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“Prepare For Nuclear War” Russia Warns Citizens As US Tanks Flood Into Europe

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A new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Ministry of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief (MChS) has issued an order for all companies employers to prepare for nuclear war, while at the same time the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has slammed the US for flooding Europe with tanks and armored vehicles.

According to this report, the MChS issued their order on 16 March to companies and employers to immediately provide their workers with radiation suits and gas masks as part of the “war orders” issued by President Putin. and which we had previously reported on.

With these “war orders” being necessitated after the uncovering of a United Kingdom plot to launch a nuclear first-strike against the Federation this week, a situation made even graver after the arrest Tuesday (17 March) of US Navy Captain Heather E. Cole for her failing to, likewise, launch American nuclear weapons against Russia on Monday (16 March) this report continues, the Kremlin remains “alarmed” that no one seems to be in charge of the United States anymore.

Raising this “state of alarm” even higher, this report says, was that Federal Security Service (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov has still been unable to contact President Barack Obama whom he had just met during a private White House visit a few weeks ago in Washington D.C. wherein the American leader stated he may not be able to stop this war.

With massive combat operations now existing in all of the Federations 9 time zones, the MoD further states in this report, the General Staff has ordered the immediate deployment to combat status of tens-of-thousands more troops bringing the number to over 80,000 now preparing for war.

The MoD further confirms in this report that the Federations strategic nuclear bombers have been mobilized in Crimea and that Iskander nuclear missiles are now being deployed in the Kaliningrad region, which borders Poland and Lithuania, too.

Important to note, this MoD report says, are that the Federations military actions are solely in response to the aggressive war moves of the United States against Russia, which includes tomorrows start of the US Army’s 1,100 mile armored column journey along the western border, dubbed “Dragoon Ride”, comprised of American troops from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment and the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade (providing air support).

Equally important note, this report continues, is that the threat against the Federations northern border with Norway, where thousands of Norwegian troops continue their “Joint Viking” deployment of armored vehicles and artillery against Russia, continues with no end in sight.

Most ominously, however, MoD experts in this report say, was President Obama’s order this week to immediately deploy to Germany 800 tracked and wheeled vehicles, which when combined with the 220 Abrams main battle tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles the US has sent to Eastern Europe, the 120 Abrams battle tanks and armored vehicles sent to Latvia, and the hundreds of other tanks and armored vehicles stuffed into Norwegian caves for a US Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB)…all within the past 8 months…the addition of these estimated 1,400 “vehicles of war” to Europe by the Americans clearly show the deadly intentions of the West against Russia.

And to anyone doubting the intentions of the US in wanting to wage war against Russia, this report grimly reminds everyone, it was just 11 months ago that the Obama regime was trumpeting its removal from Europe of America’s last remaining battle tank on the continent, and as we can, in part, read as reported by the Stars and Stripes News Service on 19 April 2014:

“Amidst the still-ongoing crisis in Ukraine, the Obama administration is moving the last U.S. battle tanks from Germany and, thus, from Europe.

At the same time, the Pentagon also is disbanding two of the U.S. Army’s heavy brigades in Germany. Last year, the 170th Infantry out of Baumholder disbanded, while the 172nd Separate Infantry Brigade at Grafenwöhr is in the process of doing the same.

John Vandiver reports for Stars and Stripes, April 4, 2014, that the U.S. Army’s 69-year history of basing main battle tanks on German soil quietly ended last month when 22 Abrams tanks, a main feature of armored combat units throughout the Cold War, embarked for the U.S.

On March 18, the remaining tanks were loaded up at the 21st Theater Sustainment Command’s (TSC) railhead in Kaiserslautern where they then made the journey to the shipping port in Bremerhaven, Germany. There they boarded a ship bound for South Carolina.

“There is no [U.S.] tank on German soil. It’s a historic moment,” said 21st TSC spokesman Lt. Col. Wayne Marotto.”

As to why and how our world went from last April when no US battle tanks remained in Europe, to 11 months later when they continue to flood onto the continent in the hundreds and thousands, and in the face of a massive Russian military response, should be plain to see for anyone caring to.

