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North & East EU States Angry About Immigration: "White Race is Threatened"

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The European Union’s plan to resettle refugees and migrants across the entire union led to increasingly anti-migrant and ‘racist’ sentiments among officials and politicians respectively in Northern Europe.

As the European Union struggles with migration, northern and eastern members are becoming increasingly wary of issues regarding migration, with politicians increasingly expressing comments seen as racist.

Finland’s new speaker of parliament refused to comment on her immigration-critical blog after her election, but said that people in Muslim countries cannot “participate in society.” Estonia’s interior minister said on Wednesday that the country opposes quotas for migrant resettlement that would increase the number of migrants in Estonia. The country’s former Foreign Minister Kristiina Ojuland went farther, saying that the “white race is threatened.”

“There is much to be done in those countries so that people can freely say what they think and participate in society and democracy,” Finnish Speaker of Parliament Maria Lohela said Saturday on Finnish YLE television.

In Finland, the speaker of Parliament is the second most-powerful political office after the President.

Outburst Echoes in Estonia

Estonian politician Kristiina Ojuland, made multiple posts and comments on her Facebook page, calling for an end to Mediterranean migration. Ojuland used the word “neeger” to describe an African migrant, a term seen as increasingly socially unacceptable in Estonia.

“Stop using the word ‘racist’! As a white person, I feel that the white race is threatened today!” Ojuland wrote on her Facebook, responding to comments calling her remarks racist.

Ojuland is the country’s former foreign minister and leader of the non-parliamentary Party of People’s Unity. Ojuland left the Estonian Centrie party, which she was a Member of European Parliament for, over accusations of vote rigging.

The leader of the Estonian parliament’s Conservative People’s Party, Mart Helme, echoed Ojuland’s sentiment.

“Ojuland expresses views identical to those of the Conservative People’s Party,” Helme told Estonian news agency BNS.

Helme added that other political parties in Estonia also have views identical to his party’s, although this does not mean that there will be political mergers.


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4 Responses to " North & East EU States Angry About Immigration: "White Race is Threatened" "

  1. Angus says:

    Why don’t muslim asylum seekers go to Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates , Oman, Saudi Arabia or any of the other rich muslim countries? These are Islamic countries therefore more suitable for them.

    How has any European country benefited by opening it’s borders to non-Europeans? Name one. Do they make Europe a safer place to live? Have they made Europe great? Are they good for tourism? Do they bring anything positive to Europe? Do they respect the citizens of Europe and the customs? Do they support themselves without burdening the tax payers? Do they burdan the judicial system due to high crime rates? Do they love Europe or what they can get from her?

    Do they victimize the European people in large proportions to their small numbers? Wouldn’t crimes against the European people foreshadow their true intentions? Do they trash up the areas they inhabit in Europe? If they victimize the host country’s people and trash up their land after they have been given a new start at life, wouldn’t that be like a direct “screw you”? Do they demand you to change your ways and customs so they can tolerate you? Do they respect the peoples government? Your family? Your people? Your culture?

    If they are guilty of three of these questions then It would be safe to say they should not be in Europe. There is more harm than good for Europe and her people.

    If a European country don’t let the hoards flood their land they are called “racist” and “Nazis” if they let them in, their country, their lives, their descendants lives will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country and it’s people? Wake up before it’s too late.

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    • Len Keis says:

      Angus, The invaders are weapon deployed against the people of Europe. Try to find the video I recommended. It will answer all of your questions.

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  2. Len Keis says:

    There is a video floating around YouTube called Europe Will Not Survive Multiculturalism. It reveals exactly who is responsible for genocidal immigration policies in Europe.

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  3. recalcitrant says:

    It’s obvious that the PTB purposely want to “mix” the races/cultures/religions for a mass race war and to foment chaos, otherwise, these refugees would go to nearby neighboring countries rather than traveling at great expense and hardship thousands of miles to an unfamiliar climate to disturb the local racial harmony. About time the norhern Euopeans took notice of this “multiculturalism” fraud for what it really is . . . a trojan horse invasion. Barry Soetoro and company have done the same in the US in plain sight and at the people’s expense . . . financial and long term cultural division. Do not be intimidated by the “you are a racist” name calling. Stand up for your culture now.

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