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Italy is 'close to collapse' from immigration

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In the last few years, hundreds of thousands of African and Arabic illegal immigrants have been pouring into Italy and Spain.

This “state emergency” is increasingly upsetting the native White Italians, who have staged protests and strikes.

Recently, the Italian government has told regional governments that they must make room for African and Middle Eastern immigrants, but the country is starting to fracture as many regional governments refuse to take them.

“Here, as in Veneto, there is zero space,” said Roberto Maroni, governor of Lombardy “We cannot be subjected to this invasion.”

Luca Zaia, governor of Veneto agreed with Maroni: “We are totally opposed to taking any more migrants”

“The system is close to collapse,” said Claudio Palomba, the prefect of Rimini, “We’re only in April and I don’t know if the system will be able to cope if the number of arrivals keeps up at this pace.”

The traitorous Italian politicians showed their true colors when they tried to decriminalize illegal immigration.

US General Wesley Clark once said that “there is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states”. It looks like this is exactly what’s being forced upon Europeans who are still asleep and too distracted by vanities, to step up and change everything back to normal again.

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One Response to " Italy is 'close to collapse' from immigration "

  1. Shue Arie says:

    They’re mostly undesirables, men only, too lazy to work in their own countries. They hear about all the freebies like housing, food, medical, money etc. from others who’ve made it.
    The Muslims are the ones that cause all the trouble in every country they slither to. These savages threw fellow passengers overboard just because they were Christians. 99% of them are nothing but scum, send them back before it’s too late.

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