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John McCain, Lindsey Graham are Obama's lapdogs - Rand Paul

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US Senator Rand Paul says Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham are “lapdogs” for President Barack Obama despite their vocal opposition to the administration.

“I’m really the one standing up to President Obama, and these people are essentially the lapdogs for President Obama and I think they’re sensitive about that,” he told Fox News on Tuesday.

The remarks were made when he was asked about recent criticism by the two hawkish GOP senators.

On Monday, McCain said Rand Paul “just does not understand” foreign policy.

“He has displayed this kind of naïveté since he came to the Senate,” McCain claimed.

Graham also said on Monday that Senator Paul has “been more wrong than right” on foreign policy matters.

However, the Kentucky Republican defended his non-interventionist views.

“I’m the only one actually standing up and saying the war in Libya was a mistake, the bombing of [Syrian President Bashar] Assad would make ISIS (ISIL) stronger, the arms to the Islamic rebels would make ISIS (ISIL) stronger,” Paul said.

“These people who call loudest to criticize me are great proponents of President Obama’s foreign policy, they just want to do it ten times over,” he added.

The senator announced earlier this month that he would run for president in 2016.

Graham is also considering a presidential bid and McCain is one of his big supporters.


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One Response to " John McCain, Lindsey Graham are Obama's lapdogs - Rand Paul "

  1. skreamer says:

    If Rand Paul is not saying these guys are with the illuminati and need to be taken down, its because hes one of them!
    You cant get to where he is and not know about the illuminati!
    You cant have that much money and the money to run for president without being in the illuminati!
    Just another dog and pony show to distract all the idiots!
    My guess is still, no one will ever know another president, Obama will make himself your king!…..”if you let him”….Funny thing is……i think Obama is more of a queen!

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