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The Ultimate List Of Creation Evidence, God Is Real

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Look nowhere else! This single huge article contains tons of information, arguments, evidence and discoveries that proves people were created by God according to the Holy Bible and did not evolve by themselves from monkeys in millions of years. If you deny everything in this article and not one single evidence sparks any questions in you about Creation and Evolution, then you have serious issues.

The Earth is only around 6000 years old, plus or minus, but nowhere near Billions of years old as evolutionists claim.

Try to do a Google search for any of these proofs you are about to read and you will see that all of them are followed by diminishing words such as: fake, debunked, hoax, conspiracy and more. Each and every scientific or archeological evidence that supports Creationist human origins, is immediately discredited by the likes of snopes.com, wikipedia.org and other anti-Christian vermin while well known evolutionist hoaxes are rarely accompanied by diminishing words such as “hoax”.

All of the proof offered here has a “Controversial” category on Wikipedia. Absolutely everything related to creationism and Christianity is always followed by “controversial” on Wikipedia. Take the Ica Stones for example where its discoverer Uschuya faced jail time if he admitted that he found the stones. He was basically forced by Peruvian authorities to say that he forged them in order to avoid imprisonment. This is what it has come to! There is simply no room and no ear to listen to any type of Creation evidence, no matter how obvious it is. This may not be the best evidence we provided here. This may or may not be fake, but how the authorities treated this issue, by threatening with jail time… says it all! This is not science! Evolution is just a religion, and quite an aggressive bloodthirsty one actually.

After Noah’s Flood, everything was lost. More than 1500 years of history lost in the flood. All original knowledge of how the Earth came to be lost. Moses brought back part of the knowledge but only 1400 years after the flood. During this time (Noah to Moses), humanity created all sorts of pagan religions and in some cases even direct devil-worshiping. Among the 10 commandments and all the other things, God also showed fragments of the past to Moses. That’s how Moses written the first 5 gospels of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. However unfortunately there are only a few pages of the Pre-Flood world in the Genesis and with limited information.



Earth’s Protective Shield
Noah’s Flood happened some 4400 years ago, most the rain water came from Earth’s protective shield made out of water, which also helped both man and animals live 10 times longer and grow bigger due to higher levels of oxygen in the air and higher pressure. Earth’s water shield also protected people and animals from Solar harmful X-ray radiation.

Earth had a Different Air Pressure and Higher Levels of Oxygen
-There was at least 50% more oxygen in the air in the pre-flood world. Ambers with insects found trapped inside, sometimes contain air bubbles as well. These air bubbles have been tested and every time, it turns out that there was simply more oxygen!

What about the Dinosaurs?
Dinosaurs were only reptiles, and all reptiles continue to grow until they die, the longer they lived, the bigger they got. The Bible itself mentions the Dinosaurs, but they were called “Dragons” back then. Almost everything was bigger and lived longer back then, there were giants back then the Bible said. Archeologists did find skeletons belonging to giant humans but they are kept secret. For example they found fossilized fingers of a giant woman in a Cretaceous Stone. The fingers were 6 inch long. Abraham Lincoln also knew about giant humans and he once said: “The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now. Contemporary with the whole race of men, and older than the first man, Niagara is strong, and fresh to-day as ten thousand years ago. The Mammoth and Mastadon, now so long dead, that fragments of their monstrous bones, alone testify, that they ever lived, have gazed on Niagara. In that long—long time, never still for a single moment.”

Human footprints and handprints were found in Cretaceous Stones (145 million years old) along dragon (dinosaur) footprints, that’s because they lived together. They even found a hammer in Cretaceous Stones.

Archeologists found Egyptian, Babylonian, Israeli, Roman, Persian and Viking pottery, art and more depicting dinosaurs. Drawings of dinosaurs were found in many caves throughout the world. Ica Stones from Peru for example show almost all dinosaurs painted on them, in some cases even with humans riding them. Figurines from Mexico also depict dinosaurs. How could these people would have known about dinosaurs back then?

Numerous vases have also been found in South American burial sites with dinosaur paintings on them.

What’s interesting is that some dragons may have continued to live even after the flood. Marco Polo described in great detail seeing dinosaurs, possibly velociraptors among them.

Pre-Flood Underwater Cities
Dozens of underwater cities have been found throughout the world, disproving all evolutionist theories. Most scientists don’t even want to go anywhere near this topic. They treat it as if it doesn’t even exist because they know this would smash their silly ape theory. Some “scientists” are so retarded that they are claiming that these are “natural rock formations” while others blame it on aliens. No one in its right mind would believe them after seeing these so-called “natural rock formations” with their own eyes. Most of these cities are pre-flood cities which will probably always remain sunken and you can study them on Youtube. The videos of course will try to play this from an evolutionist perspective. The Bible has an answer for this. These cities were the cities of the pre-flood world.



