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Moscow Bomb Shelters Begin To Fill As Russia Prepares For War

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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that President Putin has “effectively warned” both the United States and European Union that British Prime Minister David Cameron “must be removed” in order to avert the catastrophic consequences of total war.

According to this report, President Putin and other top officials were put under the “protection” of the MoD during the past fortnight after intelligence reports revealed a planned nuclear first-strike against the Federation planned by Prime Minister Cameron due to occur this week…and which we had previously reported on in our 14 March report titled Russia Warns “State Of War” Exists As UK Nukes Prepare First Strike.

To if the United States has been complicate in this planned nuclear attack by Prime Minister Cameron against the Federation this MoD report leaves uncertain; based upon information obtained by Federal Security Service (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov after his private White House meeting with President Barack Obama a few weeks ago.

Also, and as we had reported on 15 March in our report titled Obama Meets With Top Russian Spy, Warns He Can’t Stop War, and the MoD again states in their new report today, no one in the Kremlin is even sure if President Obama is in control of his own nation anymore after US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland “raged” last week at Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov claiming that former Vice President Richard “Dick” Cheney was in charge of the United States now.

Even worse, this MoD report continues, regardless of who is in charge of the US right now, a “de facto state of war” now exists between the Federation and America after the Obama regimes statement yesterday that their sanctions against Russia would, basically, go on forever as the Federation will never allow Crimea to retaken by the Nazi-led government of Ukraine.

The total war plans ordered by President Putin in response to this extraordinary threat, this report further notes, were made under MoD “supervision and consultation” over the past fortnight at the highly secretive, and mammoth, underground Mount Yamantau complex in the Ural Mountains and include offensive, defensive, covert, and psychological measures intended to prevent total war…but in failing in that effort the Federation would then “massively respond” against the West using all of their capabilities, including “nuclear options”.

Interesting to note in this MoD report is how it details one of the psychological measures used in this total war plan that included this past Sunday’s television documentary wherein President Putin for the first time publically admitted that he privately threatened the West with nuclear war over the Crimea crisis… and which, likewise, we had reported on in our 24 February 2014 report titled Putin Orders Troops To Crimea Passes, Warns NATO Of War.

This MoD report states that this specific psychological measure employed by President Putin in publicly admitting to his private threat to use nuclear weapons to protect the Federation was intended to “alert” the citizens of both the US and EU to “grave and horrific dangers” they were facing due to the secret war actions of their governments without their knowing.

On Monday upon his return to Moscow, this MoD report continues, President Putin than initiated further actions of the Federations total war plan which include:

1.) The immediate opening of Moscow’s 5,000 new bomb shelters President Putin had ordered built in 2010 and which were completed in 2012.

2.) The immediate transferring to these bomb shelters all critical equipment and personnel belonging to the Central Clinical Hospital and Polyclinic Office of the President of the Russian Federation (CCHP).

3.) The immediate deployment of nuclear ballistic missile systems to Russia’s westernmost Kaliningrad region.

4.) The immediate deployment of strategic nuclear bombers to Crimea.

5.) The immediate activation to full combat alert of all Airborne forces in the northwest.

6.) The immediate activation of the tens of thousands of troops belonging to the Northern Fleet and Western Military District to full combat alert.

7.) The immediate activation of Siberian air defense forces.

As this nationwide show of force is currently ongoing, this MoD report says, Belarus military forces have put their forces on full combat alert too and joined their Russian counterparts in this strategic offensive as, likewise, Ukraine has issued plans and aggressive maps, showing an attack of Crimea and also Kuban [region in southern Russia] by the Ukrainian Army, with the support of NATO navies.

Even though the Administrator-General of the Eurasian Observatory for Democracy & Elections (EODE), Alexander Mosesov, has stated that “Nobody in NATO is ready to pay the price of this sort of war [with Russia over Crimea], which can involve a nuclear conflict and a third world war. Only the Kiev Junta, with its team of adventurous far-right and low-level politicians can dream of this sort of military aggression”, MoD experts in this report state that the continued aggressive war actions by the US and EU, combined with the continued demonization of President Putin and Russia people in the Western press, seems to prove they do, indeed, want nothing but total war.

And with Special Assistant to the US President Celeste Wallander stating earlier today that President Obama was “well aware” of President Putin’s nuclear war threat, this MoD report chillingly concludes, the West has still failed to assure the Federation that Prime Minister Cameron will be removed from office, or even more dangerously, that they will be able to stop this total war at all.


