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Taylor Swift Goes Full Feminist

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Taylor Swift has been brainwashed by radical feminists, leading her to make some biblically retarded comments.

In an interview with Maxim magazine, the pop star claims that, “Misogyny is ingrained in people from the time they are born.”

That would be why at the very start of her career, she was the youngest ever song writer hired by Sony. Yes the patriarchy really held her back! That’s exactly why she is worth $64 million, more than double the value of Kanye West.

That’s why there are 5 women in the Top 10 most valued celebrities on the planet according to Forbes. That’s why Beyonce, the most famous feminist ever is the world’s most powerful celebrity, at number 1.

If the patriarchy really is trying to hold back women in the entertainment industry, it’s doing a terrible job. She has really been enchained and shackled by the evil white patriarchy.

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