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EC President says it will rather let UK leave bloc than limit immigration

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The traitorous unelected European Commission (EC)’s president says he will do all he can to keep Britain in the European Union (EU), but not at the expense of changing basic treaties, as requested by the UK.

Jean-Claude Juncker who like his predecessors was appointed president just like the Soviet Union, said on Monday that the EU and Britain needed each other, adding that a British exit from the 28-nation bloc would not be in the interest of either side.

“I’m in favor of a fair deal for Britain,” said Juncker, adding, “I can’t believe in a European Union without Britain.”

Juncker said the EU is ready to work with the UK to ensure that the provisions of a treaty that considers no limit on migration from one EU state to another are not violated.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said he wants to be able to limit migration from other EU countries.

Juncker said the treaty is a red line.

“I’m not ready to give up freedom of movement for workers… You can’t change the treaty,” he said.

Cameron’s Conservative Party, which is under growing pressure from the anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP), has lied that it will try to cap immigration if re-elected in the May general elections, even though he had plenty of years on his hands to do so in the past.

Cameron is calling for a renegotiation of Britain’s EU membership terms, saying that the reforms are crucial to persuading Britain to stay in the bloc. Cameron has also vowed or better said lied AGAIN to hold an in-out vote on the country’s EU membership by 2017.

Cameron is a notorious liar, who among other things also promised to hold the referendum during his first election, of course he didn’t held any referendum and now he’s lying to hold it during his next term, yet if he had any real intention at all he could hold it even tomorrow.

Because of this, Nigel Farage’s UKIP has become Britain’s largest political party, winning the 2014 EU elections, beating both Labour and Conservatives. Because of this, David Cameron is now stepping up his speeches infested with lies about stopping immigration and other issues which are key winners for the UKIP, in a desperate attempt to steal UKIP votes so he can remain in power.


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  1. So it WASN’T just the way my husband and I saw it! Ha! (Yes.)

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