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NSA “Sonic-Wave” Weapon Use In Baltimore Horrifies Russia

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The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) states in a new report today that they were “horrified” over the use by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) of a powerful mass-psychology weapon against unsuspecting American citizens yesterday in Baltimore, Maryland, which caused these people, who were mostly school children, to erupt in a crazed frenzy of rioting, burning and looting.

According to this report, the SVR was first alerted Sunday morning by signal intelligence analysts operating from the Federations Embassy in Washington D.C. that the NSA was in the process of completing their “final preparations” for a “mass event” believed to be scheduled for Monday, 27 April, in or around Baltimore.

Raising the concerns of the SVR even more of what the NSA was planning, this report continues, were the presence of US Special Forces “provocateurs” within the crowds of Baltimore protectors Saturday evening agitating them towards violence.

The presence of these US Special Forces “provocateurs” were noticed and commented on too by the former highly decorated New York City Police Detective Bo Dietl, who when being interviewed by the Fox News Service about the unrest in Baltimore stated about them: “And I saw — it’s just funny to see — these white guys, six-foot tall white guys with bandanas over their faces. They’re trying to hide their faces, what are they doing there?”

As to why, indeed, these US military “provocateurs” were in Baltimore, this report notes, became apparent yesterday when over 85 NSA controlled Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) weapon vehicles left their main base at Fort Meade, Maryland, and began encircling this city.

The LRAD vehicles deployed by the NSA around Baltimore yesterday, this report further explains, is a sonic weapon developed to send messages, warnings, and harmful, pain-inducing tones over longer distances than normal loudspeakers. LRAD systems have been used to counter piracy, as non-lethal crowd control weapons, and as communication devices too.

Making these particular LRAD weapon vehicles deployed by the NSA around Baltimore even more dangerous, SVR analyst in this report say, was their “electronic signature” showing that they were equipped with a new technology developed by Raytheon in 2011 that produces a low-frequency sound which resonates with the respiratory tract, making it hard to breathe. According to Raytheon’s patent, the intensity of this sonic weapon could be increased from causing discomfort to the point where targets become “temporarily incapacitated”.

Even more insidiously, this report says, were that these LRAD weapon vehicles were also supported by Raytheon acoustic police shields that operate in what is called a “cohort mode” in which many shields are wirelessly networked so their output covers a wide area, like Roman legionaries locking their shields together. One shield acts as a master which controls the others, so that the acoustic beams combine effectively.

When the “target area” of Baltimore intended for this combined LRAD-sonic police shield “test” was surrounded by NSA-US military forces yesterday, this report grimly notes, all that remained was to insert the “test subjects” into this “electronic grid of madness”…who in this particular case happened to be school children.

Eerily, SVR intelligence analysts note in this report, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, this past weekend, gave notice of her knowledge of what was going to occur during this NSA “test” when she told reporters that her police officers were instructed to allow protestors to express themselves and that “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.

As to the exact mechanics of this horrific NSA “test” on Baltimore school children yesterday, this report continues, once the “target area” was encircled by LRAD-police shield sonic weapons, a mass NSA initiated text was sent to all of these school students via social media about a “purge” to take place at 3 p.m. when their school day ended, starting at Mondawmin Mall and ending downtown. Such memes have been known to circulate regularly among city school students, based on the film “The Purge,” about what would happen if all laws were suspended.

And in order to ensure that all of these “test subjects” were kept in the “target area”, this SVR report says, once these students received the NSA text “purge” message and left their schools, all of the public transportation systems they relied on to get home were shut down.

To the psychological effect of these school children being surrounded by these NSA sonic weapons and not allowed to go home, this report notes, was sadly predictable as all past examples in history have shown that these situations breed mass psychosis leading to extreme violence.

As to why the NSA would conduct such a horrific “test” upon school children this SVR report notes several possibilities…the most probable being, they say, that what happened in Baltimore yesterday is associated with the massive unconventional war exercise being planned for the United States by the Obama regime called Jade Helm that many Americans believe is a prelude to the instituting of martial law.

And to if the Obama regime is, in fact, planning to institute martial law in America, this report notes, SVR intelligence officials think it is more likely than not.

The reason(s) for them believing this is so, interestingly, is not the NSA “test” in Baltimore, but rather a series of “embedded” subliminal messages beginning to show up on American television the past few weeks…including a new American Association for Retired Persons (AARP) commercial where in the background a public service announcement news report about “riots nationwide” and a declaration of martial law by government emergency services barely audibly says:

“Riots nationwide have prompted local governments to declare martial law.

The President is asking that citizens find safety and remain calm.

Authorities are working to contain the outbreak.”


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  • This is a light NSA psycho-tronic weapon. They have fully approved acoustic, electromagnetic, and hologram devices for use on Americans and people abroad. Their deployment is not always local, but in space, and over the horizon radar, that can hit a target or an entire town all at once from very far away.

    Learn more .. They have actually brain reading, brain altering radar systems and brain link of agents and police officers on the ground, which they covertly communicate with direct into their brains.

    Civilians are usually targeted for death, torture, paranormal, supernatural, ghost, god, and mental health simulations, or just discredited and abuse with it..

    http://www.obamasweapon.com/ http://www.drrobertduncan.com/

  • Jay Jay

    I hope every single child that was affected, their parents sue the state. This is inflicted trauma and injury to unsuspecting or consenting children. It abominable. What sort of evil is in charge over there

    • Lint

      =)) =)) =)) =)) Muricka, sue everyone for anything!!

