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Greece Defies EC Veto of Anti-Poverty Legislation

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With a week to go before Independence Day, as Greek interior minister Nikos Voutsis ruled during today’s Parliamentary bunfight, the new Poverty Relief Bill “doesn’t violate the agreement” signed with the Eurogroup, and so it will pass into Law.

But both Channel 4’s Paul Mason Greek site News 247 declare that Declan Costello specifically confirmed this evening that the Bill(s) vetoed were to do with tax arrears installment relief and other humanitarian aid.

The situation is currently extremely confused, and several of us are trying to work out what amendments have been added/changed, what consequences Costella is threatening, and which of the total legislation since March 3rd he has ruled out.The translated 247 piece nevertheless expressly quotes the EC as follows:

‘Commissioner Declan Costello orders the Greek government to stop the bill from being enacted in the Greek parliament’

Indeed, it’s not even certain that the Bill currently vetoed by the EC Commissioner is to be put to the vote at 12 noon tomorrow on schedule: tomorrow was still being mentioned in the debate a few minutes (21.30 CET) ago but this could be delayed since 84 MPs are still due to speak, and so far only two have been heard.


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