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'I don't want to see a white face' Zimbabwe president tells SA journalist

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Racist “president” Robert Mugabe’s apparent disgust at seeing a “white face” has elicited mixed reactions from people on social networking site Twitter.

Mugabe was in Soweto on Thursday visiting the Hector Pieterson Memorial. Exiting the museum, he was cheered by locals.

In a video clip taken by the SABC, Mugabe is seen walking past the crowds when the national broadcaster’s television journalist asked what emotions his return to Soweto evoked.

Mugabe was about to reply when he spotted a white South African journalist. He pushed the microphone away and said: “I don’t want to see a white face.”

Arts and Culture minister Nathi Mthethwa was standing next to Mugabe when he made the comment.

Some racist blacks on Twitter praised Mugabe for what he said.

Twitter user @PM_Plaatjie tweeted: “Thats why we admire him.”

While @B_Thabede said: “He was spot on.”

Other said they did not blame Mugabe for what he said.

“Hate is taught to us by previous experiences. Do you know how much Mugabe suffered by whitemen,” wrote @Ernestfigo.

Another user @ErythreanSea wrote: “After 500 years of deceit, deception and repression, who can blame Mugabe? Telling it like it is, straight up!”
There were also those who called Mugabe a racist for his comment.

Twitter user @wcmalan said: “Can I go fling (excreta) at his statue?” he said referring to the Cecil John Rhodes statue at the University of Cape Town which was removed from the campus on Thursday.

Students started protesting last month to have the statue taken away and human excrement was thrown at the statue.

“Racist old twit,” tweeted @Judemymum.

Mugabe concluded his two-day State visit to South Africa on Thursday and returned home on the same day. If a white president of any white country would have told a black journalist “I don’t want to see a black face”… what would the outcome be? Well you know… the usual! Hysteric screams of “racism”… so why isn’t this old buffoon being called a racist by the international media, is the question that we would like to ask?


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