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US is Losing Its Status of World Power: German Media

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The US is losing its status of world power, as the country has lately not been able to enforce its geopolitical interests in several regions and has had to retreat, according to German Media.

The descent of the United States as a world power started in Syria, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten reported.

Out of frustration over the forced retreat in Syria, the driving forces behind the US government sought to lay the blame for the debacle in Syria on Russia. The US could not get over the fact that exactly Vladimir Putin played the role of a reasonable actor in the Middle East and at the same time was able to protect Russia’s interests.

This fact was frustrating for the US, which had always viewed such issues as military dominance and moral superiority as its domain.

The new ‘Cold War’ against Russia is not a self-perpetuating issue for Americans, the media source wrote. Although it was possible to persuade the EU to impose sanctions against Russia, the alliance of European countries is far from united.

The Baltic States and Poland support the hard policy towards their neighbor. But many other EU governments oppose the idea of the continued confrontation with Russia. The sanctions have negative impact on EU countries as well. Among these countries are Italy, Greece, Spain, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, who have always had close and beneficial economic ties with Russia.

However, the worst defeat of the US has been the one with China, when Beijing launched the idea of setting up a new development bank (AIIB), the article said. Even Australia and South Korea did not much care about the warnings and provocations of the US government, showing their interest and expressing their approval for the project.

However, according to Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten, the US is losing its status as a world power not only because of its failure in the foreign policy. Not less important is the fact that government has failed to lessen the gap between rich and poor and abandoned its own moral standards.


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  • Defiant

    You know why? Because the rest of the planet simply wont trust anymore in the U.S. whom suck the rest of the planet dry, orchestraing coups, economic hitmans bringing down whole economies, wars and proxy wars bombing the shit out of every defensless third world country, while their proxy rapist cannibal jihad buddies, the ukie nazi trolls, and los zetas kills their own and destroys whole countries in a way that wasnt seen since the dark ages, divide and conquer.
    Who would want to side with a dark force like that? Who would trust them? Only the braindead, and while the zombies getting more numerous in the U.S. the rest of the World just woke up to the BS., and they are curiously watching about WTF is going on.
    By the U.S. I mean the bankster run govt, the military industrial complex and their minions, not the good people of America.

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  • Noode US

    US and World Power? We are talking about two different and opposite things that never get along.
    However US remained highly successful to fool around EU and other countries with their dirty political tricks.

    US National Debt is U$18,154,797,021,544.86 where as each citizen’s share of this debt is $56,664.53.. US is the biggest begging power in the whole world.

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  • skreamer

    Hey! Does this mean she well be closing down all her unwanted and unneeded bases all over the world?
    The money saved there would be enough to buy several countries!

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