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UN demands open borders for Europe

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François Crépeau, the United Nation’s special rapporteur on human rights of migrants, has said the final “solution for Europe” is for it give up on immigration and to have open borders.

“I don’t see any other solution for Europe,” he said. “They need to open the borders.”

“European states need to create an operation where saving lives is the first objective.”

Joel Millman, a press officer for the International Organization for Migration echoed Crépeau’s call for open borders.

“We appreciate border security is a shared responsibility. We don’t think everybody should be allowed in, not terrorists or pedophiles. But you can’t ignore certain truths here. Europe is close to massive conflict zones” he said.

“We need to open up the channels of legal resettlement”

“The EU can’t escape it. This is their future. They should actually embrace it,” Millman said.

Traitors and sellouts are really pushing for open borders in Europe, even Pope Francis has demand Europe open its borders.

The majority of Europe is already against massive immigration, but all the buffoon politicians in power refuse to accept our opinion.

All these open borders policies will irreparably change our European culture based on Christian moral values, freedoms and technological progression. People from other continents don’t share our mentality and most of the time they want us to change and become like them and forget about our culture and our way of life but even if hypothetically our culture would be worse then theirs, still no one has the right to destroy our culture in this way, for according to UN’s definition of genocide, this is exactly what’s happening in Europe.

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  • Angus

    Why don’t muslim asylum seekers go to Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates , Oman, Saudi Arabia or any of the other rich muslim countries? These are Islamic countries therefore more suitable for them.

    How has any European country benefited by opening it’s borders to non-Europeans? Do they make Europe a safer place to live? Have they made Europe great? Are they good for tourism? Do they bring anything positive to Europe? Do they respect the citizens of Europe and the customs? Do they support themselves without burdening the tax payers? Do they love Europe or what they can get from her?

    Do they victimize the European people in large proportions to their small numbers? Wouldn’t crimes against the European people foreshadow their true intentions? Do they trash up the areas they inhabit in Europe? If they victimize the host country’s people and trash up their land after they have been given a new start at life, wouldn’t that be like a direct “screw you”? Do they demand you to change your ways and customs so they can tolerate you? Do they respect the peoples government? Your family? Your people? Your culture?

    If they are guilty of three of these questions then It would be safe to say they should not be in Europe. There is more harm than good for Europe and her people.

    If a European country don’t let the hoards flood their land they are called “racist” and “Nazis” if they let them in, their country will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country and it’s people? Wake up before it’s too late.

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  • Ron

    Kill François Crépeau. Murder him. Rip out his guts and let him die in the street.

    And do the same to all white-genocide promoting UN assholes. Now.

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