Evidence supporting 4000-5000 years after Noah’s Flood
Noah’s Flood happened about 4400 years ago (plus or minus) according to the Bible, world’s oldest tree is 4800 years old, nicknamed Methuselah, after Noah’s grandfather who lived more than anyone else, including Adam, the first man. The 4800 years old tree Methuselah is found on the White Mountains of Inyo County in eastern California. How come there isn’t a single tree in the entire world, older than that? Because they were all destroyed by Noah’s Flood. Methuselah is dead now, but they have discovered a new unnamed tree near Methuselah, which is claimed to be as old as 5000 and this one is still alive, indicating that it could have lived much longer, yet it didn’t! Tree lifespans perfectly match Noah’s Flood event which happened some 4000-5000 years ago.

World’s oldest coral reef is only 4300 years old. Just like with the trees, this again is actually very shocking.

Noah’s Ark found on Mount Ararat
According to the Bible, Genesis 8:4, Noah’s ark rested on Mount Ararat after the flood waters retreated. Mount Ararat is located in east Turkey of what is know as the Caucasus region, which is also the place of origin of white people, thus bearing the name of Caucasians or Caucasoids. Despite hardships and general difficulties due to the Muslim Turkish government, archeologists have finally located Noah’s ark on Mount Ararat which is now 100% petrified (fossilized). Skeptical evolutionists called this discovery like usual… “a natural rock formation” despite finding wooden pieces, metal bolts and more. Unreliable carbon dating, says the ship is 4800 years old. Earth samples from the boat were taken to lab and tested. High concentrations of metal and carbon were found in the earth, indicating ancient decayed wood. Metal detectors were also used on the ark and revealed a metal pattern with the shape of a boat. Subsurface Interface Radar scanners have also been used on the ship in 1985, showing massive qilsons, fossilized deck timbers, chambers, lines, patterns,

Measurements of the ark reveal that its exactly 300 cubits long (515 feet or 157 meters if we use the Ancient Egyptian royal cubit for conversion because this is exactly what Moses would have used when he wrote the Genesis). The ark is exactly as long as its said in the Bible, Genesis 6:15.

3 massive anchor stones have also been found on Mount Ararat, in Turkey, marked with 8 Byzantine crosses, meaning that the Byzantine Empire knew that this was Noah’s resting place all along.

The Turkish government did grant approvals for scans and any type of studying of the area but did not allow any type of real digging or excavation just like in the case of dinosaurs for example and it will probably never allow it as long as this area remains under Muslim control. To make things worse, Muslim Terrorists tried to kill Ron Wyatt and his team of archeologists so that the truth won’t come out, but fortunately they were accompanied by 30 Turkish policemen who saved the archeologists. Anti-Christian vermin Wikipedia calls Ron Wyatt “pseudoarchaeology”, basically saying that he was some lunatic playing archeology and not doing real archeology. But what is archeology to begin with? Is it nuclear science, quantum mechanics? No, its just men digging in the earth, nothing more, nothing less. It’s as simple as that and not complicated at all. In short, he was a REAL archeologist because if he was a “pseudo” one, then ALL archeologists are PSEUDO. What makes him “pseudo” is that he was digging for Creation evidence instead of religious extremist Evolution evidence.

Noah’s Wine

In the Bible it says that Noah became depressed, turned to wine and became an alcoholic shortly after the Great Flood. Interestingly enough, Mount Ararat has one of the oldest vineyards and wineries in the world and to make things even worse for evolutionists, the area is known among locals as “the land of the eight” for thousands of years now.

All Major Cultures tell the Tale of Noah
Almost ALL cultures of the world talk about a great global flood where a family built a boat, and took 2 animals of each kind, since ancient times, pre-Christian ancient Greece, Sumer, China, Korea, India, Tanzania, Australia, Babylon, Maya, Aztecs, Inca, etc. The Toltec natives of Mexico have a “legend” interesting story where original creation lasted for 1716 years. Even Native American tribes have flood stories, such as the Delaware Indians and Ojibwe natives of Minnesota. The Ojibwe natives story goes like this: “There came a time when the harmonious way of life did not continue. Men and women disrespected each other, families quarreled and soon villages began arguing back and forth. This saddened Gitchie Manido (the Creator) greatly, but he waited. Finally, when it seemed there was no hope left, the Creator decided to purify Mother Earth through the use of water. The water came, flooding the Earth, catching all of creation off guard. All but a few of each living thing survived.” Then it tells how Waynaboozhoo (Noah) survived by floating on a log in the water with various animals.”

All of these cultures except for Babylon had ZERO contact with Israel and Jews, yet how could they have known about the flood?

