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Over 2 Million Europeans Sign Petition Against TTIP

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The Self-Organized European Citizens’ Initiative Stop TTIP, the group behind the petition, note that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is “a threat to democracy, the environment, consumers and labor standards.”

More than 2 million Europeans have signed a petition against the controversial free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States, which critics say benefits big corporations, not citizens.

The Stop TTIP activists originally planned to reach the 2-million threshold by October 2015.

The European Commission is scheduled to vote on the TTIP resolution on Wednesday.

Last month, campaigners called on the European Union to vote down the investor-state dispute settlement, which has been their major concern in the draft deal as they say it favors foreign investors.

Anti-TTIP activists have repeatedly pointed out that the deal was negotiated in notable secrecy, without due government or expert oversight.

The Stop TTIP group also opposes a free trade deal with Canada, known as the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement.


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  • JaimeCA

    EU can get prosper way faster if the knot of North American influences on EU politics, media, and local businesses is completely untied. EU should have a second look what is already there in own hands. EU can save billions from bleeding out. Those politicians are useless who are elected by the public, sold themselves to big corporations and fail to fulfill public demands without any kind of transparency. A bunch of secretive idiots simply can not lay-down rules to be followed by the public.

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