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28 Responses to " Moscow Bomb Shelters Begin To Fill As Russia Prepares For War "

  1. Halvor says:

    Reposting email from Sisters of Sorcha Faal

    As nearly all of you have noticed, the Sisters website WhatDoesItMean.com is currently offline…as to why this has happened is another story…I’ll do my best to explain…

    Yesterday the Sisters posted a report titled “Moscow Bomb Shelters Begin To Fill As Russia Prepares For War”.

    As of right now the only site you can view/read this report is on the EU Times website at http://www.eutimes.net/2015/03/moscow-bomb-shelters-begin-to-fill-as-russia-prepares-for-war/

    Unfortunately, within a few hours of the posting of this report the server hosting WhatDoesItMean.com was “fatally” attacked causing complete hardware destruction. (This means the actual physical server was destroyed along with all of the data it contained.)

    Like all servers, however, the data contained within/on it is always backed up multiple times a day to other servers located all around the world.

    Unfortunately, again, one of the servers holding backup data for WhatDoesItMean.com located in the Black Sea region of Russia in the city of Stavropol was “attacked” by what is being initially described as an “EMP-like” attack. You can view video of this at: http://rt.com/news/241629-russia-ufo-flash-light/

    What is happening now is that the destroyed server has been replaced and is currently undergoing a more extensive technical examination to see what exactly happened.

    The new server, meanwhile, is undergoing an upload of data being retrieved from multiple other servers where backup information was stored…except from the server in Stavropol.

    As to when WhatDoesItMean.com will be back online? The current estimate is, and I’ll quote one of the tech experts exactly: “Looking at the current restoration rate, I’d say at least several more hours – potentially more.”

    This estimate was given at 09:05 (UTC/GMT).

    Now as bad as this situation is it could have been worse, much worse!

    Here’s why…the attack that destroyed our server wasn’t launched against us alone as preliminary trace route analysis shows over 15,000 servers throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East were attacked too.

    The type of attack used against us and these other servers was designed to “hijack” them while at the same time making them appear to still be under the administration/control of their owner/users.

    The “digital weapon” used in this attack has initially been identified as a variant of Stuxnet…you can read more about Stuxnet at this link:


    As to why the WhatDoesItMean.com server was destroyed instead of being hijacked is a question there is no answer to at this time….but when we know you will too.

    To why this “digital weapon” was used against so many servers over the past nearly 14 hours is another question that has no answer to it.

    To who is capable of launching such a global attack is, also, unanswerable…except to note that only governments or large multi-national corporations have the massive resources and capabilities to do so.

    And finally, to how many thousands of websites are operating right now in “hijack mode”, and/or for what reason/purpose, is a question not able to be answered either.

    All the best,

    Sisters of Sorcha Faal


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    • Jackie Bugdale says:

      Great way to stir up sympathy and recruit “volunteers” to go to the Donbass. Meanwhile let your citizens Russian, shit their pants believing this drivel. =))

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      • ron says:

        Here is the newest info from our government on what to do…”when you hear the sirens go off, quickly grab a straight back chair, sit down and then bend way over and kiss your ass goodbye!!”

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  2. Nick says:

    Well if the bankers have systematically toppled government after government in the name of “defense” while thousands of miles from their boarders.

    The bankers policy of divide and conquer of soverign nations must come to an end. They cry defense while they take their gold, cede out key businesses to deprive that country of ever being strong again and making sure they will be paying off debt with no way out while ensuring they trade everything in US dollars…in the name of defense of a threat which they created.

    They attempted to overthrow the Russia government with propaganda and sanctions but failed. It had an opposite effect now Putin has an approval of 85% so they only way they can ever control Russia is to ‘reset’ it. Country, civilians, culture, and If the bankers succeed against Russia, China know they will be next so its no secret the response to a first strike will be armegeddon.

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  3. Kenneth T. Tellis says:

    Russia is within her rights to do what she can to bring a return to democracy in the, where the .. engineered the coup d’état that removed the elected government of Yanukovych and replaced it with a puppet government handpicked by the U.S.


    Thus the U.S. and the E.U. are now in a quandary, because that have taken on a bigger task than they envisioned. tHEY LOSTTHE GAMBLE AND NOW BLAME RUSSIA FOR THE DEBACLE!!

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    • nick says:

      Canada is owned by the 911 terrorist zionists, dumbass. EU Times is mossad 911 terrorists pushing for all of us to destroy each other and then they come in and rule…lol…eff them!

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  4. Von says:

    That is correct Kenneth, usa has never fought a war directly with any country ever. Instead usa brings other coward countries poppet’s thirsty for money and willing to bend over and pull down their pants unconditionally to its oppressors.
    In the other hand, usa-uk know how powerful Russia is, and they are afraid of them and they should be with the right reasons they indeed are the most powerful country in the whole world !!