Where do all races come from since Noah was the father of all?
We know for a fact that Noah and his sons were most likely white because his ark rested on Mount Ararat of the Caucasus region. Non-religious history clearly says that the modern white European race originates from the Caucasus region, thus the reason for having the name of Caucasian race. Virtually all European tribes at some point came from the East.
Japheth and his children went to Europe and formed white Europe. Shem and his children went to Asia and formed white Persia, India and had several white colonies even in China (Tocarian) and Japan (Ainus) while Ham and his children who was cursed by his father Noah colonized small areas of Middle East and Africa, forming Babylon and Egypt.
Interestingly, everybody at some point came from somewhere. Even the Romans, Vikings and Japanese weren’t always born there and at some point in time came to the countries they currently live in from somewhere in the Middle East (possibly Eridu, Iraq, where the Tower of Babel was being erected).
However the truth is, no one has a full answer because race has been almost totally left out of scriptures, probably on purpose for some Satanic reason, since the Israelites came in contact with other races more than once. For example, among Jewish slaves, Egypt also had sub-Saharan black slaves at the same time. Depictions of a white European Ramses holding Jewish Semitic, Black Nubian and Brown slaves by their hairs at the same time have been found in pyramids. The Israelites DID come in contact with other races also in Ethiopia and knew about them yet they are purposely left out of the Bible for some strange reason. So as an answer to the question of where do they come from since Noah and his family where of one race (presumably white), the answer is probably found in the Babylonian accounts which state that on Utnapishtim’s (Noah) Ark there were seeds of all plants, animals, Utnapishtim’s (Noah) family and all the craftsmen that helped build the boat. The Bible does not mention anything about any “craftsmen” being on Noah’s Ark yet this however makes a lot of sense and can possibly answer the question of where all the human races come from. Chaldean flood accounts also say that Xisuthrus (Noah) took his family and friends on the boat. It seems that there may have been other people on Noah’s Ark… It may not be much of a proof but this is the only explanation we have.

Demographics calculation
Every 150 years world population always seems to double. In 1800 for example there were 1 billion people worldwide. In 1950, 2 billion, and what followed after that, total craziness with third world countries exploding out of control threatening their very own existence with starvation due to overpopulation.

To fully support this claim, world population reached 7 billion in 2012 and it is estimated that it could reach 10+ billion by 2100. By 2150 it may very well reach 14 billion or more, considering the current trend.

Reduce today’s world population of 7 billion into half every 150 years and only a few people were alive about 4000-5000 years ago. Demographics are also on Noah’s side.

Sodom & Gomorah
In 1975 the excavation of a royal palace in Ebla, Syria revealed a library of 1800 clay tablets, containing historical and political records as well as botanical and cultural information of the Middle East. They also contain family records. The detailed information they hold allows accurate dating to be established. They are still being deciphered but already translations have revealed accounts of the kings of the cities of the plain. One of the tablets names Birshe as the king of Gomorah, and lists the cities of the plain in total harmony with the Bible, both chronologically and geographically: Zeboim, Admah, Gomorah, Sodom, Zoar.
Even though almost unbelievable and one of the most fantastic stories of the Bible, real Sodom and Gomorah have been found in Israel along with 3 other cities which were also burned down by God. In Sodom and Gomorah, archeologists found at least 60 “brimstone” samples. According to lab testings, these brimstones were mostly made out of sulfur (93-94%) and are highly flammable even to this day. Tons of ash have also been found among other evidence in Sodom and Gomorah. Some claimed that these sulfur stones originated from a volcano which was on the other side of the Dead Sea, yet no crystal deposits were found near the sulfur stones. Furthermore the volcano was simply too far away. Same people also claimed that the mountain carved city ruins were “natural rock formations”, despite finding wells and even man made fences built with stone bricks. As a side note to this, brimstone were found only in the 5 cities and no where else near them. Seems like we have a selective volcano here. Furthermore these sulfur balls can only be found in these 5 cities, nowhere else on the entire planet.

Lot’s wife turned to watch Sodom and God transformed her into a “pillar of salt which remained to this day”. Indeed a pillar of stone resembling a woman in long dress still stands up to this day on Mount Sodom, Israel.



The Universe, Flat Earth and the Bible
According to astronomers, the Universe is stretching and continuing to expand. That’s exactly what God says in the Bible in Job 9:8. Of course they didn’t use the term “universe” back then, since its only a recent-coined term. They used the word “heavens”, with plural, meaning skies.

Humans believe that they have almost reached the edges of the Universe with their telescopes… and what have they discovered? Our Solar System is placed at the center of the Universe. Interesting, isn’t it?

The Bible said the Earth was round and not flat way before humans flew into space… but back then because of superstitions, people still thought the Earth was flat and it continued to be the common belief despite the Bible clearly saying in verse Isaiah 40:22, that the Earth is round, a globe.

Earth Scars
Just have a look at Earth’s seafloor and you will see giant scars that cover the entire planet. These are the locations of where the ruptures occurred and all the underground water came from (along with the one from Earth’s protective shield).

