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Nevada Brothel Comes Out in Support for Hillary Clinton

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A group of Nevada sex workers, Hookers For Hillary, have come out in favor of the Democratic contender for president.

A group of Nevada sex workers have come out in favor of Democratic contender Hillary Clinton for president.

The group, calling themselves Hookers For Hillary, all work at Dennis Hof’s infamous Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Carson City.

The legal brothel, which was the subject of HBO’s Cathouse series, has drafted a four-point platform explaining their endorsement.

According to their website, they’re supporting the former secretary of state because of her work on health care reform, foreign relation experience, tax reform and responsible government oversight on public health issues.

‘Hillary Clinton, as part of her husband’s administration, envisioned health care reform in the 1990’s, long before President Obama was able to sign it into law,’ they write.

The hookers all work at Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Carson City.

‘The Bunny Ranch entertains customers from all around the globe, and the girls have great respect for any woman who can take powerful men from oppressive cultures and make them bend to her will.’

‘Bill Clinton presided over the most prosperous time in Bunny Ranch history, which coincided with a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans such as brothel owner Dennis Hof,’ the Bunny Ranch writes.

‘The Bunnies recognize that thriving economies are built from the bottom up, where the vast majority of their clients originate.

‘A return to relying on the disproven theory of trickle-down economics would only serve to exclude the vast majority of hard-working Bunny Ranch clients from having the discretionary income to enjoy with their favorite Bunny.’

Citing Nevada’s mandatory testing of legal prostitutes for sexually transmitted diseases, the Bunny Ranch also applauded Mrs. Clinton for recognizing ‘the fact that responsible government oversight is a key to protecting the public’s health from widespread disease.’


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4 Responses to " Nevada Brothel Comes Out in Support for Hillary Clinton "

  1. Rick Alexander says:

    No surprises here. Hillary is purported to be lesbian and Bill is known to hang out with the girls – remember his famous line ‘I didn’t have sexual relations with that woman’ – speaking of Monica Lewinsky.

    Hillary has to explain how she was overseeing weapons deals by the CIA and the American ambassador who got killed in a deal gone wrong. She also has to explain why she had her secret email server to avoid being found out – all sanctioned by the White House and her complicit partner in crime – Barack Osama.

    We might live her ‘down under’ but we are not fools. Hillary knows that a shitstorm is brewing in her country and that’s why her relatives live here in ‘down under’.

    She hasn’t got a chance in hell of becoming president because she is one complicit bitch involved in the murder of Americans all over the world along with Obama who is picking wars with anyone who goes away or plans to move away from the US Petro Dollar.

    Americans wake up and stand up against these tyrants who are leading the USA into an economic and geopolitical abyss from which there is no escape.

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  2. Abe says:

    :)) I guess it takes one to know one. =))

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  3. Noode US says:

    Like Republican Party and Democratic Party, White house must register Hookers Party (Nevada) and Gays Party (California) officially as a major political parties, As both the parties plays vital role in US politics and economy. And, then, changed the name White-house to Whore-house.

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  4. Noode US says:

    The one in the pic, I wud love too see as a President of United States of America, and pay $100 to pump-up daily as in pump-in oil.

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