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Researchers develop new breathalyzer to detect stomach cancer

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A new breathalyzer has been developed which uses nanoarray analysis enabling it to detect stomach cancer, a report says.

Gut journal published a new study on the breathalyzer, which uses the analysis to detect tiny changes in exhaled breath caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted by cancerous cells.

The new device could possibly be used as well to provide clues to the early stages of the development of stomach cancer and other gastric problems and lesions.

The authors of the study wrote, “Detection of precancerous lesions would allow surveillance to be performed, making early detection of the transformation to cancer possible.”

The authors believe the likely success of the new breathalyzer lies in its non-invasiveness, ease of use, rapid predictiveness, insensitivity to confounding factors, and potentially low cost.

Last year, another research published by the University of Colorado described the work of a portable breath test that could detect lung cancer and chronic pulmonary obstructive disease based on the volatile organic compounds exhaled from the lungs.

Researchers elsewhere have also developed a breath test for breast cancer.

Still another study has introduced a breathalyzer that could distinguish the breath of a person with head and neck cancer.

All of these studies are based on the fact that when you breathe out, the air you are exhaling often tells of one’s health, because the metabolism of cancer cells is different from healthy cells and the gases they release leave their mark on your breath.

However, a very sensitive device is needed to be able to detect the difference between the breath of a healthy person and a sick one. So, if you met somebody who just had a lot of fresh onions and garlic leaving its mark on their breath, do not jump to any conclusions.


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