The Moon 4.5 Billion Years Old Issue
The Moon is traveling away from the Earth at an alarming speed, if our Solar System was 4.5 billion years old as scientists claim, then we wouldn’t have had a Moon today.

The Moon is collecting space dust. If it would have collected dust for 4.5 billion years, then the dust level would have been miles deep, instead it is only a few inches deep, indicating that the Moon couldn’t be collecting dust for more than a few thousand years.

World’s Biggest Storage Device
Which one do you think its the most complex storage device in the world? The HDD? SSD? Maybe a flash memory USB? What about a SDCard? None of them!

The DNA is the most complex information storage machine known to man, a single teaspoon of DNA can hold information about all species in the world that exist and ever existed, all people who ever lived, all books ever written and much more, such a complex information storage machine was definitely programmed by an intelligent creator (God). Nature can only produce patterns but it can’t produce information and instructions. DNA does not “evolve”, if altered in any way, it turns into cancer.

Polar Ice Caps are all Made of Fresh Water
Both North Pole and South Pole’s ice caps are formed out of Fresh Water even though they are surrounded by Ocean salt water, they both have Fresh Water back from Noah’s Flood. Even the 4km below the ice Russian Lake Vostok from the South Pole contains Fresh Water! This can only further support the flood story.

The seas are getting saltier each year, at a very consistent rate, imagine that happening for 4.5 billion years…

Holy Water
According to recent studies, a simple Our Father Prayer over normal tap water instantly kills bacteria and purifies the water. Holy Water never expires and never goes bad. You can drink it even 1 year later and it will still taste normal.

Carbon-14 Dating
Carbon-14 is not a reliable way of dating things. Prior to the carbon test itself, it is first required to tell from which strata the artifact or bone came from. So, basically, if someone dug a hole some 300 years ago, placed a current day bone in it, because it was found in lets say Triassic strata, the object would automatically be dated somewhere between 66-145 million years ago. How dumb is that for dating things? Specifying strata is compulsory in carbon dating.

Carbon-14 tests failed many times, for example, it showed a seal that had been dead for 30 years as being dead for 4600 years. A seal that died recently as dead for 1300 years and the shell from living snails gives an age of 27000 years, some of their membrane and tissue dated for 3000 years. Coal from Russia that was supposed to be 300 million years old because of the sediments from which it was taken, was given an age of 1650 years and many more examples. Living mollusk shell were carbon dated as being 2300 years old.

A most laughable Carbon-14 example is the Dima Mammoth which gave different Carbon-14 datings to the same carcass. One part was said to be 40,000 years old, another part was 26,000 and the ‘wood immediately around the carcass’ was 9000-10,000.

Another similar example is the Fairbanks Creek mammoth: The lower leg lower leg of the Fairbanks Creek mammoth had a radiocarbon age of 15,380 years old, while its skin and flesh were 21,300.

One part of the Vollosovitch mammoth carbon dated at 29,500 years old and another part at 44,000.

No matter how ‘useful’ it is, though, the radiocarbon method is still not capable of yielding accurate and reliable results. There are gross discrepancies, the chronology is uneven and relative, and the accepted dates are actually selected dates. This whole blessed thing is nothing but 13th-century alchemy, and it all depends upon which funny paper you read.

Carbon-14 is very unreliable and it should never be used as “ultimate proof” for dating things.

Fast Fossilization

Now this is one of the most interesting things when coming to dinosaurs! According to popular belief and to evolutionist theory, fossilization is a natural process that takes millions of years.

Actually its not. There is strong evidence out there that in a normal world where people would be normal and not brain-damaged zombies, should force all books to recant and be rewritten! Fossilization goes on even today and it takes only 30 years for a bone to become fossilized.

This is one of the most hidden and oppressed facts in evolution theory because this will collapse the entire “billions of years of evolution”.

One of the most shocking of all fast fossilizations is The Limestone Cowboy boot. This boot was found in West Texas town of Iraan, in 1980, containing the foot of a man which is now completely petrified just like that that of “hundreds of millions of years old dinosaur fossils”.

M. L. Leddy of Boot Town shop in Garland, Texas confirmed that this boot was made by his company in the 1950’s, indicating that it was fossilized in 30 years or even less! Take that Mr. Billionaire Dinosaur! What you accomplished in Millions and Billions of years, this man did in just 30 years!

NOT shocking at all actually, according to Carbon-14 dating, this foot is 40 million years old.

This is not the only fast fossilization discovery but this is probably the most shocking one.

Here are a few more things which fossilized in under 100 years: hats, a piece of ham, ostrich egg, a turtle, a tape, coil of wire and even a teddy bear among other things. You can search all of them on the internet for more details.

