moscow should be a partner but Russian leader has to go, the historian said referring to Soros’ stance.

“Soros wants Ukrainians to get rid of Vladimir Putin, and this requires heavily arming Ukraine,” Zuesse commented. Billionaire’s logic is simple: Ukraine should receive lethal weapons from the West as a preparation for an offensive on Crimea.

The Ukrainian invasion of the Russian peninsula will not take place, “however the threat of it happening is important to Soros,” Zuesse underscored, adding that the European Union, especially Germany and France will never support the US initiative of arming Ukrainians.

Germany has been the fiercest critic of the idea, insisting that it will shatter hopes for peace and ensure that violence escalates. Moscow has also been a vocal opponent of sending lethal aid to Kiev, instead promoting the Minsk II agreements as the surest way to lasting peace in the region.

“Ukraine won’t invade Crimea. America’s real focus is on continuation and intensification of the anti-Russia sanctions,” Eric Zuesse said.

Washington apparently intends to weaken Russian economy through the restrictive measures imposed in 2014 in response to Russia’s alleged meddling in the Ukrainian affairs. Moscow has persistently denied the groundless claims.

Meanwhile, Ukraine will turn into a functioning and thriving democracy so lucrative for Russians that they would wish to overthrow Putin. That’s how Soros sees it, the investigative historian said.

Reality begs to differ with Soros. Miraculous economic recovery in a war-stricken country plagued by widespread corruption and lack of fundamental reforms is unlikely to happen. In the meantime, Ukraine is on the verge of economic collapse and Soros is likely aware of that.


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4 Responses to " Soros Flaring Flames of Ukraine War to Force Regime Change in Russia "

  1. Defiant says:

    That satanic fuckface resembles emperor palpatine more and more as days go by.

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  2. hobomonky says:

    this is what people with too much money do. Want to meet the 1 % that run the world? Here ya go. you do not have to be elected to get into world politics you just have to have more money than everyone else and own a few people. Soros wants in on crimea to make even MORE money. Its just a game at this point, where the money acts as winning points and this man wants to WIN, even if it means taken down a foreign elected leader.

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  3. Justice Caps says:

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    We finally created Justice Caps – http://www.justicecaps.com – so that every person can be an “Army of One.”
    Our technology blinds NSA video surveillance and turns their multi-billion dollars software into junk.
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  4. Wiseoldlady says:

    Time to arrest the feces Soros….without bail…one of the most evil vile lowest creatures to ever walk the earth. He has destroyed more countries…ruined more people….caused more damage…murdered more innocent than you can imagine.

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