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Florida Lawmakers Put Off Vote on Fracking Chemicals Bill

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The Florida House passed a bill to study and regulate fracking, as well as prevent local governments from banning the oil and gas drilling practice Monday.

The Florida State Senate opted to avoid a vote on a bill that would require oil and gas companies to publish for public use the chemicals used in hydraulic drilling, also known as fracking.

The bill, passed by the Florida House of Representatives earlier in the week, was subject for Senate vote on Wednesday.

The Regulation of Oil and Gas Resources Bill, or HB 1205, was ‘retained on calendar,’ according the Florida Senate website.

The bill would prohibit issuing new permits until a study on the ecological impact of fracking is conducted, and allocate $1 million for these studies.

Fracking is an ecologically-controversial method of high-pressure injection of water, sand and toxic chemicals into the ground to extract oil and natural gas from shale formations.

Environmentalists say that the chemicals used in fracking contaminate groundwater and the pressure used in the process causes earthquakes. Fracking advocates, focused on issues like economies of scale and energy independence, claim that the process has no noticeable impact on the environment.

The state of New York banned all fracking late in 2014. Last week, the “strongest” anti-fracking bill to date was introduced to the US Congress in a bid to ban fracking on all public lands.


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