Dinosaur Flesh/Meat/Soft Tissue Found

To make things worse for dinosaur fossils…. here’s something stunning! Dinosaur soft tissue (flesh) and blood vessels have been found allover the world. This was initially carefully hidden from the public but now its being found so often that they simply can’t hide it anymore. According to scientists: “it’s impossible, we can’t explain it”. Of course they can’t explain it, because they are all conditioned to treat their discoveries from an evolutionist ideological view. Just do an internet search on dinosaur soft tissue and see for yourself!

Marine life Found deep in Dry Land
Sea shells, fish and other kinds of marine life have been found along with dinosaurs on all kinds of inland random places, further proving the global flood story. There is simply no explanation on why a fish should be found in the middle of America, Asia or Africa! The only explanation is the Global Flood explanation.

Fossilized clams and other marine life have been found even on top of Mount Everest, thousands of years old! What would they do there? Mountaineering?

Coal Comes With Surprises Sometimes
There have been numerous man-made objects found inside of coal which is supposedly hundreds of millions of years old, such as a bell, a pot, an ancient screw, a gold chain, a giant human skull and more. As usual the giant human skull was immediately dismissed by the Smithsonian (Satanic) Institute as “just natural rock”, despite extracting giant human fossilized teeth from that piece of coal. A man made metal tooth wheel was also found in Russia recently in coal. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing to see here folks, move along, its natural…

Nicknamed “The London Hammer” (not the UK’s London, but the London of Texas) has been found in rock dated over 400 million years old. Part of the handle had turned to coal.

Dinosaurs Were Smart, They Even Had Technology (Joke)
Not so long ago in Russia a mechanical device was found in volcanic rock which was Carbon dated 400 million years before the current era (B.C.E). It was found on the remote Kamchatka Peninsula, 150 miles from the village of Tigil, by archaeologists at the University of St. Petersburg among found strange fossils. The reliability of the finds has been certified. According to archaeologist Yuri Golubev the find amazed experts as it was some sort of a machine.

The most ancient vase on Earth was discovered in 1851 in Massachusetts when blasting in the quarry. It is a silver-zinc vase inlaid with fine silver in the form of the vine. The age of this vase, according to the the rock in which it was found, is 534 million years old.

These are just 2 examples. There are hundreds of similar discoveries which simply have no evolutionist explanation whatsoever! No matter how in-the-face it is, evolutionists still hold on to their ideological dogmas.

Moses Red Sea Passing Evidence
Coral covered Egyptian human bones, horse hoofs, chariots and chariot wheels have been found at the bottom of the Red Sea where Moses passed, near the town of Nuweiba (Nuweyba al Muzayyinah was its former name a few years ago which translates from Arabic as “Waters of Moses Opening”), both on Egypt side and Saudi Arabian side. 3000 year old Pillars to mark the location of the crossing which are mentioned in the Bible, Isaiah 19:19 have been found in Nuweiba Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The Egyptian pillar had fallen over and was in the sea. It’s inscriptions had worn off. The Saudi pillar was marked with the words “Pharaoh, Egypt, Moses, Death, Water, Yahweh, Solomon, Edom” but unfortunately the Saudi pillar was shortly removed the authorities after it was discovered by Ron Wyatt.

Mount Sinai where God personally gave Moses the 10 commandments along with the 5 gospels of Bible, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy is falsely claimed to be in Egypt, on the Sinai Peninsula, but recent evidence points that the REAL Mount Sinai was found in Saudi Arabia, accompanied by huge piles of evidence, such as the altar of the pagan Golden Calf which Moses found when he came down from the Sinai mountain. On top of that there is also a split stone which was cracked opened by Moses with his staff for a spring. Furthermore the altar contains scratched images of the Golden Calf surrounded by people dancing around it.

The peak of Jabal al-Lawz or Mount Sinai (the Mountain of God) is completely black even today, burned by the presence of God as said in Exodus 19:18. Unfortunately the entire area is heavily guarded by soldiers and surrounded by fence shortly after it was discovered by Ron Wyatt. Even today there is a huge sign in front of the fence saying “Archeological Area, Warning, It is unlawful to trespass, violators are subject to penalties stipulated in the antiquities regulations passed by royal decree No. M/26, U 23.6.1392.

In the encampment area, are many inscriptions including a Menorah, which is one of the oldest ever found. 12 pillars have also been found in the area, exactly as said in the Bible, in Exodus 24:4.

Near Jabal al-Lawz, a split rock was also found, believed to be the rock where Moses, with the power of God, hit it with his staff and water started to flow from it. The rocks below show clear signs of water erosion.

The Tower of Babel
Although no substantial evidence was found like in the case of Noah’s Ark or Moses’s Red Sea passing and Mount Sinai, The Tower of Babel is claimed to be located in Eridu, Iraq.

Records of the Nimrod, the man who built the Tower of Babel, who is of Ham’s line and who has been damned by Noah, have been found in Assyria.

