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Lil Wayne Stomps On The American Flag

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So rapper Lil Wayne has announced he “unintentionally” walked on an American flag while shooting a video, I think he is still in the wrong! He may not be intentionally stomping on the flag, however walking on it after realizing it was under his feet, and continuing to do so, has a lot to say about his character.

Let us also take into consideration the wealth this man has amassed during his career from Americans in a lot of cases who lay their life down to ensure he still is free to make millions from the people of our great nation. Well I have a message for you, Lil’ Wayne, you may have just lost half of your income.

Too often I hear people say that stomping on the American flag is freedom of speech or expression. This isn’t about freedom of speech, this is about disrespecting this country because that flag is a symbol for this country, you disrespect it then you disrespect the country. I dare you to go to ANY other country and stomp around on their flag! One of two things will happen to you, you’ll either be thrown in prison for a long time or you will be executed on the spot. There’s a fine line between being disrespectful and freedom of speech, this is being disrespectful, especially to the men and women who would protect these POS with their lives.

I call to all Americans to boycott this man and show him the mistake he’s made.


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