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Obama Massacres Innocent Waco Bikers Over Putin Fears

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A new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Obama regimes Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deliberately massacred at least 9 innocent motorcycle enthusiasts on 17 May over fears that one of the clubs participating in a yearly rally in Waco, Texas, could possibly be linked to the Night Wolves.

Described by some in the propaganda Western press as “Putin’s Hells Angels”, this report explains, the Night Wolves were, in fact, one of the first organized groups that battled against the Soviet communist regime in the 1980’s leading to the fall of that brutal regime, and who have since have taken an interest in the political and social life of Russia, engaging in youth social issues while forging close links to the Kremlin and establishing a friendship with Putin. They also aided the protection of Ukraine from the US installed Nazi government by patrolling the streets of Crimea with unmarked soldiers sent from Russia, fought for the rebels and are deeply involved with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Led by the deeply religious Alexander Zaldostanov [aka “The Surgeon” because of his medical skills], this report continues, the 5,000 member Night Wolves also have the dubious distinction of being the only motorcycle club in history to have been sanctioned by the US government forbidding them from traveling to or having/making business with anyone in America.

The Obama regimes fears regarding the Night Wolves leading to the 17 May Waco Massacre, this report says, centered around a small and mysterious motorcycle club known as the Cossacks that began in the early 1990’s in the Caucasus Mountains region of the Federation and had just one World War II-era 1942 Harley-Davidson.

Since the 1990’s, SVR intelligence analysts in this report note, little has been known or reported about the Cossacks Motorcycle Club in the Federation other than “certain members” known to have immigrated to the United States where they revived their organization.

Once these “certain members” of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club immigrated to the United States, this report says, there appears to be little information about them with even Wikipedia failing to note their presence/existence in either their Lists of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs or List of Motorcycle Clubs.

SVR analysts in this report further note that the Cossacks Motorcycle Club has rarely been mentioned in the American press, with the exception being a 2011 notice advertising their “Annual Mingus Blowout”, in Mingus, Texas, open to everyone and described as a collage-like party with their open invitation stating, “As always, there are No Weapons and No Attitudes allowed assuring a relaxing, fun weekend for all.

Particularly fearful about the Cossacks Motorcycle Club to the Obama regime, this report states, were “intercepted electronic communications” between them and the Night Wolves, leading some SVR analysts to conclude that the Americans were “terrified” of such an alliance forming as the Night Wolves long experience with operating within the confines of a police state regime would give the Cossacks, and any other motorcycle club they affiliated with, invaluable knowledge to battle their nations suppression by the oligarchs now controlling them.

As the internationally prestigious Princeton University had already declared last year that the United States was now an oligarchy, not a democracy, this report continues, the Obama regime had no choice (like all totalitarian regimes do) but to totally eliminate the Cossacks Motorcycle Club over their perceived fears…and which they began with the 17 May Waco Biker Massacre when military camouflaged DHS snipers embedded on the rooftop of the Twin Peaks restaurant began their deliberate killing spree.

Even worse, at least for the American people, this report continues, within minutes of this massacre, and resembling the propaganda “attack” launched against these once free people on 11 September 2001, the Obama regime began flooding their nations lapdog press with so many deliberately false stories relating to these murders it would be laughable, except, of course, for the families of those left dead and dying.

Of particular note about the numerous Obama regime lies regarding this massacre, the SVR says, are the reports that these bikers all began shooting at each other, when in fact the video evidence proves that only one biker fired his weapon in self defense while fleeing from the DHS sniper fire.

Also to be noted about these Obama regime lies, this report continues, was that where the propaganda reports stated that over 1,000 guns were confiscated from these bikers, in fact barely 300 were actually recovered, and nearly all of them were legally possessed under Texas law.

Of the nine casualties who died of gunshot wounds, the SVR further notes, all were sustained outside the restaurant and no shell casings were found around the bodies while eight of the nine were Cossacks and of the eighteen who were wounded they are not expected to be charged, a fact leading one American independent report on this massacre to state: “So much for the narrative that gangs were fighting each other, or that Bandidos were the aggressors.