The current day EU Parliament has the exact same shape and design as the Tower of Babel depicted by Pieter Bruegel. Even though the real Tower of Babel may not have looked anything like Pieter Bruegel’s depiction, the fact that the EU parliament looks like that is beyond chilling since it represents the exact same thing, union of all nations despite God’s clear opposition to that.

Jesus’s Self-Sacrifice for Humanity (Crucifixion) was foretold in the OLD Testament
Exactly 1044 years BEFORE Jesus was born, King David wrote the Psalms as God told him to. In Psalm 22, David wrote exactly what Jesus said while he was dying on the cross for our sins: “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?” The Pslam 22 goes on saying: “But I am a worm and not a man, scorned by everyone, despised by the people. All who see me mock me, they hurl insults, shaking their heads. He trusts in the Lord, they say, let the Lord rescue him. Let him deliver him, since he delights in him.” This is exactly what happened to Jesus Christ. He was denied and mocked by the Jews of Israel.

Many bulls surround me, strong bulls of Bashan encircle me. Roaring lions that tear their prey, open their mouths wide against me. I am poured out like water and all my bones are out of joint. My heart has turned to wax, it has melted within me. My mouth is dried up like a potsherd and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth, you lay me in the dust of death. Dogs surround me, a pack of villains encircles me, they pierce my hands and my feet. All my bones are on display, people stare and gloat over me.

As you can see everything was accurately foretold in the Pslam 22. How Jesus was first severely beaten and then had His hands and feet nailed to the cross and even how He was thirsty. It was even foretold how He was surrounded by the evil Pharisees.

These are the identical words to what Jesus said on the cross, and it’s recorded in Matthew 27. At the ninth hour, Jesus cried out with a loud voice, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” He knew He was fulfilling what David said a thousand years before the event. You’ve got to keep that in mind. Psalm 22 was written a thousand years before the actual event.

You have to understand what we are dealing with here. We are dealing with complete lunatics driven by Satan himself. Even Pontius Pilate’s own existence was in doubt and denied by evolutionists that he ever even existed. In 1961 a limestone block relating Pilate’s tribute to Tiberius was discovered finally proving Pontius Pilate’s real existence. The artifact is a fragment of the dedicatory inscriptions of a building, probably a temple, that was constructed possibly in honor of the emperor Tiberius. The following words can be clearly seen on the limestone block: …S TIBERIVM …PONTIVS PILATVS …PRAEFECTVS IVDAEA.



Evolution Debunked

Evolutionists debunk Creation science as a personal obsession and hobby, but then again we can dismiss their 100% fake evolutionist “discoveries” with even more ease that they disprove us. Here’s just a few examples:

Nebraska Man was built on a total lie. Somebody found a tooth in Nebraska, near Colorado and claimed that it looked like a half-man-half-ape tooth. They built the entire man, plus his wife from one tooth. Later they found out that the tooth came actually from a pig. Again Wikipedia plays its pathetic role, defending evolution, saying “Although Nebraska man was not a deliberate hoax, the original classification proved to be a mistake.” Yet any Creationist proof is viciously smashed with smear tactics. In plain Wikipedia is saying that Evolutionists are moral people who would never do a hoax deliberately to support their cause while “evil” Christians always fake everything to support Creation. When in fact it is evolutionists who have no morals and no limits to what they can do since they do not believe in God and punishment for any wrong doings. This is how pathetic evolutionists have become. They are a dangerous religion of ill minded people.

Piltdown Man is another evolutionist hoax where somebody took a human skull and an ape’s jawbone, made them fit together and there you have it, the piltdown man, or “the missing link found”, The New York Times newspaper claimed back in 1912. This hoax lasted for 40 years and was pushed in school manuals as a “FACT”, yet this fraud helped destroy a lot of beliefs and turn many Christians away from God.

Peking Man was in the text books for years as evidence for evolution. All “evidence” disappeared during World War 2, but it only resumes to a bunch of smashed monkey skulls found in some cave in Peking, China along with a bunch of human tools. So they claimed that the monkeys were learning to make tools and practiced on their own heads. In some cultures, particularly in Asia, they like to eat raw monkey brain. They consider it a delicacy… They also found 10 human remains in the same cave. Peking man was nothing more than just another evolutionist fraud which vanished on purpose. It was nothing more than just a cave where ancient Asian people went to eat monkey brains.

Cro-Magnon Man was perfectly normal in every respect so why did they even call him a missing link? You put a suit and tie on him and nobody would look twice at him.

Homo Erectus which used to be called Java Man. Evolutionists claim its 500.000 years old. It was found by a Dutch anatomist who believed in evolution and had gone to look for missing links in Indonesia. He had hired a bunch of convicts to find him some bones. He has no idea where they came from. These convicts brought him back bones. Dubois took an ape’s skull cap, 3 human teeth, thigh bone found a year later, 15 meters away from a human and informed the world he had found the “missing link”. He hid the fact that he had also found 2 normal human skulls in the same area. His deceit was revealed 30 years later.