Now all that remains to happen is the “planned” false flag incident forcing us all into a war very few will ever know the true reasons for, but which the majority of whom, sadly, will also become its casualties.


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  • Defiant

    I hope americans will take back their country from the satanist elitist banksters and their minions before its too late for everybody, the future will be either like in Star Trek or Mad Max, its up to the US. but anyhow they decide they will share the same fate.

    • Andre

      Fortunately the socialist/communist movement has lost control over Russia, but unfortunately it has now taken over control of the USA en the EU.

      • Meister A. Weishaupt

        Have faith, we will return … buh!

      • Cameron

        Star Trek is a socialist utopia, and Mad Max is a capitalist wasteland.

        • Defiant

          Its a communist utopia not socialist, in socialism a small elite is controlling all of the resources, in communism the people have unlimited acces to resources and tech thats why in reality communism was never implemented anywhere on the planet, only hardcore socialism, look up for what CCCP stands for its not communism its Socialism, the same is true about capitalism, you cant be a real capitalist in a rigged system where the worst sociopaths climb to the top on the back of the others, thats called crony capitalism, so in reality there was never a true communist or capitalistic system on this planet, a Star Trek style society would be a good start, Mad Max not so much.
          Thanks for reading.

        • truthnseeker

          Americans living in the most extreme capitalist system that ever existed on planet earth believe that robbing the poor for the elitist/bankers benefits is communism sadly some Europeans think so too, as Putin said they have the ability to call black white n white black and their people believe them, so i expect things will never change in the usa

    • OneCitizenOfTheRepublic

      EU Times (Pravda lite)…you guys are so funny. Really! What a bunch of hooey. LOL


    • As an american id love to have a star trek way of life. we dont work for pay we work to advance. how i wish…

    • opened minded

      If Russia tells israel, that the first nuclear missile is aimed at them! We will not have to have a war.

    • truthnseeker

      in the well “informed” land of the “free” the home of the homeless where millions have no income no prospects no roof over their heads or medical care n their “great” government keeps giving billions to the financial crooks n trillions to the arms industry a capitalist system so extreme yet the Americans call it communist the pot calling the kettle dirty is an Understatement with mentality like that/ Real Americans have No chance

    • tuc

      We are trying to take back the country right now, but there is no one coming to help us…We will prevail.

  • John

    This article is not true. If you want the truth read the article in military.com. She was a communication offer that failed in her duties. No relation to anything nuclear.Bunk bunk bunk!!!!

    • DragonLady

      @John, there were actually 3 articles. 1 stated the same as this one. the other 2 gave off the wall comments. But, at this point, I put NOTHING past OBAMA……

    • I agree with you, John. This is cheap journalism. Which country in the world would benefit from nuclear war?

      • Law of One

        It is not a country that will benefit but a minority of elite. Countries are just concepts with imaginary borders that are used to divide and conquer us

    • Jonny witnessed it

      =)) =)) =)) Then explain the aerial conflict that NATO and Russia had that shot down two NOAT F16’s? I heard the Transmissions myself on the USAF Messaging Frequency on webSDR. We are at conflict and WW3 has already begun. The US dollar is tanking because everyone joined up with Chinas new monetary system. America=Fucked.

  • Billyjoeraybobjohnboy smith

    If we wanted to go to war with Russia wouldn’t them invading another country be a good excuse?

    • Defiant

      They havent invaded anybody, Crimea was always Russian, and according to law its legal to station 25.000 troops there, the local Russian troops only responded to a threat orchestrated by the US. putting a bunch of braindead nazis and oligarchs in power toppling the democratically elected govt in Kiev. Whom first thing to do was to designate the Russian minority as “sub-Humans” like nazis did in WWII, ban Russian language, and start genociding the Russian population in Mariupol, look it up, thats when the civil war started.

      Looking at the genocide in the east, Russia did the right thing, no civs died in Crimea and thousends died in east ukraine, Russia only secured their people and assets like the Black Sea port at Sevastopol.

      Aside from that the US. invaded 10+countries in the last 15 years killing millions in the process, and for what? Oil and geostrategical locations.

      Read a bit about your own casulties as well, middle east is getting a bit too expensive for the US. in Human lifes.



