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Israel has 'true puppets in US Senate' - Scott Rickard

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American Republican senators who “put together a really ridiculous position” by writing a letter to Iran are true puppets of the Zionist regime in the Senate, says a political commentator.

“What you have here is a clear influence by the right-wing Zionist community and Zionist influencers in American politics that have true puppets within the American senator seats,” said Scott Rickard, an international peace activist and ex-US intelligence linguist in Florida.

Last week, a group of 47 Republican senators wrote an open letter to Tehran, warning that the outcome of the nuclear talks would not be acceptable without Congress approval and could be revoked when President Barack Obama leaves the White House in 2017.

Speaking in a phone interview to Press TV, Rickard said, “It’s very interesting to see the extremely highly-influenced senators like Bob Menendez, Mark Kirk and others, the 47 other Republican senators, who have put together a really ridiculous position to go against the international community in their negotiations with Iran to basically guarantee an energy-based nuclear program in Iran.”

“It’s unfortunately an ongoing problem with [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and other extremely right-wing pro-Israel Zionist politicians. They have been misleading the public in all around the world and obviously in Israel and in Europe and in the United States and elsewhere and they have been misleading them for over 20 years, basically claiming that Iran was developing a nuclear weapons program, when in fact that has not been the case,” Rickard added.

President Obama blasted the senators for writing the letter, saying they were undermining his administration’s efforts in nuclear negotiations with Iran.

The letter appeared at a time when nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 countries, the US, Britain, France, China, Russia, and Germany, have entered a sensitive final stage ahead of the July 1 deadline for a comprehensive agreement.


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