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3 Arrested in Violent Hate Attack in Elyria, Ohio

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Elyria Police call an assault caught on video one of the worst beatings they have ever seen, and say one of the men responsible is still on the loose.

An 18-year-old white teen told detectives that he was at the Midview Crossing Apartments on April 24 and was waved over by a man he didn’t know right outside the victim’s own apartment.

Police believe the man who waved him over is 27-year-old Michael Nichols.

Police said Nichols punched the 18-year-old man, knocking him out.

The teen lies on the ground motionless as the man who punched him appears to go through his pockets.

Police said Nichols took $20 and a cell phone out of his pocket.

Then another man or men come in and out of the video, jumping on the victim’s head and chest.

Michael Nichols, 27

James Currie, 18

Sean Buchanan, 24

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