      • DDD

        Defiant, you are one typical soviet TROLL.

        • Defiant

          No hit johnny boy, sorry, try again.

      • Ice Viking

        Get an education, for real.

      • Mira

        BULLSHIT, Defiant!!! where did you come from? another planet? How long have lived in the Eastern region of Ukraine? What kind of genocide are talking about ? First learn and then open your uneducated mouth.

    • Jonny witnessed it

      I see where you are coming from, but getting a load of Americans to get behind another war would definitely ruin their plans.

  • the Amercan gov. shown not respect
    and give a shit about American citizens. and any other county
    When Germany Invaded Austria we went to world war. When the US Invaded Afganistan They pumped opiates into american blood and called it medicine. Now That comet will come by and perm EMP or restore magic and Floods.

  • Ben

    This article is not true. Operation Dragon Ride is an exercise. In order to mount an invasion or attack the U.S. would need massive air support, equipment hundreds of times in numbers than these, and hundreds of thousands of troops. The U.S. communications officer Heather Cole who was relieved of command had nothing to do with launching nuclear weapons. In a real war, thousands of officers would be engaged in such an activity–not one. The Russians might consider that some U.S. military activities might be for a contingency with Iran. We have great respect for Russia and have no advantages or suicidal ideation about a war with them. Yours truly, Ben Novick U.S. Intel (retired).

    • Perambulator

      The picture used in this propaganda piece was from nearly years ago, and shows American equipment in South Korea.


      The stories of ‘attempts’ to launch a nuclear strike against Russia made me laugh out loud.

    • Mike

      Thank you for clarification. I didn’t think it was true either.

      • Perambulator

        No problem, its pretty easy to disprove this Kremlin propaganda. I just do it for fun sometimes.

        The same rubbish usually originates from some government mouth piece like RT or TASS, then it gets ’embellished’ on the ‘crazy paid for blogs’, which then get quoted as a ‘trusted source’ by the slightly less crazy looking sites like this, then it ends up being syndicated across the Kremlin blogosphere, comment sections of western newspapers, and eventually the narrative is set in stone for the Putin worshipers and other lunatics.

        I noticed that TASS were also using this picture, and they also edit it to remove the YonHap (South Korean news outlet) watermark, but they at least credit YonHap in tiny letters.


        If the US moves say 20 Abrams tanks and 40 Bradley fighting vehicles, TASS and RT say it is ‘giving 120 tanks to Latvia’. By the time the crazy blogs get hold of it, it has become 800 US tanks at the Latvian border about to invade Russia. If Obama sneezes in public, it is a ‘failed attempted first strike on the Russian Federation’.

        When Russia conducts exercises with 40,000 troops next to the Ukrainian border, sends nuclear capable bombers from the 1950s clunking around European skies with their transponders off, it is ‘ensuring readiness to defend against western aggression’. Of course while condemning Europe and the US for having military forces, the narrative is always ‘but Russia has more and better!!!’.

        It is laughable, but dangerous too. As enough Russians are fed this BS every day and begin to believe it, so Putin has the narrative, context and domestic support to send the Russian military on crazy, unpredictable and of course deadly adventures.

        The poor sods end up dying in Ukraine not to serve Russia, but are victims of Putin’s mental problems and ego, and their families are never told why their sons died.

        And any other lunatic with a grudge is now convinced that their Tin Foil hat conspiracy theories are true.

        • Ice Viking

          Finally, basic logic. Thank you.


          But now it is 120 US vehicles & about 2000 US troops @Latvia,Adazi 2nd Troops batallion camp.Seems you are brainwashed too?!?

        • R2D2

          Must I start tearing your stupid Statements to shreds.

    • EstaticVibes

      Absolutely true Ben the U.S. has great respect for Russia. The article is completely false no truth to it.

    • romulo pracuelles

      :-8 agree with your thoughts sir.

  • Tommy

    There are way to many lunatic reporters out there dangerously sensationalizing the story. Pack your bags for eternity, pray and wait until you see the nuclear blast, then we will all know for sure.

  • EstaticVibes

    We the people need to take back our country for the benefit of the planet. So we can as a Nation can be a part of the solution not a part of the problem.

