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Hillary Clinton no different than Obama, just 'more militant' - Chomsky

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President Barack Obama is an “opportunist” with “awful” policies, one of the world’s top intellectuals, American linguist Noam Chomsky, has said. He was extremely critical of Obama’s use of drones in the Middle East and the secretive TPP trade deals.

“I’m not one of those who was disillusioned,” the 86-year old author and political activist said in an interview with the WND website. Chomsky said he wasn’t disappointed in President Barack Obama, as he simply “didn’t expect anything” of him.

“I wrote about him before the primaries in 2008, simply using his webpage – the way he was presenting himself – and he seemed to me like an opportunist,” Chomsky said, adding that “the policies he was proudest of I thought were awful.”

The intellectual didn’t express any optimism for the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency either. When asked whether he saw any difference to Obama, he described the 2016 presidential candidate as much the same, “maybe a little more militant.”

Chomsky also said he was disappointed in US elections in general, saying that the last vote in November 2014 showed an “abandonment of belief in any kind of a democratic system.”

“Voting participation was about at the level of the early 19th century when the franchise was limited to propertied white males,” the author of more than a hundred books said.

Having criticized the US health care system, Israel politics and reflecting on a number of 20th century historic events, including the Great Depression, WW2 and John F. Kennedy’s presidency during the Cold War crisis, the father of modern linguistics was extremely critical of Obama’s military policies in the Middle East.

Obama’s use of drones against jihadist leaders “has essentially rescinded the principle that was established in the Magna Carta 800 years ago.” Its principle element was the establishment of the presumption of innocence, Chomsky explained.

“With the drone assassination campaign, Obama has essentially rescinded this principle by officially designating a person as guilty if the White House decides that they might someday want to harm us,” he said.

“If any other country were doing this, like Iran, we would consider it justification for a nuclear war,” he added.

Speaking about the controversy behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreements, being negotiated behind closed doors by the Obama administration, Chomsky said the agreement is not what it’s publicly said to be.

“It’s called a free-trade agreement, but it’s not,” Chomsky told WND. Saying that although no details are publicly available “because it is essentially kept secret,” from all indications “it’s like all the other agreements that are not free-trade agreements. They are investor-rights agreements.”

“The idea is that the Obama administration wants to ram the deal through without public discussion,” Chomsky added.


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8 Responses to " Hillary Clinton no different than Obama, just 'more militant' - Chomsky "

  1. noode US says:

    Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, or whom so ever he or she will be a just another Bilderberg / Illuminatis puppet to continue on unfinished American Dream of New World Order. They will definitely not work any good for an American layman, or an average American citizen.

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  2. noode US says:

    Few broken promises of Obama
    * Bring Democrats and Republicans together to pass an agenda.
    * Establish regulations to secure chemical plants.
    * Increase the minimum wage.
    * Provide at least $2 billion for services to Iraqi refugees.
    * Require employers to provide seven paid sick days per year.
    * Fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
    * Provide the CDC $50 million in funding to determine effective approaches for cancer patient care.
    * No family making less than $250,000 will see “any form of tax increase.”
    “I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.”

    In fact list is too long than what I actually thought!
    While running after Putin, He never got a chance for second thought.

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  3. skreamer says:

    Hilary is not human!….No human has an ass that big!
    Its were the Aliens inside her live and control her!

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  4. Defiant says:

    Hitlery Clinton.

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  5. skreamer says:

    Hilary tried to be a porn star!…but the donkey refused to fuck her!

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  6. noode US says:

    Hillary Clinton’s first major campaign speech is full of lies and false pretences. She said “Prosperity just can’t be for CEOs and hedge fund managers. Democracy can’t be just for billionaires… Prosperity and democracy are part of your basic bargain, too.” . This in fact confirms that so far, Prosperity just simply belongs to CEOs, and democracy to billionaires who supports campaign funding and lay laws for the society to suck more. She never mentioned anything about rise in minimum wages as middle-class society can not meet their bills even with a full month salary. She did not also reveal her plans on hot burning issues like TPP, TPIP, and Ukraine crisis.

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  7. noode US says:

    Hillary Clinton, said “No other country is better equipped to meet traditional threats from countries like Russia, North Korea, and Iran – and to deal with the rise of new powers like China,” the candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. As your President, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe. Democrats were apparently trying to create a “new dragon” in order to gloriously slay it.” , during her first major campaign speech on Saturday.

    Here one should note that, Russia, North Kore, and Iran possess a way higher threats from America as US with the support of EU allies by hook-or-crook trying to use NATO military forces and put more sanctions. If US can possess anything it wants, Why not European Countries, Middle East Countries, Asian Countries can possess same to defend themselves? Is not the game of sanctions is uni-directional and unjustified. Is there any Authority in this whole universe can lay sanctions on US for their unjustified & unfair international acts and policies?

    It is always been US international policy to throw a stones into a stable pond and with help of all falsified media channels make it like a very big issue and than remove anti-american politicians and local businesses that justifies Hillary Clinton’s statement of creating a New Dragon every time in order to slay it.

    European countries need to wake-up in a full swing rather than dreaming that US is gonna benefit European Countries or any other countries in the world.

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  8. noode US says:

    I do not think any of those cowards GMO American PiGs has a daring to ask any presidential candidate about “Rise in Minimum Wages” and “More Better Job Opportunities” in homeland. Their brains are *@#cked-up by GMO or washed completely by falsified media channels.

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