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In-App Purchases Are Finally Becoming a Thing of the Past

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At the beginning, Android users were very enthusiastic about new apps. The more the better, was the doctrine, but now as Play Store keeps getting flooded with junk apps, most of which adopted the greedy “rich-over-night” IAP system, users are finally getting tired of it. Almost 2 years passed since we aggressively attacked the In-App Purchases and now things are finally turning better as IAPs are finally dying a slow death.

If you look at user ratings and comments for any app these days, you will see lots of 1 star ratings with people saying stuff like “I’m not paying a cent for this stupid app” or “the app is not really free, you have to pay to…”. You get the picture, many people are waking up. The enthusiasm is over. People are no longer giving their support that easily.

Developers are now stunned by these comments, some of them are replying to these comments with standard copy-paste text like “we are trying to improve this app, thanks for supporting us, please contact us at SomeRandomApp@gmail.com

However, with all that said, developers continue to release IAP infested garbage still hoping to become rich over night, by scamming a few fools here and there by selling some worthless imaginary coins, gems or whatever.

The good part is that people are so sick and tired of it, with many moving away from this IAP craziness and resulting with an increase of piracy levels, thus discouraging greedy developers from releasing apps with IAPs. Though the IAP system was primarily built to combat piracy and to get rich over night, most IAPs have now been broken by skilled groups of crackers and more and more people are now downloading fully unlocked games with unlimited gems, coins and whatever other type of worthless imaginary coins from various sites. Among them, the best well known alternative app store for fully unlocked free Android apps is Aptoide and the best well known store for iPhone is Appcake. Huge masses of users now get their stuff from Aptoide and Appcake, fully unlocked and with unlimited resources.

As a result, some developers switched back to releasing full functional games and apps coming with a one time cheap price which unlocks everything. Basically just like windows PC and console games. Don’t think that we support piracy because we don’t but this is exactly what’s happening in the mobile gaming industry and we are only reporting it.

Unfortunately, not everything is against IAPs, so most developers are still pushing them like crazy. Android has come a long way and we will still have to walk a long journey along with it until it will finally be IAP-free.

Google itself unfortunately is fully at fault for accepting tons of worthless junk apps, basically flooding its Play Store with junk and making it impossible to find good apps among all of that junk. But you can’t really blame Google here because it’s a business and the more apps they have the higher their profits will be and besides they also have this number competition thing with Apple’s AppStore. The 2 are competing with each other for who has more apps in its store, trying to lure potential customers to their side by bragging their app numbers. Blocking certain apps from appearing in Play Store would also be just plain censorship which almost everybody hates. And that hate will be rerouted towards Google itself for censoring its Play Store.

The solution is for Google to allow every app in Play Store just like they are doing now, but also to allow its users to sort apps either from a category or from search results by either, ratings, last update, number of downloads or age. And by the way, while we’re at it, age is also a huge issue with Play Store. Most of the games in there are basically for kids, too colorful, too childish, dress-ups, gem-based games like Candy Crush and countless sword fighting games and shooters but where are the new masterpieces like Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Where’s My Water, Plants Vs Zombies, Spy Mouse, Amateur Surgeon, Sims Freeplay, etc?

Why doesn’t Google allow any X-rated mature games for people older than 18 to its Play Store? Considering that if you look to smartphone and tablet users by age, minor users under 18 account for only a tiny 18-19% according to a Flurry study published by cnet, there should be plenty of them, yet there are none. So what’s with all the kiddie games on Play Store? Ignoring the fact that there are too many of these childish games, since when do kids even have money to make IAPs anyway?

The solution is simple yet even though years passed, Google failed to adopt this simple solution for no real reason whatsoever. Maybe in time sort filters will be applied to Play Store if enough people request them. I don’t see any harm in having such an option in Play Store, do you?

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