    • Tommy

      The problem is…. how do “we the people” take control of a lawless and corrupt government with law enforcement and military at it’s disposal to defend them through marshal law? An uprising would be mass suicide. Just as the Jews were, we are like cattle being led to the slaughter.

      The bible has warned us that “perilous times will come”… and we have reached that point many times over. Thankfully, it’s coming in waves allowing time for adjusting and preparation. The only answer short of dying for a cause that can’t be won is to get in God’s corner and be spiritually ready for what may come.

  • This is fake news. Please don’t believe a word of this. Relations are getting better in Crimea and the Ukraine, and there is no more tension between the 2 states. Putin never ordered anything pertaining to Nuclear war, This story is nothing but trolling

  • Simon

    What the hell is this bullshit? It makes my mind cringe, among other things it claims that “Massive combat operations now exist in all of the Federations 9 time zones” and that the United Kingdom had planned a nuclear first strike on Russia, AND that the US currently should be without leadership…. wtf???

    • Epie Arnaud

      Where are we heading to eh humans

      • Michael Santore

        Armageddon. Know Jesus!

  • Rob Ouellette

    I live right across the pond fron these scum bags one day we will war over water and I will put their heads on spikes around my farm. FUSCK THE USA

    • Aaron

      What are you so mad aboot? Eh? Be good canadian and say your sorry

    • Phuq Obama

      Are you really that stupid to believe such a story? Well you are Canadian so I guess yes you are the stupid. Come on you know that Russia has been invading Eastern Europe and is trying to rebuild the old Soviet Union. Don’t be so stupid and don’t think anyone in the US takes Canadian threats seriously. If it wasn’t for the US you’d be speaking Russian right now.


      Canadian citizen have brains!!!thats good :- D

    • Your wife’s lover

      Fuck you pussy ass bitch. You couldn’t touch the U.S we would skull fuck you with an M-4 round and saw you down with a M249

  • Patrick

    its bullshit / fake. uncovering of a United Kingdom plot to launch a nuclear first-strike against the Federation this week? what a lot of bollocks hahaha

  • Phuq Obama

    Can there be any bigger pile of BS than this. Of course there was no planned attack. That’s just Russian propaganda. The US nor the UK have made any moves toward attacking Russia. It’s the Russians who are invading Eastern Europe and trying to rebuild the old Soviet Union.

  • skreamer

    We need to deal with the real cause of this problem…………hippies!
    Before they kill us all!

    • Defiant

      You spelled satanic globalist banksters and their minions wrong.

  • GhostDog

    ARE THEY FOR REAL????. i have been waiting and praying for world war since my childhood . Today I meet the love of my life the first and only so far. ,Oh i havent checked the news for 2 days .shiiiiiiiiit.

  • bedazzled

    watched a convoy of articulated lorries , millitary trailers carrying ammo heading towards the port of hull ,, hull to rotterdam ferry , so heading into europe , a whole lot of firepower , with military escort and moved at night around 1130 pm ,

    make of that what you will ,, but if it was for middle east then wrong port it would be heading south from hull

    • Elias Johnson

      America is asleep! They will be awake soon. Thanks for sharing your truth!

    • Uncialle

      Please tell me what “articulated lorries” are.

  • Todd B

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAH :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) #-o #-o #-o #-o #-o #-o #-o

    Some of you actually believe this bull?? All I can say again is….

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAH :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) #-o #-o #-o #-o #-o #-o #-o

    • Todd B

      Pretty damn funny, two people vote down on my comment… I guess the TRUTH does not want to be told here…

      It is just amazing some of you people actually think this stuff is real… wow…

      • Msw3681 sw

        You were voted down for being a twat.

  • Andy

    Yeah, right.
    Don’t believe everything you read on-line!

  • Uncialle

    Those are Bradley personnel carriers without the main gun turret and without the machine gun turret, not tanks per se.

  • Mark Patton

    Prepare for nuke war? Awww just surprise me!

  • Janet Chepulis

    Nuclear war, If that happens, we are all dead.. will not have to worry about anything anymore. Even to mention it as a threat is bad.

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