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US test-fires nukes in California to remind Russia of its power

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US Air Force shows a Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile.

The United States has test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from a facility in California in a move to relay a message of nuclear capability to the world.

The US Air Force fired the unarmed Minuteman III missile from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on Monday, according to a statement by the Air Force.

The test-launch program “demonstrates the operational credibility of the Minuteman III and ensures the United States’ ability to maintain a strong, credible nuclear deterrent as a key element of US national security and the security of US allies and partners,” read the statement.

“With these launches, we not only verify our processes and the ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) weapon system, we provide a visual to the world that the Minuteman III is capable of striking pretty much anywhere with extreme precision,” Lt. Col Tytonia Moore said.

The California facility has conducted multiple missile tests over the years, most recently in September 2014.

The latest was tested along with massive NATO war games across Eastern Europe as the alliance plans to expand its military presence in the region amid the conflict in Ukraine.

In 2014, NATO forces held some 200 military exercises with the alliance’s General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg having promised that such drills would continue.

The US and NATO war games have been conducted amid tensions between the US and Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

Western governments accuse Russia of destabilizing Ukraine by supporting pro-Russian forces there. Moscow, however, denies the allegation.


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4 Responses to " US test-fires nukes in California to remind Russia of its power "

  1. Defiant says:

    A 40+ year old design, while they buy Russian rocket engines to power their Atlas V and Antares carriers, lol. dont make me laugh:)
    Russia is around 30 years ahead in rocket tech, FACT.

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  2. I live near VAB and know some of the managers who use the Russian rockets.

    They are known for the high performance and reliability in their also 30-40 year old design RD 180 motors.

    I do not think the Minuteman tests are directly linked to the Ukraine and Russia where I also have friends.

    As a retired military officer who spent much of his life preparing for war with Russia and also much of his life working with Russia, I think the expansion of NATO after the WTO was dissolved was a tragic error.

    We also face the same enemy, those who follow Mohamed and want to act like him.

    Russia unlike Mexico, Spain, France, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, China, N Korea, N Vietnam, the armies of Islam and others sent their military forces to kill us.

    They sold us Alaska and paid the heaviest payments in blood against Hitler.

    Dave Baskett

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    • Defiant says:

      Its around a 20 years old design its parent engine the RD-170 is around 30+years old that was the liquid booster for the Energia carrier, the RD-180 is a cut in half upgraded version of that, the US. tried to copy it Russia sent them the blueprints and the metallurgy but they have failed, so they have just ordered another batch of 60 RD-180’s worth $3billion and signed the contract for the new RD-181 for the Antares, meanwhile ESA started to use the Soyuz 2 at French Guyana.
      Anyways, its good to know that people especially former military dont want to see Russians in a bodybag like a US. General Ret. stated a few days ago on TV.
      Im Hungarian born and raised in Hungary and I dont hate the Russians, its the exact opposite, I know they have done things in the past but wich country hasnt, I could also hate Germany or the US. but I dont, I see Russia as a strong independent nation with rich history and proud people whom have saved Europe from the nazis probably the whole planet, but the satanic globalists want to bring them down just like the US. and the EU even at the cost of WWIII so that they can take global controll over the planet and every lifeform on it, aka full spectrum dominance.
      Good luck to you guys taking back your country you will need it.

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  3. skreamer says:

    Russia/America run by the illuminati………..this is all bullshit to suck you in!

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