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Putin Authorizes US Warplane Shootdown To Protect American Lives

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A new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin has authorized the Black Sea Fleet CCB-201 Vishnya-class intelligence ship Priazovye to use all offensive/defensive measures needed to protect itself, and civilian lives, against any and all “detected” aggressive combat aircraft, including those operated by the US Air Force, in the current Yemeni combat zone.

According to this report, this extraordinary order by President Putin authorizing the potential shoot down of US military aircraft was necessitated by the refusal of Saudi Arabia to allow the evacuation of Russian citizens trapped in the Yemeni combat zone after the deliberate 1 April destruction of the Russian consulate in that nations largest city Aden by US-directed Saudi warplanes.

To the specific American warplanes placed in danger by this shootdown order, this report continues, are the US Air Force KC-135 Stratotankers that have begun daily aerial refueling of Saudi warplanes to allow continuous airstrikes upon the Yemeni people in this latest example of the Obama regimes continued unauthorized and criminal wars against nearly every nation on Earth who disagrees with them.

Upon their receiving permission to target any warplane, including those of the US Air Force, attempting to interfere with their humanitarian mission to evacuate refugees, MoD experts in this report say, the Priazovye arrived a few hours ago in southern Yemeni port of Aden where it successfully boarded over 300 foreign nationals, including Americans, seeking to leave this combat zone.

Most astoundingly of these evacuated foreign nationals, however, this report states, are the large number of US citizens seeking Russian protection to save their families lives as the Obama regime has ignored the pleas of up to 4,000 American nationals who are believed to still be stranded in this war torn nation.

According to one of these US citizens trapped in Yemen, Arwa Al-Iraine, who spoke to Russian media sources about their plight, “Nobody will help us evacuate. The reply [of the US government] was an automated message that they do not have any evacuation plans. Basically we are left on our own.

Not lost to the MoD in their report is the irony that Federation military/naval forces may have to shootdown a US Air Force warplane in order to protect the lives of these thousands of American citizens abandoned in Yemen by the Obama regime.

More seriously though, this report notes, are that The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus (ALC) on Thursday announced the filing of a lawsuit against Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter seeking US government action to evacuate these thousands of American citizens trapped in Yemen.

This lawsuit personally targets US Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter for failing to protect US citizens in Yemen and names 41 plaintiffs in the case, and estimates the total number of US citizens currently trapped in Yemen at between 3,000 and 4,000.

As to why the American people aren’t in revolt over this monstrous abandonment of thousands of their fellow citizens by the Obama regime in this most dangerous of war zones, this report concludes, is simply because their propaganda media has still failed to inform them of it.


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13 Responses to " Putin Authorizes US Warplane Shootdown To Protect American Lives "

  1. f18pilot says:

    smile) You convinced me. We should surrender the european continent to the Russians. You won’t fight for your freedom anyway. Enjoy your vodka!
    cheers! smile)

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    • Defiant says:

      And you enjoy the bankster cock up in your asssmile
      Cheers bro.

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  2. f18pilot says:

    smile) You should take up comedy on your free time. I agree, we should leave you europeans to work out your own problems. I would suggest learning the Russian language. Oh and by the way, the US has more aircraft in ready reserve mothballs than your countries entire air force. As far as tankers and air to air refueling? Our national guard fleet will handle any refueling needed in addition to our ready and active reserve fleets. I suggested Janes, because it speaks at your level. Better leave the details to us professionals. The biggest laugh of my career is when I shadowed a Bear Bomber. I realized I was following a B29 copy, Talk about living in the 50’s. Keep talking, this is entertaining! smile)

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    • Defiant says:

      Good to know that you enjoy itsmile
      Delusions at its finest.
      Our problems are mainly created by your govt, not by us or the Russians, we would get along just fine without the coups and proxie wars and economic warefare.
      You wont be able to refuel hundreds of jets at the same time or even more if you want to break through their air defenses wich is pretty much impposible if you dont have a Klingon Bord of Prey or the USS Defiantsmile
      Like I said if the Russians realize that you intend to launch a full scale attack(and they will know it), they will take out any support, airfield airport, even the highways, it will be crippled within 24 hours and its game over.
      Mothballed jets are good for target practice or running kamikazee missions with them against their air defense systems, nothing else.
      The Tu-95 is not a copy of the B-29 that was the Tu-4.
      The Tu-95 doesnt use radial piston engines but turboprops(gasturbines), but Im sure you are aware of that.
      Its one of the fastest if not the fastest prop driven plane in service. It can almost match the speed of the B-52(wich is of the same age by the way), it has a lot better acceleration, usually it can leave you in the dust for a few minutes until you hit the afterburners, its a long range cruise missile platform, it can launch its missiles from 4000km away, its equipped with both sub and supersonic cruise missiles.
      Scrambling jets is actually what they want you to do that way they can test your radar range from every angle and their jammers aswell, so in peace time the best would be not to react at all only if they really penetrate the airspace, playing cat and mouse with them might look good in a top gun movie but has zero value in reality.
      The Tu-95 is the only plane that has survived the blast of a 60MT hydrogen bomb explosion, that tells something right there, aside from that they also have the Tu-160 and Tu-22M or the shorter ranged Su-34, all supersonic.
      If you would be a real professional you wouldnt cheer and push for a war with Russia, just sayin.