    If in any case worse case scenario, if Russia could be loosing the war, at the end they will create mayhem, chaos and furthermore the end of humanity will be thanks to the western cowards.

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    • Midkemia says:

      Von, you are spoon fed Muslim. If it was not for the USA, your pretty litttle sorry ass country would not be around. Talk about pussies.

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    • matt says:

      usa has never direclty fought a war directly? you must be an idiot, read up on history, your were the first we fought directly

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      • James Maxwell says:

        I think that you need to get away from Common Core Ignorance and actually study history. Yes we have back out Allies and we have also waged war face to face
        with our enemies when time arises. America is a peaceful Nation unless
        provoked. We are slow to anger but when pushed to it we can declare and
        commit to total War and the destruction of our enemies. The resolve of our
        people is never in question but the lack of resolve is a problem with our
        political cowards in office especially today.

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        • phil says:

          There is no enemies! i have no enemies in any part of the world much the same as nobody has enemies in another part of the world. The only enemies are the politicians of one part of the world that don’t submit to the demands and control of other politicians from another part of the world. Then politicians fabricate bs propaganda to have the general population they are being attacked/threatened by strangers across the globe for some pathetic reasons, fabricate attacks and say it’s attacks from people from another region/country/religion and subsequently then gets the support and commitment of populations to support war against the fabricated aggressor nation/country and the braindead/programmed/deceived population lineup with guns (military) to go kill innocent people of another nation in the name of “peace” or restoring peace?


          So by going and killing a heap of stranger fathers, mothers and children this will somehow have the population of the dead men/women, fathers, mothers and children feel like they’re getting or achieving piece?

          What bloody braindead idiot would believe in such stupidity?

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          • blavatsky says:


            What goes around, comes around.

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          • dnhook says:

            The French can thank the Americans that they are not speaking German today. However, you’ll soon be speaking Arabic.

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      • deej says:

        i thought it was the french who did most of the fighting in that war, or was it most of the winning?

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        • MisterS says:

          no… they were busy making white flags… lol

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    • England would be Germany along with all the Countries east of you if it was not for us. Eventually Russia would have been if we did not attack from the west or deployed to England. Learn history jack ass, by the way, Americans kicked you Brits out and took this Country from the UK in the Revolutionary War, ALONE. We have the biggest Navy and strongest Military in the world, you are dreaming… Why do you think N.Korea, Russia always threatens Nukes. A conventional War they have NO Chance at all.

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      • ernesto says:

        Its thinking like that,which makes it a sad day to be an American.. we might have a strong military but our leader has the spine of a rattlesnake.. America is the laughing stock of the world.. do u have a bomb shelter under your house, me either. Were gona need one if we dont stand up and see obama is the puppet for the us government. And know that they dont give two fucks about you or me…but i bet they got a bomb shelter for when the shit hits tha fan.. tha way its lookin it getting closer. There wasnt the threat of thermo nuclear war during tha revolutionary war just muskets and cannons.. America is so weak we could easily be invaded or strategically bombed at any time

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      • Deano says:

        Only an American would come out with that one!..ALONE!!!!! =))
        France provided a whopping 90 percent of the rebels’ gunpowder. Without France, the entire American Revolution would have devolved into a bunch of dudes swinging their muskets as clubs within weeks.
        Without France & Spain.. but Alone…. speaks volumns..
        Name one war you have actually won… ALONE!
        ohhh theres always Mexico!!

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  5. The Zionist controlled USA, UK & NATO are hopelessly out matched by Russia rising to lead Humanity,,, the old destructive Rothschild paradigm is coming to an end & I say bring it on,

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    • Mervyn says:

      As Count St. Germane advised old man Rothschild to start a world trust
      to help the poor, maybe the Rothschild’s who run the UN. have finally decided to
      heed Count St. Germanes advice and give all the poor in the world a basic living income.
      Now we need these bankers to advise the Governments of the world to make peace with
      each other and all black operations cease. They must also stop poisoning our Beloved Earth
      with these toxic chemicals. Only then will they be blessed.
      Today the mission of the reincarnated Count St. Germane is to call humanities
      attention to the New Spirituality that the servant of eternal Love Dr. R. Rudolf Steiner has given selflessly to us.

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  6. Chad Hansen says:

    damnit im stuck in america…… i need to leave……. my son my family i dont want any side to lose or win i just want to keep my family safe…… stop the banker’s and stop war but do we really have to bomb each other… cant we just not work with each other…..fuck fuck fuck

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  7. Malakie says:

    You know what concerns me? That the stuff being written in these articles could be construed by others to be completely factual based… and thus cause them to react based on bad information. Or is that the intent of these stories?

