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Thug Tells Whites: Bow Down to Blacks, You're All Gonna Die

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A shocking confrontation filmed on the streets of New York highlights the racial animosity that continues to plague America in the aftermath of last year’s Ferguson riots and the rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

The footage was filmed by US Army veteran Joey Boots, a frequent guest on the Howard Stern Show.

The incident began when a member of the Five-Percent Nation, a militant offshoot of the Nation of Islam, began harassing a group of white hipsters in Union Square.

An older black man begins an argument with the group before threatening to “turn this motherfucker upside (down).”

“Where’s your man at? I’ll get him first. Straight up, I don’t give a fuck,” yells the man, adding, “I’m a thug, I’m from Brooklyn,” before referring to himself as the “King.”

One of the hipsters then jumps towards “King” and other members of the Five-Percent Nation, one of whom is wearing a “fuck the police” sweater, quickly move in to disperse the confrontation.

“You’re a dead man – I promise you,” yells “King” towards the man who confronted him.

However, the tone of the confrontation then begins to turn even more sinister as another member of the Five-Percent Nation states, “That’s why I stopped him, because this motherfu*ker should be bowing to him.”

“Bowing?….Did this guy just say racist sh*t here….he should be bowing to him because he’s black?” asks the man filming the incident.

“And just so ya’ll know, all of ya’ll time is coming, you’re all gonna die,” says the Five-Percent Nation thug.

“What do you mean ya’ll,” asks the cameraman.

“All of you people, and all of your derivatives, all of the people who love you,” responds the racist communist black thug.

“You talking about white people?,” asks the cameraman.

“Yeah,” responds the thug.

The argument continues before the thug asserts, “by the end of this year you’ll be dead.”

“Is that a death threat, black man?” asks the cameraman.

“It’s already happening,” responds the thug.

One of the group that was threatened, himself black, then points out the threat also applied to him because his mother is white.

The cameraman’s charge that the thug is a “racist piece of shit” for calling for the mass genocide of white people would be disputed by social justice warriors and prominent black figures, who argue that it is impossible for black people or ethnic minorities to be racist.

Violent and racist rhetoric from elements of the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the aftermath of Ferguson, Missouri has become a common theme, but it is routinely downplayed or ignored by the mass media.

Instead on focusing on police brutality, the movement has been steered to obsess on white guilt, a form of cultural marxism that absolves the state of blame and merely serves to create polarization and division between the people.


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3 Responses to " Thug Tells Whites: Bow Down to Blacks, You're All Gonna Die "

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  2. noode US says:

    If you search for “POLICE BRUTALITY”, more than 1000 results and videos will show-up. Most of the time, 99.9999 out of 100, they leave their motto “Courtesy, Professionalism, and Respect” inside the Police Cars. Outside their cruisers they behave like bunch of idiots and powerful gangsters with a gun protected by laws.

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  3. noode US says:

    An unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, was shot and killed on Aug. 9, by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, in Ferguson, Missouri, fueled-up the racism to the extreme hell-heights. Irrationality of some brainless stupids makes whole community to suffer.

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