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Pentagon Could Bomb RT And Start World War III

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The award-winning film director believes that the next world conflict could start when the Pentagon decides to bomb the RT TV channel.

World War Three will break out when the US finally tires of the RT TV channel, and decides to bomb it; in retaliation, Russia will destroy CNN, writes film director Emir Kusturica, in an article published on Thursday.

“Everything is different to how it was during the Cold War! Because of that it is useless to talk about a return to how things used to be, and listen to Henry Kissinger scare us. In the meantime, China has become the strongest world economy, Russia has recovered from Perestroika, India is growing into a genie! Military experts don’t argue that Americans have the most organized army, but there remains the unsolvable puzzle for NATO generals, who have called one of the Russian rockets ‘SATAN.'”

“The devil never comes alone! At the same time with this rocket and numerous innovations, the TV Channel RT has also appeared among the Russian arsenal.”

“The program is broadcast in English, and watched by around 700 million people in 200 countries. The secret success of this television is the smashing of the Hollywood-CNN stereotype of the good and bad guys, where blacks, Hispanics, Russians, Serbs are the villains, and white Americans, wherever you look, are OK!”

“Congressman, and those in the State Department are continually upset by RT,” writes Kusturica, adding that the US Secretary of State, who Kusturica calls “Jim Kerry,” is “the loudest.”

“Kerry and the congressmen are bothered by the fact that RT sends signals that the world is not determined by the fatalism of liberal capitalism, that the US is leading the world into chaos, that Monsanto is not producing healthy food, that Coca-Cola is ideal for cleaning automobile alloys and not for the human stomach, that in Serbia the percent of people who die from cancer has risen sharply due to the 1999 NATO bombings, that the social map of America is falling from day to day, that the fingerprints of the CIA are on the Ukrainian crisis, and that BlackWater fired at the Ukrainian police, and not Maidan activists.”

In contrast, writes the film director, “CNN in direct transmissions assures that since the 1990s America has been leading humanitarian actions, and not wars, that from military planes fall angels and not bombs!”

“As time goes on RT will ever more demystify the American Dream and in primetime will reveal the truth hidden for decades from the eyes and heart of average Americans, in their own homes, in perfect English, better than they use on CNN.”


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  • Defiant

    Germans also had the most organised army, didnt work out too well for them.
    Aside from that the nazis had technological superiority, the U.S. not so much contrary of what many uneducated idiots think.

    • skreamer

      Shouldn’t be calling people uneducated idiots when its you who is uneducated!
      The Nazis won the war, infiltrated the USA, Educate yourself by looking up MK Ultra and stop repeating the bullshit school and TV has brainwashed you into believing!

      • Defiant

        You spelled globalist banksters wrong they are the ones whom “won” the war and took the nazi elite to the U.S. in operation paperclip to transform the U.S. into the 4th Recih wich they managed to do.
        Nazis were and still are only the useful idiots to them, nothing more, look at ukraine for example.

  • JaimeCA

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  • Jean-Francois Morf

    SATAN is Allah, and Muhammad (AntiChrist) is his prophet.
    Erdogan just declared war to Israel and Spain, but nobody noticed.

  • WeisseTodt

    Hitler and the boys were no fools, they needed to win the war quick or all was lost, sound like Afganistan, Iraq, etc. No one can keep up a perpetual war without destroying the cream of the crop, and that is what Obama is doing right now, keeping us in those SH_T holes and killing and maiming our youth.

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