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UK Supermarkets Chickens Contaminated with Deadly Bacteria

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New report says most supermarket chickens contaminated with lethal poisoning bug.

Public concerns are rising in UK as the latest results of food safety tests by the Food Standards Agency show that three-quarters of fresh chickens on sales in supermarkets and butchers are contaminated with potentially lethal food poisoning, campylobacter.

According to the agency, the worst contamination rates were found in Asda, where eight in 10 birds tested positive for the bug and nearly a third of fresh whole chickens were heavily contaminated.

FSA went on noting that across all retailers nearly one in five samples were highly contaminated. 7 per cent of packaging on chickens was also contaminated, meaning the bug could be spread to other food in shopping baskets.

The results are taken from samples collected between February and November 2014 in three quarterly sets of tests.

Although the campylobacter bug is killed by thorough cooking, around 280,000 people a year in the UK are made ill by it, and it is thought that around 100 die.


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