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Dozens of dead penguins found on coast of Uruguay

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Dozens of penguins have been found dead over the course of the past three days on the coast of Uruguay.

A government official announced on Thursday that the penguins were found in two separate locations.

Graciela Fabiano, an official from the National Directorate of Water Resources, told local media that the issue of the dead penguins was not an uncommon occurrence.

Some of the dead penguins were found 210 kilometers (124 miles) east of the country’s capital, Montevideo, she said.

The others, according to Fabiano, were found at a beach in the resort town of Punta del Este on the Atlantic Coast in southeastern Uruguay.

The agency has no program for monitoring the penguins, but at this time of the year it is usual for penguins to show up on shore, sometimes dead, Fabiano said, adding that the movement of the penguins is associated with their migratory patterns.

The dead birds that wash up usually succumb to natural causes, but even such scenarios should be examined anyway, she said.

According to the government official, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean were going through what she called a rough season so more dead penguins are expected to wash up on shore.

The finding has puzzled local scientists, who are attempting to find out if this was the result of an accident or a possible waterborne virus.


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