    Another story on this website is about a U.S. military Commander that was just relieved of duty. She is in the chain of command for our triad.

    The story on this website reads as if it is confirmed fact that she refused to launch nuclear weapons or pass along the command to do so etc.. Which is BULLSHIT. While she has been relieved, the actual reason is not yet known but it sure as hell was not because she refused a launch order.

    How do I know? Because I was in the U.S. Navy and part of the system and I know how things work.

    But let’s just use a little common sense first… Let’s say she did refuse such an order for sake of argument.. She is just ONE cog in the wheel.. And her authority ONLY deals with certain U.S. Navy systems.. it has NO bearing nor command authority over U.S. Air Force, U.S. Missile Command nor U.S. Army nuclear forces.

    So how come all those other commanders did not launch if such an order was actually real and given? And how come they were not relieved then for the same reason?

    I can tell you why… Because the story about why she was relieved found on this website is bullshit made up crap.

    I am starting to think this website is apparently just another one of those that takes certain stories out of context, adds a bunch of bullshit to the story, twists things around to make it sound oh so dramatic then passes it off as real just to try and get a scare out there.

    Or is that the point.. You are so lonely and dejected in your real life that you actually really WANT this to happen.. you actually sit there praying and hoping above all hope that nukes fly because you have some deranged romantic idea of how things will be afterword and all will be so much better…

    Well, should you ever get your wish and IF you even survive initially, you WILL live to regret it because survival will NOT be long in coming for ANYONE on this planet. Once supplies run out, how do you expect to survive? You intend on eating irradiated animals and plants? You intend on drinking irradiated water? You going to try and plant food in irradiated ground and HOPE the sun appears as well for light?

    Mankind will NOT survive a nuclear event. No one anywhere on the planet will survive because ultimately even those that do stay alive for up to 6 months after, will end up dying because there will be no food, no water and no way to make any more because everything will be contaminated…. unless of course you are one of the very few that have a space in a nuclear hardened, NBC protected under ground shelter fully equipped for growing its own food, making water and more..

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    • Mervyn says:

      And then an Eartquake and a volcanoe will destroy their bomb shelters. Only the most insane, nihilistic beast from hell would even dream of a nuclear war. To prevent it the American army and civilians should overthrow the Government and leave the Ukraine.

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  8. crobnson says:

    What I would like to know is, is this true or a bunch of BS? If it is a bunch of BS, why put it out here. The idea of going to war with Russia has got to be at the top of the list of the mostly frightening thoughts.

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    • Malakie says:

      Pretty much the reason I wrote what I did.. It is almost like some people are ‘hoping’ it actually happens… almost like they are fantasizing about it..

      If this were real, I would think we would be hearing a lot more chatter out there (internet) about it… and even people on this website would be going freaking nuts/bonkers because it would be obvious an attack is really forthcoming and nukes are going to be actually flying.

      So far, this is the ONLY website that is making any such claim.. Not even some of the other out there conspiracy sites are talking about this so I am thinking it is just another bunch of bullshit..

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      • crobnson says:

        After I read this I went out and did some serious searching. Nothing. Not a word anywhere else about this.

        Something this big would have definitely made its way around by now. This site is really, really sad. This is not something to joke about.

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  9. Malakie says:

    Some of the replies are funny as heck.. The ‘believers’ talk like there will be an ‘after’ should something like this ever occur.. You better hope it never happens because NO ONE will survive.. even if you have an underground bunker, you won’t live very long because the planet will not be able to sustain life for 50,000 years or more if everything goes nuclear..

    For those of you that seem to be on the ‘hoping it happens’ bandwagon, you are fools if you think it would be a good thing and that anyone would even survive it…

    IF nukes every fly, I will be grabbing my loved ones and saying last good byes because that is about all the time any of us will have before the impacts of thousands of missiles rain down.. Do you even realize that each missile contains anywhere from 8-16 MIRVS? Each MIRV is a separate warhead.. Russia has somewhere above 1200+ missiles.. Multiply that by 16 MIRVS and you get about 19,000 warheads JUST FROM RUSSIA ALONE. Here in the U.S. there are only 4000 cities with populations above 10,000 people… You do the math..

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  10. skreamer says:

    They wont have WW3 this year, cause i haven’t got to use oculus rift yet!
    How well they sell oculus rifts if we all dead hmmmm!!!!
    I mean really people, please use your common sense!

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