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UKIP wants anti-discrimination laws gone

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The leader of the UK Independence Party, UKIP, has sparked outrage again, this time, for saying that Britain no longer needs laws on racial discrimination at work.

The head of the anti-mass immigration, anti-European Union party, Nigel Farage, says the anti-discrimination laws should be repealed as the racism is not a problem for the country anymore.

“Discrimination legislation had been necessary in the past but we’ve moved way beyond”, he said during an interview with BBC radio.

In a documentary to be screened next week, Farage reportedly said he would repeal much of the legislation to stop employers hiring staff on the basis of ethnicity and gender.

He insisted that businesses are burdened with regulations and scrapping of such laws would allow to hire British workers, from any ethnic background, rather than immigrants.

Many Islamist invaders to Britain who call themselves “analysts” call Farage’s statements a trick to appease young Britons ahead of the UK parliamentary elections. Of course they said that, why wouldn’t they protest the abolition of a law that basically treats them as favorites despite the fact that they are nothing more than just simple classic good old fashioned invaders.

“The fact of the matter is we do have a problem with racism and fascism is on the rise and indeed Islamophobia is one the rise and what he is saying that he wants to abolish the laws is actually a negative point not actually for the ethnic minorities but for everyone because this also protects white people and the indigenous population” said Massoud Shadjareh, head of the Islamic Human Rights Commission from London.

The question we would like to ask Massoud Shadjareh is how exactly is this invader preferential law protecting white people. Protecting them from what? From having a job? Even though there have been countless Muslim crimes against native white Britons, no one ever used this law to call these horrible events anti-white, or racist against whites, or whatever stupid term they use against whites. No Muslim or any other non-white immigrant was ever accused of Hate Crimes, not even in the recent British scandal where Muslims were caught grooming thousands of British girls, most of whom minors. Some of the British media dared to ask if it was a hate crime but no one ever dared to call it a hate crime. It’s one thing to bluntly point out that it was and another with rhetorically asking a question…

Invaders to the EU always like to play the race card, playing the victim. They come uninvited to the EU in millions, they never adopt the European way of life and then they start complain that we, the Europeans are racist, nazi, bigoted, xenophobic and WHATEVER other stupid terms for not liking them. Why should we like them? Would Saudis for example like Europeans if they went to their country as permanent immigrants, keep practicing Christianity, don’t learn their language, steal their jobs and leave them jobless, steal their women, receive millions upon millions of dollars for social welfare in Saudi taxpayer money, and then when the Saudis complain about the Europeans the Europeans call the Saudis names such as nazis, racists. The question is, would they like that? No they wouldn’t and Christianity is illegal in Saudi Arabia like in most other Islamic countries yet Muslims dare to call for Shariah in Britain. These people have forgot their place and politicians like Mr. Farage needs to remind them who we are, who they are, and WHERE they are.

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One Response to " UKIP wants anti-discrimination laws gone "

  1. JC says:

    The indigenous white population of the UK are still asleep. In their defence they have been drugged with “the love of money” a distraction that Islam does not so readily buy, yet wide screen TV or the latest gizmo is so appealing, the joneses next door got one of those, I better get one too. What the UK is experiencing is Genocide by the back door, displacement of the indigenous population, Whit English, aided and abetted by the Zionist bought and paid for government of the day.

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