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Patrick J. Buchanan: UK сrackup is ahead

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Patrick J. Buchanan, an American politician and senior adviser to the US presidents supposes that David Cameron’s victory in the UK general elections may lead to the country’s crackup and exit from the EU.

It is also stated that in order to secure the votes, the Conservatives attacked the Labour Party of Ed Miliband and warned that a Labour government would be hostage to a secessionist Scottish National Party, without whose votes Miliband could never reach a majority in Parliament.

The attack on the SNP as a subversive party secretly allied with Labour had an ancillary benefit for the Tories. It helped produce a SNP sweep of all but three of Scotland’s 59 seats. The Labour Party was virtually wiped out in Scotland, its northern bastion.

This situation seems certain to stir Scottish demands for a new referendum on independence, which would have a far better chance of succeeding than the last one.

Scottish nationalism is certain to generate a countervailing English nationalism.

Which brings us to the party that won 13 percent of the vote, three times the SNP total, but only a single seat in Parliament. This is the United Kingdom Independence Party.

The UKIP and the anti-EU Tories, some of whom sit in Cameron’s cabinet, have been promised a national referendum on secession from the EU by 2017.

Consider how the interests of these parties will push them all toward an England that is free of the EU and of Scotland both.

Unhappy with Tory policies, yet unable to alter them, the Scots are likely to create conflicts in Parliament that strengthen the forces of secession.

Former SNP leader Alex Salmond, who won a seat in the Parliament, is promising it.

Yet the United Kingdom may be only the first of the nations of Old Europe to break up or break out of the EU.

Should Scotland leave the U.K., this would surely set off a reflex reaction in Catalonia in Spain, Veneto in Italy and Flanders in Belgium.


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  1. skreamer says:

    nobody cares hahahahahahahahahahaha

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    • Josh says:

      I have never met a body that does care. I have met conscious people, but it was they that spoke and listened, not there body, although one could say that they used their body to do so. So my friend, your statement is without substance, lol.

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      • skreamer says:

        Let me make it more clear for you Josh cause your American and therefor retarded!
        Nobody cares about your American bullshit!
        PS: get your fucking bases out of my country you fucking Nazi!!

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