Neanderthal Man is still considered a true “missing link” despite being proven years ago that it’s just an old man with arthritis. The first one was found in Neander Vally, Germany. Ironically Neander Vally was named after a man, Joachim Neander who wrote “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation.” The skeleton of this man was bent over and they called it a “Neanderthal”. It was quite obviously a human with its back curved, but since apes are 4-legged, they wanted to use this as evolution “proof”, claiming that its back was curved because he was slowly getting up, despite knowing all along that his back was bent because of arthritis. Around 300 Neanderthal skeletons have been found, perfectly normal, like us, their brain is 13% bigger than ours on average, with normal heights just like modern people, yet they say it’s a missing link. Before the flood, people lived 900 years on average, after the flood, people’s life spans dropped to 400, 200, 100 and today to 70-80 on average. Facial bones never stop growing. The bones of your eyebrow ridge grow all your life, you don’t notice it until you get to be 70-90 years old, but they start to stick out. A person that would get to live 200-300 years would have big eyebrow ridges and the back of the head would elongate because of the muscles always pulling your head back. So the Neanderthals are nothing more than just perfectly normal humans who lived for 200-300 years old. They are not missing links.

Australopithecus Africanus (Lucy) is the most recent and trendy fabrication. However, in 1973 South African geologist announced that the skull was found in was no more than a 3/4 million years old. This means the Taung skull could not be a missing link between apes and humans but just an extinct ape. The ape is about 90cm-1meter tall and the skull’s bones were so crushed that no one could tell anything about how it could look, aside from speculation and imagination of course. They claim that the knee joint proves that Lucy walked up right, yet actually that knee joint was found 2.5 kilometers away from Lucy, 60 meters deeper into the strata. Right! It probably flew by itself there and then again what chances were there for this geologist to actually find it? Now if we use common sense and a little bit of doubt, the next question is, how come Lucy “walked up right” yet the Neanderthal which is a far more “evolved”, walked bent, like an ape? The next logical question is why hasn’t anyone else found a second Lucy as of yet? Because it’s a fraud! A fabrication! Just like all the other pathetic “discoveries”.
Fossil evidence of human evolutionary history is fragmentary and open to various interpretations. Fossil evidence of chimpanzee evolution is absent altogether.
The St. Louis Zoo has Lucy on display with human feet and hands. No feet or hand bones were found. The purpose of the display is not for education but for indoctrination in evolution theory.

Neanderthals are the only “missing link” where archeologists found multiple specimens of, indicating that they are not a hoax and that they lived for real. All the other missing links are just hoaxes until they unearth at least 10 full specimens of each kind, and not just some tooth or any other random bone.

Most of the evolutionists talk about how the first single-celled organism came to be and auto-programmed itself to evolve to fish, frog, crocodile, monkey, man… but no one really talks about how plants came to be. So how did they? How would grass program-itself to become a banana tree? Are there any vegetation evolution records whatsoever? Or is this just complete mumbo-jumbo that grown-up idiots believe just for the heck of it?

ZERO evolution for lots of creatures
Even though it is claimed that one organism undertook millions of years of evolution to become man, there are plenty of creatures that lived back then and that still live today with zero evolution, such as jellyfish, octopuses, clams, snails, fish, crocodiles, etc. Why did a jellyfish remained a jellyfish even today after millions of years of well… being a jellyfish. Why do they even exist today? Why haven’t they evolved into something else? Because there is simply no evolution! There are millions of ape records, millions of human records but no real missing links anywhere. Just scams, like he ones presented above.

Creation Attacked By Evolutionists, It’s Time To Strike Back

In the 1950’s Thomas E. Lee of the National Museum of Canada found advanced stone tools in glacial deposits at Sheguiandah, on Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron. The deposits were 65.000-125.000 years old. The director of the Museum was fired for refusing to fire the discoverer. Tons of artifacts disappeared into storage bins at the National Museum of Canada. The discovery had to be hidden. “It would have forced the rewriting of almost every book in the business.”

If you discover something that goes against the evolution religion, you’re fired, in today’s “modern” world. That’s not science! That just clearly shows the religious nature of the evolution theory.

W. H. Holmes of the Smithsonian Institution, one of the most vocal critics of the California finds wrote: “Perhaps if Professor Whitney had fully appreciated the story of human evolution as it is understood today, he would have hesitated to announce the conclusions, notwithstanding the imposing array of testimony with which he was confronted.” What he basically said, was that if this professor knew how important the evolution theory is, he wouldn’t have told anybody what he found. The Smithsonian Institution is responsible for hiding all sorts of things that go against the evolution theory.