Even more shameful, this report says, where the Obama regime reports that all of the dead were hardened criminals, but which independent research shows the opposite to be true as nearly all of them had no criminal records whatsoever, including Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, who was a law-abiding decorated Vietnam veteran with Purple Heart and had never been arrested in his whole life.

And in one the most appalling acts of government lawlessness the United States has seen in modern times, this report notes, after this massacre by the Obama regime, 170 of the witnesses who were able to describe the DHS snipers unprovoked attack upon them were immediately jailed with no charges filed and placed under $1 million bond each.

Though the Obama regime propaganda media even now continues to spread their lies about this massacre, this SVR report concludes, the same cannot be said about many still free and independent American news outlets, including the Western Rifle Shooters Association (WRSA) which in giving their thoughts as to why this massacre took place simply stated:

“WACO PD have not been very friendly towards bikers and the FEDS TOTALLY despise Bikers! Why? Because we are not afraid of them or their agenda! We are a threat to them! Remember folks we were able to organize in 24 days 800,000 -1.2 million bikers to DC! We did it WITHOUT their permission or support! They even SHUT DOWN the traffic cams…had the news NOT flown over the scene there would have been NO proof that we rode! Yes, folks, like it or not even 1%’s rode with us! They set aside their territories and rode peacefully! JUST like they do at ALL COC meetings!

Bikers stand up to them, to their Christian hate, their muslim agenda and whatever else they want to throw at us! BIKERS ARE PRESENTLY THE BACKBONE of PATRIOT AMERICA! WHAT BETTER WAY TO BRING THEM DOWN THAN WITH BAD PRESS SUCH AS THIS!”

First they came for bikers…


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  • noode US

    Rest of the world would not be surprised if pro Russian rebels in Ukraine exterminate every single rancorous NATO officials and US Citizens in Ukraine. Even though I hate violence, but Blood for Blood is only the option for devils.

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  • Perestroika Deception

    The confirmation that this event was indeed related to both the Perestroika Deception plan of the Russians and Chinese as well as the upcoming Jade Helm operation.

    After Obama threatened to arm Ukraine, Putin threatened to arm guerilla’s in the American Southwest and complain to the U.N. that America stole several States in the Southwest.

    The plan goes like this: Both Obama and Putin cooperate in festering false tensions and concerns in this Region regarding specifically Bikers. Why? Because the DOJ and the SPLC reports both listed White males with prior military experience as being the #1 threat to the U.S. as they would be the most likely to mount a resistance to the snatching of their guns and freedom and are familiar with military tactics, besides Climate Change of course. Therefore all Bikers will need to be rounded up before the final Martial Law/takeover of the U.S., first by Obama but then by Putin as Obama is basically doing it his behalf. So you orchestrate a confrontation in a very public place that the public can identify with such as eating out on a Sunday afternoon to instill fearand at the same time you establish an Unconstitutional precedent of simply rounding up people, taking them away, charging them as a group without specific allegations of what each individual did, and then set their bail as a group at an amount to endure they aint getting out, again without any of the required specific allegations of exactly how they broke the law. Because of the fear instilled in the public they begin accepting these types of Unconstitutional encroachments of their Liberty so later when it starts happening a lot more and to a lot of different groups there will be a precedent and at least a partial acceptance of these tactics. Why do you think the IRS kept asking all the Conservative groups for a list of all their members, and what books they read etc…. Guess which Groups are gonna be next? This was all predicted in “Perestroika Deception” by the highest ranking KGB defector many years ago, Golitsyn. It has also been confirmed by another KGB defector several years ago, Yuri Bezmenov. The best part is that the actual Russians that are in the U.S. will purposely not rounded up so they can assist the Obama regime in neutralizing American Patriots. Remember the 3 people who were “mistakenly” released under a much lower Bail, but then after this became public they stated that they supposedly came back voluntarily, well at least you know who the instigators/infiltrators/collaborators were.

