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American Cops 25 Times more Likely to Shoot Whites than Any Other Race

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Cops are 25 times less likely to shoot unarmed blacks than whites or Hispanics, according to a little-known study which makes the South Carolina police shooting of an unarmed, fleeing black man even more egregious than before, if that’s even possible.

The study by Washington State University-Spokane, which barely received any news coverage, found that police were more likely to hesitate when shooting a black suspect due to “real-world concern over discipline, liability or public disapproval.”

“We found that [the all-white] participants took longer to shoot black suspects than white or Hispanic suspects,” the researchers reported. “In addition, where errors were made, participants across experiments were more likely to shoot unarmed white suspects than unarmed black or Hispanic suspects, and were more likely to fail to shoot armed black suspects than armed white or Hispanic suspects.”

“In sum, this research found that participants displayed significant bias favoring black suspects in their decisions to shoot.”

The researchers gave 36 white police officers a Glock 21 modified to shoot a laser beam and had them take part in a series of 10 “highly realistic” video scenarios based on actual encounters with suspects in which police were assaulted or killed.

“Black, white and Hispanic suspects appeared in the scenarios proportional to their involvement in actual attacks on officers, as compiled in FBI statistics,” Policeone.com said about the study. “Suspects were unarmed in about a third of the scenarios.”

Not only did the officers take significantly longer to shoot black suspects, but they were also “25 times less likely to shoot unarmed black suspects than they were to shoot unarmed white suspects,” the researchers stated.

While this study shouldn’t be used to discount the numerous police shootings of non-threatening black suspects, especially after S.C. officer Michael T. Slager shot a fleeing, unarmed black man on Saturday, it does reveal that many cops fear being publicly crucified or labeled racist for justifiably shooting a suspect.

And this fear is also keeping a lot of would-be police officers from pursuing careers in law enforcement.

“I think they realize that what they do would be so scrutinized to the point it’s not worth the trouble, and it’s not worth the headache… to become involved in the field,” West Virginia sheriff Mike Rutherford told the The Charleston Gazette. “Quite often, people question you and call you everything under the sun, including a racist, simply because you make an arrest.”


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  • william

    “color-blind-society”!? Obama DELIBERATELY made this racial by addressing abuse only of “minorities & people-of-color”
    and by default making abuse of Whites “okay”.
    For every black killed by the police, 3 whites will share the fame fate.
    Ferguson SHOULD have been about uniting America to stop police militarization and abuse but Obama, Sharpton, et-all have turned it into a RACIST kid-gloves for “People of color” and all Police(Whites) are bad scenario. They are all AFFIRMATIVE ACTION COMMUNITY PARTY PLANNERS, just like their Leader. YOU/YOUR TAXES pay them to coordinate things like this. Why do you think the focus is ALWAYS on Black victims, and Whites are ignored. Did you hear Obama is having10,000 MORE “trained” http://dailycaller.com/2014/12/28/obama-group-to-train-10000-community-organizers-in-search-for-next-organizer-in-chief/
    For every black killed by the police, 3 whites will share the fame fate. http://www.eutimes.net/2015/04/american-cops-25-times-more-likely-to-shoot-whites-than-any-other-race/
    Meanwhile Obama REFUSES to demilitarize the police even as he pretends to support the protestors.
    December 8, 2014 4:00 AM
    The Department of Social Justice
    Federal officials lectured Ferguson residents about “white privilege.”

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  • observer

    we all know that BS -Blacks have being the victim and this is a cover up to smoother the feeling of the Blacks. Historically, the White don’t like the Black – so the police killing of a black man – shots fired at the victim back.
    That’s is an EVIL WHITE POLICE KILLER – Must pay with his life

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  • Shue Arie

    I call BS. On percentage alone, Blacks are more likely to get shot by the Pigs.

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    • brazos

      people who don’t live in america don’t realize how violent blacks have become, the racism in america comes from the blacks not the whites, shue arie unless you’ve been here you don’t know what your talking about, blacks are 13% of the pop. less than 6%are males do 80% of violent crimes,white people are oppressed in america since obama became pres.blacks kill many more blacks than whites kill blacks ,a white killing a black in the U.S.A. is like the man biting the dog instead of the dog biting the man.

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  • skreamer

    If cops were stoned they would shoot less people!
    We need to sneak THC into donuts!
    Any cop who is not stoned while on duty should be arrested!…..Then given a fair trial! ……Then hung!

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  • Jimmy Lee

    Whenever there is a problem with anything our politician leaders always talk about “How does this effect black people?!” This is truly getting annoying, even if blacks didn’t commit 70+% of all violent crimes and the majority of hate crimes(against White people) it would be insane to only talk about 13% of a nations civilians. White people are discriminated constantly and openly, it is encouraged. White people are the backbone of this nation. There are many more Whites, they work and contribute at a MUCH higher percent than any minority group. Whites are being called evil and there problems ignored while it’s obvious White people are the least racist group in America. Studies show all White Western countries are BY FAR the least racist nations. Whites need to stand up and demand representation.

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