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  3. f18pilot says:

    smile) One of these days Putin is gonna actually do something stupid and finally realize what a 6 American warplane to 1 Russian warplane ratio means. A lot of Russian aircraft hitting the ground in rapid succession. smile)

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    • Defiant says:

      You will realize how Pentagon math actually works, 6 to 1 is actually 2200 U.S. jets and 5000helos lost over Vietnam vs 150Migs and a few SAM sites lost on the North.
      Its called cooked numbers.
      In the last 40 years the U.S. havent been up against a state of the art air force or air defense, and attacked most countries with the help of NATO outnumbering small run down export air forces with a ratio of 20:1 like In Iraq or Yugoslavia, wich shouldnt give anybody a false sense of security.
      Its nor Russia that steamrolls countries left and right but the U.S. by the way, just for the record.

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      • f18pilot says:

        I wasn’t talking about 6 to 1 loss ratio. I was talking about actual numbers that Russia can put in the air on a combat footing. Look it up. Janes Defense is a good place to start. In the air, there is still no match for American air power. We have them by numbers and quality. My aircraft can engage up to 8 targets at the same time. If the talking ever stopped and the shooting started. Mother Russia would be going back home with their tail between their legs.
        You are also wrong about state of the art air force/air defense. Saddam had the best oil money could buy. Destroyed in the first day of combat.
        The sad part is that it will the US that saves Europe’s tail again. They don’t seem to have the resolve or courage to handle it themselves.

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        • Defiant says:

          I agree we should kick your asses out of the EU, because you only create conflicts for us that cant be resolved neither miritaliry nor morally. And we are fed up with it. You should just leave, WWII ended 70 years ago everybody went home except you guys, its time to pack, we aint no colony of yours, sorry.
          The EU would never aid the U.S. against Russia in a war, we aint suicidal nor idiots, and the U.S. cant deploy thousends of planes either even if it could it couldnt manage the aerial refueling for them.
          Its not the 50’s anymore, in a WWIII scneario most the aircraft carriers and airfields and airports would be taken out witihin 24 hours by conventional tactical nuke tipped supersnonic cruise missiles wich there is no protection against, alone that move would cripple the whole U.S. military like a lame duck, you couldnt even get into a position to launch a full scale attack, even if magically you could you would run into the best air defense system on the planet, wich would take out most your jets, and the rest would be only a cakewalk for the Migs and Sukhois.
          Contrary to popular belief Russian jets are state of the art in many cases better than their U.S. counterpart, especially when they match in numbers and arent the run down export variants some small countries are using in low numbers.
          You say you would engage 8 targets lol thats aint a fuckin video game you know what the hit ratio is for BVR missiles in the real world against a jet that is equpped with state of the art avionics? its beetwen 5-10% so that means that on avg you would have to fire all your BVR missiles to have around a 60% chance to hit one target alone, at WVR ranges that goes up to around 30% hit ratio\missile.
          Russians have better BVR missiles by the way and also in many cases better radars except for the F-22, but like I said you would first have to get through their airdefense and its not like that piece of shit WWII era air defense was in Iraq.
          You said Iraq had a good airdefense, sorry but thats laughable, that was after the Iraq-iran war, they were pretty much exhausted, they had a few Russian SAM’s from the early 60’s the same ones Vietnam used during the war wich became obsolete by the time you attacked them, they also had a few French SAM’s wich the French managed to disable with their “safety codes”, so what was left were WWII era level AAA air defense, wich is a joke, eventhough the U.S. lost a bit too many jets and helos compared to that.
          In a defensive war against Russia with todays weapons you would have zero chance, trust me thats the truth, and I doesnt care how confident you are or how many publications of Janes you have read sofar.
          Have a nice evening.

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  4. Abe says:

    smile) L-) No wonder Putin has a higher rating than Sortoro! smile)

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    • Jim says:

      These people are US passport holders who repeatedly ignored all warnings to leave Yemen until it was too late. NOW they cry for help. Get real. And for the Europeans to allow Moscow to spin this story any other way is sickening.

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      • skreamer says:

        We were having so much fun paying out on Obama and praising Putin!…Then you had to come along and ruin it with your truthy words of common sense!
        Yes we know NO world leaders give a shit about the people, but its nice to pretend sometimes!
        Truth is Putin and Obama work for the same woman! and are trying to start WW3!
        Bless their little satanic psychopathic homicidal maniac brains!
        If we quit all govt jobs, ignore the elite, they well die!
        …like little babies with no one to feed them or change their nappy they wont last long as they dont know how to do anything for themselves! Some dont even know how to open a door!

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  5. skreamer says:

    A black Homosexual Muslim from Kenya with his drag-queen wife murdering everyone
    A white Atheist born in Russia, likes girls, trying to save Americans as well as his own country men!
    I think i would pick……ummmmmm……ummmmmm……have a wild guess!

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  6. Defiant says:

    So much to the US. govt, another moral victory for Mother Russia.

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