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The Elite's 'Manual For Global Enslavement' Leaked

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Did the global elite leak secret document?

The origins and implications of the mysterious document known as “The Secret Covenant.”

The document was anonymously sent to the email of bankindex.com in June of 2002.

Whether or not it was truly gifted to the masses from an Illuminati insider remains to be seen.

However, it is difficult for the average human to not find some portion of it that rings true in our exponentially growing enslavement and mass culling by a group of social elite that are dominating the collective population of Planet Earth.


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One Response to " The Elite's 'Manual For Global Enslavement' Leaked "

  1. Equalitor says:

    Everything they from now is forfeit, they are scared, they are running. Don’t hate them, that gives them power. Understand and overcome. The new dimension is rolling in like a steamtrain and will spread love and prosperity everywhere. If you know about the galactic descent into the iron age you will know, it follows the 26,000 orbit of the centre of our galaxy.

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