One of the most important scientists of our times, nanoscientist James Tour of Rice University said: “Only a rookie who knows nothing about science would say science takes away from faith. If you really study science, it will bring you closer to God.”

Now all of these discoveries have been dismissed by ignorant evolutionists without even having a look at them. A good example could be the event where “NOVA was there to film Dr. Carl Baugh’ dig of dinosaur and human footprints. There was also an evolutionist there who had been arguing with Dr. Baugh the entire time. NOVA didn’t film much of the tracks or our dig but they did interview this evolutionist. He told them he had not seen anything there to disprove evolution. What he didn’t tell the camera was that he had refused to even turn around and look at the tracks we had been working on. He stood with his back to the dig and the tracks while making these statements. NOVA knew this man had not looked at the tracks but did not report that nor did they give Dr. Baugh equal air time to respond.” according to David Smith, associate pastor First Southern Baptist Church Cottonwood.

Imagine that! He just stood there with his back, refusing to even look, yet denying it, suborned like a mule.

Most of the times evolutionists seem to specifically target only Christians, trying to ridicule them, mock them, look down on them as if they were brainwashed morons, while at the same time respecting Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and just about any type of religion on this planet except for Christians, for fear of being labeled Islamophobics, anti-semites, racists, etc.

Maybe its time for Christians to coin such a powerful term that would shield them from all the anti-Christian hate in the world, or maybe its time for Christians to stand up and remind the atheists of the Crusades and the Inquisition, remind them who is in charge and slap their face, to stop them from mocking Christians ever again. It’s time they learn some respect.

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6 Responses to " The Ultimate List Of Creation Evidence, God Is Real "

  1. Defiant says:

    Good article many valid points, but the Great Foood was around 8850BC, so more than 10.000 years ago.

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    • Defiant says:

      Foood=Flood, sorry guys.

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    • Robbie says:

      I have a Bible printed in the UK in 1839. In the back is an Index which is named “The most remarkable passages in the books of the Old and New Testaments: Pointing to the time wherein they happened and to the places of Scripture wherein they are recorded.”
      According to this Index, Genesis 1 happened 4004BC; The great flood happened 2349BC.

      Spend some time and watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lktmmd7YnD8

      You might also find valuable information from Prof Walter Veith, former atheist argeologist, and now Christian pastor. He has an excellent explanation of the great flood and the time it happened. You can also search using “Amazing Discoveries”. He is one of the speakers on this TV channel.

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  2. Defiant says:

    Our Solar system is not in the center of the Universe its on the outer edge of one of the arms of our MilkyWay Galaxy, and our Galaxy is part of the Local Group on the other hand our Local Group is part of the Virgo Superclaster, the illusion that we are at the center comes from that fact that the Universe still expands after the Big Bang, not only that but there is also space inflation meaning that the spacetime itself inflates like a ballon, at close ranges its not observable but the greater the range the bigger and faster the inflation becomes, its tricky, that means that if every galaxy would stand still, the distance beetwen them would still grow.

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  3. Julian Carax says:

    Very poor article. Almost childish. If it’s meant to convince atheists or doubters, it fails completely. And I’m stating this as a Christian. You don’t start off by telling the readers they have serious issues or call them vermin if they don’t go along with your point of view. It makes any informed reader think you are the one with the serious issues. You are telling the reader they can’t think for themselves and if it wasn’t for you they’d remain in ignorance forever. Well, just who are you? No name is attached to this article. No sources are properly cited. Everything is true just because you say so and we don’t even know who you are. It makes me wonder which side you are really on. Your contempt for your readers is telling. Your rendition of carbon-14 dating is uniformed. You haven’t provided any more “proof” than your opponent. God help you. This is all we need in the world today, another Inquisition by yet another Grand Inquisitor.

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  4. Jean-Francois Morf says:

    The Flood was simply a 8000 ft thick tide due to a free moon passing very near to our north pole.
    Probably not bigger then Pluto. Charon, satellite of pluto, is now fully made of frozen salted water.
    Super-tide attracted Noah’s ark from equator to north, from Mesopotamia to the hills near Ararat.
    When the tide fall back, sea salted water had molten north continental ice, and sea level had jumped.
    All corals between -330 ft and -180 ft have the same carbon 14 dating: 14’400 years before present.
    The scientific name is MWP1-A, and it happened 144 centuries before present, in the last glaciation.
    Ice 144 centuries old is missing on north pole coring, but present on south pole coring (lake Vostok).
    You can see Noah’s ark on Google maps satellite vision: please copy and paste into the rectangle:
    39°26′ 26.26″N 44°14’5.3″E
    Ron Wyatt had scientifically studied Noah’s ark, but pilgrims have now stolen everything they could.
    Noah invented the glulam technology, his petrified equatorial wood show no seasonal ring at all.
    Surely, ISIS will come and destroy Noah’s ark soon…

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