    You should read about Perestroika Deception, the full version. It also explains how Russia and China would fake the reformation of their Communist systems in order to extract concessions from the U.S. while they are weakening the U.S. through Subversive techniques such as Liberation theology. Finally the would help cause a financial crisis (2008) which would provide the impotence to start Socializing America and Russia and China would then reunite in their alliance, become increasingly belligerent demanding more concessions. America’s leaders would be influenced by the Communist operatives in the media and others that they should give in to these demands under the “Need to avoid War” doctrine. Just so happens that George Soros put out a press release on Friday stating that the U.S. must allow China to join the IMF and let its currency be part of the reserve status in order to avoid a WAR. !!!!!!! Also, all those great reforms that Russia and China were supposedly gonna make have been disappearing daily. Friday Putin made a new law about not being able to associate with anyone he deemed as against Russia’s interests etc… China tore down 400 crosses.
    Golinitsky and Bezmenov predicted it would end in the proposed “Convergence” of the Western democracies with China and Russia’s Communism in a “World Government” with the assistance of the POPE. SURPRISE, the POPE will be announcing the U.N. “Sustainability Development” Agenda at the U.N. on Sept. 25!!!!! BOOOM They also predicted that the U.S. would abandon Saudi Arabia and Israel as allies in favor of Iran. Back in the 1980’s when these predictions were first made this must have sounded crazy, but here we are watching it. Finally they said it would all culminate with Russia and China betraying The U.S. and Western Europe after they agreed to be a part of the World Government and that the losses would be catastrophic. Please read up on it so you will know what’s next.

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  • na

    Going to be interesting. Wonder how many are brainwashed to believe they are dying for their country when in fact they are dying for the theft of it. I wonder how many Christian patriots realize they are protecting satanist… As a Christian and a bike owner, Im not giving up shit. Amen.

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  • Ishie Blujea

    =)) This the funniest Onion article I’ve read.

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    Rating: +10 (from 10 votes)
  • B

    This whole article and the sniveling weasels who believe this tripe are a great example of how generations inbreeding and years of working in poorly ventilated meth labs have destroyed the brains of these red stater retards. Don’t worry, the space aliens who killed Kennedy and came here to give us all Ebola will get us before big bad Obama, who all you cowards are so terrified of, will.

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    • ohReally

      lol….sounds like you’re describing Hillary voters…..

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      Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)
    • Miss trust

      Hmm, sounds like you are describing yourself here, only difference is the tripe you believe is government sanctioned. I’d trust a meth cooker over this globally run oligarchy any day. yours is the cowardly way out. Your not going to get SWATTED in you bed for your beliefs are you.

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  • A+

    I love how the source for this article is some random nun (maybe?) from Ireland.

    This is total crap. It’s illogically sensationalist, and worse it makes absolutely no sense.

    @ Гла́вное разве́дывательное управле́ние

    Why don’t you in the GRU go summon some actual morality and stop trying to spread false information across the world. It won’t save you from the fact that your country is on the down-slide, you checked that completely when you allowed corruption to be built right up to the top.

    I mean America is dirty, but you make mud want to clean itself off. Is that really all you’re worth? This isn’t warfare, it’s preying on the stupid. Good job, I thought you were supposed to be “superior” to the United States in all things.

    Good luck when all your intellectuals and engineers start defecting. They already are.

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    • Miss trust

      Check the source before you open you ass, The article is from the EU times, looks like a credible news source to me

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  • Article for tinfoil hats. Listen what 100 million ruSSian neighbors tells you! Russia is fascist state, there is no human rights and free, independent media. Unfortunately some people believes this kind of ruSSian propaganda lies.

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    • A+

      The Finns know a thing or two about Russia

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      Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)
  • rocky

    =)) What crock of bologna.

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