      • honey

        I think Jay Jay is Australian Lint.

      • honey

        I think Jay Jay is Australian Lint.

    • honey

      You do realise that paying out doesn’t affect (or is it effect I can never remember) the elite at all. Anything they pay would be pocket money to them. They’ll just reshuffle things and replace it.
      Money is nothing. It isn’t real. It is pieces of paper or bits of metal or made up numbers on a computer screen.
      Money is used as a means of control. It was created by the elite. It won’t change what happened, it won’t make them regret doing it and won’t make them not do it again (or quite frankly anything else they feel like doing.
      As long as the masses agree and comply to the elites concept of money being power these situations will keep happening.

    • olga

      unfortunately it is usually angrily ordinary Masons / Zionists and simply the neadkvatnykh of people in the governments of any of a str… the world wallowed in shit and us conduct to ‘gold one billion’ – at best. and in the worst – to elimination.as if it didn’t sound marasmic,but many facts indicate what to it everything goes

  • From the Office of The Ombudsman General:
    “At all times this Government Knew and Supported putting Drugs in the African American Communities. There’s a supportable case that CIA directly intended for African-Americans to receive the cocaine which it knew would be turned into crack cocaine and which it knew would prove so addictive as to destroy entire communities? The answer is absolutely, Yes!”
    “And the key to proving that CIA intended for blacks to receive the drugs which virtually destroyed their communities lies in the twofold approach, of proving that they brought the drugs in and interfered with law enforcement – AND that, by virtue of CIA’s relationships with the academic and medical communities, they knew exactly what the end result would be.” Knowing that, we then have a mountain of proof, especially since the release of volume II of the CIA’s Inspector General’s Report (10/98) that the CIA specifically intended and achieved a desired result. Help US Fight The Odious Act of Domestic Terrorism – Join The Fight Education VS Incarceration
    http://www.SaveAmericaFoundation.Org and http://www.Ombudsmaninc.Org

  • skreamer

    Hahahahahahahaha!…Yes!..im sure Russia was just horrified! “they helped design it” Hahahahahaha!

    anyway…we just found out there’s hippies on mercury!…so they need to take it there and use it on them!…not earth hippies …but mercury hippies! mercury hippies smell worse cause they have less water there!

  • Dmitri

    I went to SVR website and didn’t find any article of this kind. Someone made this up…

  • zoot

    This poor version of fear porn does a real disservice to the real issues going on, both in Baltimore and with the gov. in general. It reads as though it was written by a software algorithm and provides no real insight into the problem. In fact most of the links simply take you to a ‘make money at home’ scam or worse. Come on, people. Use your critical thinking powers when digesting this crap. And, EU Times? Find somewhere else to ply your crap. For shame

    • Haizakokaru

      Funny you say that, because these links don’t take you to scams at all. Nice try, undercover NSA external-discreditor agent.


      • zoot

        Some do, and btw, you are welcome to believe any ‘news source’ you want, Haizakaru. It’s chumps like you that will be completely ineffectual when the real crap comes down. There’s a website you’d probably really enjoy for adding fear and loathing to your daily diet; it’s called Infowars dot com and it’s full of folks like you ratcheting up the scare tactics and doing nothing about the real problems. Enjoy!

  • WIlVi

    Site some sources please? If you payed at attention at all to whats going on in the US in terms of police violence and race relations (and all the media bullshit and hype by media) you would see that riots and such arent far fetched. The NSA wouldnt and doesnt have a riot starting device. Im actually surprised stuff like this hasnt happened earlier.

    • Haizakokaru

      What’s wrong with the sources cited in the hyperlinks?

  • D’Artagnan

    This is bullshit. Nice story… might make for an interesting screenplay… but bullshit.

    Baltimore is just another example of ghetto stupidity. If you don’t like how something is going, burn down your own neighborhood.

    • Kinney

      This is the plot from the movie “Kingsmen”

  • I have not laughed so hard at an article… what a CROCK of baloney! Who in the world came up with all this garbage because they need to write fiction for a living.


  • skreamer

    The sonic wave weapon!…what a joke!…they only need play any of the popular radio songs to create a worse effect! in fact more people tend to kill themselves when forced to listen to radio shit!
    so their sonic wave weapon is like “gay” compared to today’s radio!

    Lets find a picture and make up some crazy story

  • Ben

    In the photo here, we see an LRAD mounted in the rear of a militarized police vehicle driving through the back streets of Pittsburgh terrorizing the residents. Note the child on the curb holding up his hands to block the sound of the terrorist device.


  • Ben

    PICTURE FROM 2009 …

    Sunday, September 27, 2009 In the photo here, we see an LRAD mounted in the rear of a militarized police vehicle driving through the back streets of Pittsburgh terrorizing the residents. Note the child on the curb holding up his hands to block the sound of the terrorist device.


    • skreamer

      Ben…look at the kid!…he is not looking at the truck..hes looking down past it, so is everyone else, the people in the windows are holding their ears and looking down the street…not at the truck!

    • skreamer

      even the guys on the truck are looking at where the sound is coming from!

  • wbauers

    The instigators were members of The nation of islam, black panthers, also moslem and many somali moslems, Bo dietl is wrong or lying and Ferguson was funded by soros, probably Baltimore also.

  • ENri Mexico

    This directed energy weapon can make you jump 10 feet high the instant it’s aimed at you.

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